Thursday, February 14, 2019

Our Time In This Place Has Come to An End (Catch up Post)

To all our Family and Friends!

We are presently parked at Pilot Knob BLM just west of Yuma in California. The best part is Shirley and Ken are parked right next door and we are totally enjoying our time with them. Kim and Ken are parked in the Pilot Knob RV Park nearby and joined us for Happy Hour when we got here. As I write this the rain is pouring down and we are hoping it will stop soon.

Below, as stated in the Post's Title, is a catch up. I do these posts so we have the memories written down. After finishing this post and rereading it does seem long so if you decide to skip over the words we understand.  I hope if you decide to scroll down you enjoy the pictures and we welcome your visit.
FYI: If you click on the pictures they will open larger in a new window. 

Friday, February 8, 2019

Today, a bittersweet day, dawned somewhat chilly but with a beautiful blue sky. Bittersweet because we will leave this place along with the other two couples that are still here. Plus, after spending 25 days we will miss opening the door and seeing Suzie and George's home parked next to us. They have been here since we arrived. It is time for us all to move on to new adventure's, the great part we do so for a bit longer with Shirley and Ken, and though we will be sad to leave we are excited about the possibilities ahead.

I know I have written these words before and I will probably write them again, we feel so lucky to be living our retirement dream. Every day is a gift to be opened and enjoyed.  We have been lucky, there is that word again but it describes how we feel, to have spent time with wonderful people. We have listened to and told stories, laughed, been given and given advice and chatted and chatted then laughed some more enjoying every minute. Time has flown as time does when you are truly enjoying your life,  enjoying where you are, and the people you are with. We pulled into this spot next to Suzie and George on January 14th and after a couple of adjustments in our angle Tom turned off the engine and we were home.

Not long after Rose and George were parking their rig nearby and we were sitting down to our first Happy Hour with them along with Suzie and George. Then Tom looked towards the road and spotted Patsy and Bill along with Pat and Rob coming our way. Soon they were pulling in and parking next door.

Plus, while here we were able to spend time with Nancy, Deb and Riley, Rick and Kathy, all fellow bloggers we have met in the past. All fun to sit and chat with; the visits always seem to fly by and end to soon. (We feel so lucky to have met so many wonderful people living this lifestyle and continue to do so as we travel.)

Soon it was time for George and Rose to leave. Then Kim and Ken arrived. Patsy, Bill, Pat, and Rob left then Shirley and Ken pulled in. A few days later it was time for Kim and Ken to move on. (Rose & George, Pat & Rob, Kim & Ken are three couples we met for the first time this year. Three wonderful couples we hope to cross paths with again as we all make our way across this beautiful country.)  Now today it is time for Tom to turn the key and along with the people pictured below we will roll our wheels to another special place and spend our days feeling lucky to be enjoying this lifestyle.

The sun was up and shining through the Palo Verde near us.

Some last morning pictures

of the beautiful mountains surrounding us.

Standing and looking down the wash I was early enough to
catch some of the wonderful morning shadows.

Then looking towards our neighbors, I can see George taking care of
last minute things as they prepare to leave.

I can also see Ken getting things done.

Not sure were Tom is but he pretty much did pack all our outside
things last night. So he could sit and enjoy his coffee this morning.

A "shadow selfie" with the Ocotillo.

One last chat before hugs all around and we were saying
our see you down the roads.

Top to bottom. Suzie and George are on their way.
Then there was two.
Tom pulled out.
A few minutes later Ken and Shirley are on their way.

I took one last picture of the Ocotillo and where we had been parked.
All I could see were the tire tracks left behind.
The wonderful memories leave with us. 

Ken and Shirley were headed into Quartzsite to fuel up and pick up a few things. I followed them as I also had a couple of things to pick up at the store. Tom was headed towards the dump and then in to fill up the motorhome with diesel.
We all met back at LaPosa South so we could hook up the Jeep and then follow them onto US-95 South towards the Imperial Dam LTVA.

Following Ken and Shirley and watching other RV's heading north.
Plus, watching the cars pass them. 

Stone Cabin

Passing the Border Patrol check point will be seeing them on our way back.

Looking towards the mountains we can see Teddy Bear Chollas and Ocotillos.

This pcture pretty much says it all.

More Ocotillos and a Saguaro.

The yellow wildflowers and

the purple wildflowers

lining both sides 

of  US-95

are so beautiful.

Then in the distance a familiar sight.

We are at the turn for the Imperial Dam LTVA

The mountains in the distance look inviting.

Ken and Shirley have not lost us.

The wildflowers along the road and fence line are still wonderful to see.
On the other side of the fence and on the other side of the road is the
U.S. Army's Yuma Proving Ground. It is one of the largest military
installations in the world. The proving ground holds testing of nearly
every weapon system in the ground combat arsenal.

Off in the distance we can see lots of white dots and this is
where we are headed.

Right now this area was dry but a little further down we could see
the water below the plants and tall grass.

