Thursday, December 28, 2017

Moving Farther West!

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December 28, 2017

We were up early today and after our coffee and muffins, maple pecan I had made and had taken with us, then we started getting ready to leave. It is a process that includes a check list. No matter how many times we get ready to pull out we always take the time to check things off the list. So after getting everything set we pulled out and stopped just outside the park to hook up the Jeep.  This is were the "mostly smooth" part comes in. First the Jeep did not want to go into its Neutral setting for towing and then when we got past that the left blinker did not work on the Jeep. When I tried the blinker from inside the Jeep it worked and the blinker on the Stinger "B" worked but no matter what Tom checked it would not work from the motorhome. So we decided to just get going and it is something Tom will trouble shoot when we are stopped the next few day.

Out on AZ-90 heading north our first stop, well actually a wave through,
is at the Border Patrol checkpoint.

Then I noticed I forgot to take down the
door decoration. (not on the checklist)
A 98 cent purchase at Walmart and it is
still hanging on tonight.

We have merged onto I-10 and we are heading west.

I spotted my first Saguaro for this our 4th Adventure just east of Tucson.

Confusing side note: just after spotting the Saguaro we saw a sign that said Tucson City Limits. Then a few miles further on a sign said Tucson 20 miles. Just one of those things I question but not enough to do research about.

Then we were in the Tucson traffic.
The whole time we were on I-10  today the traffic was steady.

Always enjoy how they decorate their exit and entrances onto the highway.

Lots of semis today. Seemed like we saw more going east
then passing us though.

Then we are at the exit for I-8 and around the corner there are Saguaros
up the hills on our left. 

Some of today's views out the front windshield.

Saguaros as far as the eye can see.

Some brave ones right next to the highway.

More views out the front window.

Then there in the distance the Holt Shell Station.
Today's destination.

Tomorrow we will be in Yuma at the Westwind RV and Golf Resort for 4 nights. We stayed here last year and being a Passport America park the price is right. Then we think we will be doing some boondocking for most of January. We have friends who have a winter home just down the road from the park that we are looking forward to seeing. Plus, we know there are some other RVer's we are hoping to "cross paths" with just down the road to the west. 

Today was a mostly smooth, short travel day and we are now settled in for the night. 
Our hope is you had a wonderful relaxing day.
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  1. wow very nice photorelation! Greetings!

  2. Nice to get back on the road again, and then welcome to Yuma! Time to enjoy this amazing weather. Good luck with the turn signal hopefully an easy fix We had the same problem m and really was a chore.

    1. Thank you, and we are enjoying the weather.
      Tom said, not good to hear it was a chore...maybe we should just not turn left anymore...LOL

  3. Glad to hear you are in our neck of the woods right now. We were sure hoping to see you this winter since we won't be in Borrego Springs this time.
    Love your picture collages and so glad you are getting your Saguaro fill up.
    I always seem to forget ONE Christmas decoration no matter how many times i do it.
    We are doing the Arizona market this morning with G & S and then home for the afternoon and for a few days hanging close too for the most part.

    1. Sorry to hear you are not going to be spending time in Borrego Springs this time. Are you going to be in Quartzsite for the Bloggerfest?
      I know what you mean about the Christmas decorations...though this year I got them all. Probably not putting out many helped...LOL
      I am sending you an email maybe we can work out a get together.