Saturday, December 30, 2017

Wonderful Blue Skies and "Warmth"!

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December 29, 2017

We took our time this morning, only 111 miles or so for today's travels, so no hurry. Before we left the Holt Shell I took a walk and took a couple of "mandatory" dinosaur shots...we have little grandsons. I even caught the Stinger "B" in the background.

Merging onto I-8 and heading west. 
Green fields and a solar farm not far past Gila Bend.

Views out the windshield.
From afar then up close.

We may be wrong but we think they want us to stay on the curve.
(This was only about half of the signs.)

Then in the distance Telegraph Pass.

No matter how many times we ride through here my mind will always go to the first time with the Crusader our first year out. This was our first "6% Grade", we have the Mountain Directories, and we stopped at the rest area just before for Tom to make sure he had the truck set up correctly. We were new and had no idea what we were about to drive through. Now in the Stinger "B"  we can hear the engine pulling but it is pretty much clear sailing. Even the last time we drove through here with the Crusader driving East we wondered what we had worried about.

Going up...up

Heading east and down on our right.

Heading down with Yuma in the distance.

Driving down the entrance into the Westwind RV Park.

Mr. and Mrs Santa Claus are there to greet
us as we check in.

Parked in our site for the next 4 days.

After getting set up Linda and Len, we met them a couple of years ago in Tonopah, stopped over and after a quick "Happy Hour" we headed over to the Da Boyz for pizza, more visiting, and catching up. So before they got here I said to myself, several times, do not forget to take a not forget to have someone at the restaurant take a picture. I think I need a BIG, BIG sign because as you can see there is a complete lack of pictures. I did think of it after they dropped us off and drove away.

This popped up on my facebook news feed this morning and I decided to screen shot it to share. This is actually about 188 miles northwest of where we live in Michigan. We are lucky in Escanaba we do not get even half the snow that they do. Though we do get the mind numbing temperatures which is why we are here.

The article mentioned 72 inches in the upper elevations but only 48 to 60 inches in the lower elevations with more to come.
This 60,000 acre park along the shores of Lake Superior is one of the last sprawling tracts of  wilderness in the midwest.
They have a lot of winter activities, cross country ski trails,  downhill sking, snowshoeing, and a winter complex. Plus there is backcountry winter camping.
The article said the temperature in nearby Ontonagon was -21 degrees and the wind chills in the UP were wicked, yes the article said wicked I always think of them as mind numbing, so dress appropriately and keep skin covered in these temperatures frost bite can happen within a half hour.

Now, if you like winter activities in the snow and cold this is the place to go. For us this is a beautiful place to camp in the summer. We unfortunately have not been up there in awhile. Maybe this summer after the For Sale sign is up in front of the house we will head up that way for a bit and enjoy Lake Superior, of all the Great Lakes my favorite. Tom on the other hand favors Lake Michigan, calmer and warmer.

So, So, Glad This Is Not Us!

We had a wonderful day and hope you did, too.
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  1. We feel the same as you. Been there, done that now it's time for someone else to enjoy it while we bask in the warmth.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the New Year's Celebration.

    It's about time.

    1. Happy New Year to you both in the warmth of the Southwest!

  2. So glad you are in the warmth and here in the south to stay for a few months.
    Like your pictures of the drive and the dinosaurs!

    1. Thank you.
      We will definitely being enjoying the next few months.

  3. Love it there at Holt Shell so handy and the dinosaur pictures perfect for the grands.
    Glad you enjoyed DaBoyz for lunch always a good deal there.
    Now that we are all out of the cold north we can really and enjoy the warmth of the southwest.

    1. It is great to be out of the cold north enjoying the warmth of the southwest.
      Our first visit to a DaBoyz and it probably will not be our last.

  4. Looks like you made it. I'm still afraid of the 6% grade, so I go the route 10 way to avoid them. Have a Happy New Year!

  5. Love the dinosaurs! When our grandkids were young they loved dinosaurs and knew every name and kind. Then they grew up..Nice site you have! Loved that you all got together with friends yesterday!

    1. Dinosaurs are still in our, like your grandkids could, they can name them all.
      Getting together yesterday with friends truly was a nice way to close out 2017. Hoping to cross paths down the road with you and Ken.