Wednesday, February 6, 2019

The Wind, the Mountains, the Clouds, and Another Couple is Off On a New Adventure

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

By the time I peeked out our front window the sun was up behind the clouds. We had our coffee and Tom went out to get the bladder ready in the Jeep to go and get us some needed water. When he came back in he said it was chilly and windy. So I got dressed appropriately for spending some time outside to say so long to Kim and Ken who are pulling out this morning to search out new adventures. 

The sun is up and shining.

We are back in the circle again where we spent several Happy Hours
chatting and laughing. There was some of that going on this morning.
Soon, after hugs all around, it was time to say so long to Kim and Ken.
We enjoyed meeting you both. Safe Travels!

After checking the lights they are off to make new memories.

Now we are three.
Left to Right: Suzie & George, The Stinger "B", Shirley & Ken

Yes another picture of the Ocotillo and there will probably be a couple
more before we leave. I  am so happy it bloomed while we were here.

Looking out the windows it was a beautiful sunny day with blue skies and wonderful white fluffy clouds which skipped across the sky. Even standing outside the views were wonderful but the wind was definitely letting us know it was here. The clouds were constantly moving and casting beautiful shadows on the mountains around us. It did not matter which way you looked north, south, east, west, or straight up the show was ever changing throughout the day.

Because of the wind it was suggested we cancel or hold Happy Hour inside. Tom and I were happy to be able to host in the Stinger "B". With only six of us we have more then enough room for everyone to be able to sit and relax. We had just gotten settled in when I saw a familiar truck coming our way, Kathy and Rick, It's about time  had decided to join us. What a nice surprise to see them pull up. After a couple of hugs, this was there first time seeing Shirley and Ken this year, we all settled in and as always in no time at all several lively conversations were taking place. I would say in the time we have been here, even though the group has changed a couple of times, the conversation and laughing over stories told has been constant. Our time in this place is winding down but we will take many happy memories with us.

Left to Right: Kathy, Shirley, Suzie, Ken, Tom, Rick and George.
It was a Happy, Happy Hour.

Wake Up Each Day
Be Thankful For Life.

Some days we just need a little reminder.
Thank you, Patsy.

The wind howled all day and into the night, as I finish this post this morning it has calmed down, but on the flip side the sun and blue skies were, also, with us most of the day and the shadows skipped across the mountains. We ended the day enjoying Happy Hour with friends. Not a bad way to spend a Tuesday in February.

We are glad you dropped by. 
If you would like to leave a comment we would enjoy hearing from you.


  1. The skies with the clouds were amazing, but the wind unrelenting, thanks for hosting Happy Hour inside was much more comfortable. Always lots of conversation and laughs during those fun times.

    1. We were happy to be able to host Happy Hour and get us all out of that wind today.

  2. We were happy to finally be able to join in Happy Hour yesterday.
    The Wind was hitting our unit hard throughout the night.
    Get ready for the Cold for the next couple of days and nights.
    Be Safe and Enjoy this beautiful weather.

    It's about time.

    1. We were happy you and Kathy joined us. Always nice to see you two.
      Stay warm.

  3. So much fun when you are with a great group of people. Don't stop posting pictures of the Ocotillo, I love to see them when they are in bloom :-)

    1. The Ocotillo is my absolute favorite plant out here and I love the fact that I was able to see it get buds and watch the leaves slowly start opening.

  4. The group is getting smaller and smaller, soon be time to pull up the feet and move forward. Hopefully the wind lets up and the cold temperatures move out quickly. Still a nice way to spend the time though, tucked in among good friends, enjoying the laughter and the friendship and just enjoying the little pleasures in life. Every day is a good day. Take care.

    1. Every thing you said is so true. Unless something changes, and we all know how it can, one more day and all that will be left here is our tire tracks. We will take all the memories with us.
      We are hoping the same thing, totally ready for the wind to leave and take the cold temperatures with it.

  5. Love the cloudy skies, not so thrilled with the chill!!

  6. You have a beautiful spacious home, lots of room for 6 and then 2 more!
    Lots of memories are made during the winter months, we also value each one and each Happy Hour.
    What a beautiful rock! haha

  7. Nothing like the great Quartzsite happy hours. Good times and good friends.
    Keep enjoying wherever you head!

  8. You are quite the party animals!!!