While we were stopped adding water at Senator's Wash someone
pointed out the burro on top of the mountains across the way.

This guy we found out appears at Christmas and never moves.

When we were getting out of our rigs to fill up with fresh water we looked over and what a great surprise, Kim and Ken are walking towards us.  (Side note: just before we turned into Senators Wash I saw this car coming out the Gravel Pit Road and the two people were waving like crazy and I told Tom I do not know who they were but they were certainly waving at us. It turns out is was Kim and Ken.)  After chatting a bit they invited us all to come and park by them saying there was plenty of room.

We are now following Ken and Kim, and Shirley and Ken.

There is Kim and Ken's home on wheels.

Right to left: The Stinger "B", Kim and Ken, then way on the left
Shirley and Ken. (Kim and Ken will be leaving while we are still here
and Ken wanted to leave them enough room to pull out.)

The View out our front windshield.
Kim and Ken, Journey with Ken and Kim
Shirley and Ken, Seeing America with Ken and Shirley

Then looking out the door we have an Ocotillo right by us and I am smiling.

We sat down to enjoy a Happy Hour and watched the sun set.
I took this just after it dropped behind the mountains.
A nice way to end our day sitting, chatting, and laughing with friends.

A Note About Today:
The last few miles were not fun for us. First just before we had to cross two bridges there was a sign warning that there was only 10 feet of clearance ahead. They are doing repairs on the bridges and one lane was blocked. Which meant at 8 feet 6 inches wide it would be tight riding across. Plus, at the end of the cement barrier there were yellow barrels sticking into the 10 feet of clearance. We did hit one of the barrels which did make a mark near our door on the passenger side and made a nick in the trim. Then just before we reached our destination a truck going the other way threw up a large rock which hit the windshield chipping it. We saw it coming but as everyone knows there is nothing you can do to stop it. Luckily, it is low on the passenger side so it is not in Tom's line of vision when he is driving. Our insurance company did send someone out to repair it but it is still noticeable and, of course, there are no guarantees as to how long it will last. For now it is repaired and we hope it will last for a while. Until then there is nothing we can do so there is no use worrying about it. We will deal with it when and if it happens. The young man who came told Tom he has been out here more than once to repair windshields for the same reason.

At the end of the day we are with friends and happy to be able to enjoy the lifestyle we are lucky, yes there is that word again, to be living.

Hope you are having a wonderful day!
Glad you stopped by for a visit;
 if you have time to leave a comment we would enjoy hearing from you.


  1. Nice to see your catchup and glad you have been enjoying the journey like we do. Fun with Kim and Ken, Ken and Shirley and we enjoyed our time with you as well. Sounds like you are leaving the area, guess we will not see you this time but am sure we will get together again in down the road again. Travel safe.

    1. We have been enjoying the journey and it has been fun to be able to spend time with everyone this year. We are back up in Quartzsite but it was nice to get one more "see you later" before we left. Looking forward to the next time we cross paths with you and Suzie.

  2. It seems to be the year for repairing Windshields.
    It seems contractors like to make the lanes as narrow as they can just to see if everyone will make it.
    Glad the rest of your trip was good and you were able to get the other things taken care of.
    Hoping the Rain will stop overnight.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. It does seem like the year for windshield nicks. Hopefully the repair will hold and if not well then we will deal with it.
      Lots of big rigs had to make it past so I am sure we are not the only ones who hit one of those barrels.
      Take care.

  3. Our windshield is like a road map this year. We will have to have both replaced when we get home. Never let the little things spoil your journey. Safe travels.

    1. Well I am just doing some catching up and see you have had more then your share of challenges this year. We agree if you are going to live in a house on wheels moving down the road you cannot let the little things spoil the journey.

  4. A wonderful catch up post. Too bad about the nicked trim and the chip but it's not the end of the world. Everyone arrived safe and sound, you found your friends, and it seems as if you're truly enjoying the adventure. Keep on being safe and having fun.

    1. You are so right it is not the end of the world just a little bump in the road. In the end we made it safe and sound and we were in time for Happy

  5. With just a tad bit more sun, the flowers will be blooming like crazy. I too have many windshield window chips. They just remind me of the great places I've been.

    1. Good way to look at it...reminder of great places.
      It looks like we will be staying out this way a little longer then we originally planned and we are looking forward to the wildflowers blooming.

  6. Thanks for the catchup, I believe it is important for our days to be documented too. I do it differently but there is no rule on how to write a blog, our memories need them for referral. At least mine does and I refer back often!
    Great pictures, you are having a great time but sorry for the windshield trouble. When you are so high up there, it is amazing that a stone can still hit it. Travel safe my friends! Sorry we missed you at P.K. yesterday.

    1. I agree. I think most of us are writing our blogs for the memories we want to be able to look back and enjoy. We have looked back to check on where we were or what we did in the past more than once.
      I will tell you this from up there you do see it
      Sorry we missed you guys, also. Stay safe.