Sunday, December 24, 2017

Christmas Eve in the Stinger "B"

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December 24, 2017

We are all decorated and enjoying a quiet Christmas Eve. We have video chatted with our kids and grandkids and we are, of course, missing them. We are living our retirement dream but Christmas is always a little bitter sweet. But we will video chat again in the morning and we will have dinner here at the park and it will be fun meeting new people and enjoying a meal together.

In a couple of hours we will head into Sierra Vista to attend Midnight Mass. I must say tonight is the only time I miss snow. It always made it extra special to being walking into church when there are big fluffy snowflakes coming down. I can live with the memories and I do not need the real thing...:)

As I mentioned above we are decorated inside and out.

The wreath that looked big on the Crusader's ladder now looks a little small
on the  Stinger "B". We bought the Santa hats and Tom added the bows.

Inside our stockings are hung and waiting for Santa.
One thing I miss about the Crusader is I finally had a fireplace to hang them by.

We even have a few decorations on the shelf in the bedroom.

Our Nativity Scene is on the mirror,].


I think if I only put out the angel I would feel decorated.
My favorite Santa kneeling by the baby Jesus.

The two crocheted ones my mom made.
We have two of the stockings and I am thinking those may belong to
our kids.

Our night light seems appropriate.
Snowmen by a campfire, though it might
get a little "drippy" for them.

Another Nativity. I have quite a few as I collected them.

Two of my favorite thoughts.

Carmel Runchata Martinis not a bad
Christmas Eve "Happy Hour".

The minute I saw this kitchen towel I knew I needed
to hang it on our stove handle.

Merry Christmas Eve!


  1. Merry Christmas! You home looks beautiful with the Christmas decorations. I have a ceramic figurine of Santa and Baby Jesus, which is my favorite of all..I leave it up all year in our guest room, I just can't put it away :) Your "two of my favorite thoughts" we love it! Great way to live life.. have a wonderful day!

    1. Merry Christmas to you and your family! Thank you, I have always loved decorating for Christmas.

  2. Merry Christmas nice to be decorated for the Holidays, enjoy your time there.

    1. It does feel more festive with decorations. Merry Christmas to you and Suzie.

  3. Replies
    1. Merry Christmas to you both. Safe Travels when you head on out.

  4. Merry Christmas you two. Your home looks absolutely lovely! Love the decorations.
    Love your thoughts as well, bang on the money. :)

    1. Merry Christmas to both of you, also. Thank you, I love decorating for Christmas.

  5. Nice decorations. Living in an RV Simple is nice.
    Wishing you a Safe and Merry Christmas.

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you and wishing you and Kathy a safe and Merry Christmas, also.