Tuesday, February 5, 2019

We Blinked and It Is February

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Friday, February 1, 2019

I missed the sunrise this morning but the sunlight was on the desert floor making it "twinkle" as I crossed over to visit the Ocotillo that borders our neighborhood.

It is hard to see in the picture but the green on the desert floor is glistening.

The Ocotillo and its shadow spreading across the desert.

As I headed back home Patsy was just coming back from her
last walk out here this year.

We had a short talk then both headed back into our homes. Tom had the coffee made so we sat and enjoyed our mugs of the brew while talking about our plans for the day. It was not long and we could see everyone gathering outside to say "see you down the road".

We stood and chatted for a bit right about where we had sat and chatted
during several Happy Hours. Good memory making moments with friends.
Then with hugs all around and our wish for safe travels said,
it was time for Patsy and Bill with Pat and Rob close behind to head
down the road to their next adventure. 

A short time later we saw a truck and a travel trailer through our front
windshield and out jumped Shirley and Ken. After hugs, introductions
(they were meeting Kim and Ken for the first time) and catching up they
pulled into the spot Patsy and Bill had just vacated and got set up.

After we said so long this morning our plan was to go and empty tanks and take on water. When Tom turned the key to start the Stinger "B", nothing. He spotted Ken outside and asked for some help trouble shooting the problem.  I am not sure exactly what they did, besides read the manual, but it did finally start. (Tom will be checking on the price of replacing the two batteries that start the engine this week.) This is when Shirley and Ken pulled in and while they went to set up we were finishing getting ready to take off and the living room slide did not want to come in. Until we realized the airbags were up. Once those were down in the slide came and we were off to do the fun stuff. Well Tom would be doing the fun stuff I just went along for the ride.  I did not take a picture but there was no line at the dump station and Tom soon had that taken care of. Since, we were out and about with the Stinger "B" we decided to head in to Quartzsite to fill up the propane tank. I know our family and friends back home will have no sympathy but it has been chilly here in the morning and evenings so we have been using our new blue flame heater everyday, plus our fridge runs on propane, and it also fuels our cook top so we do not want to run out. On our way back home we stopped and filled the fresh water tank. When we pulled back into our spot we could see Shirley and Ken sitting over with Kim and Ken and it looked like Happy Hour was under way. As we got settled we saw Suzie and George heading over so Tom grabbed our chairs and we joined the group.

We had heard about this little "Gypsy RV" and today when we left the
RV Pit Stop, after getting propane, we spotted it behind this Class C.
Cute little "TOAD"

The Mountains to the East. Great shadows as the clouds float by.

The sun making its way down at the end of the day.

We saw some color tonight

then with one last burst our daylight was gone.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Saturday I was up and moving before the sun and Tom was up shortly after but between the clouds and the wind our day started slowly. We had our coffee before we dressed and opened the door.

A small detour. Good Morning, Ocotillo

I was on a mission to take a picture of our neighborhood
with our new neighbors present..
Left to right  our homes on wheels: Kim and Ken, unknown on next pad over,
Shirley and Ken, Suzie and George, and the Stinger "B" 

Looking East.

To the west the sky is trying to come out and join us.

Passing Shirley and Ken's on my way back home I spotted this plant
standing tall in a good wind.

A little later I walked across over to Kim and Ken's, we had asked them if they wanted to take a Jeep ride with us on Saturday and though it was quite windy they were still game to go. So we made a plan to meet after lunch. When we asked if they had an idea about what they would like to see or where go they mentioned the Palm Canyon so we headed over that way.

Just leaving the information  kiosks and heading up to the parking area
on Palm Canyon Road.

Looking out over the desert from

the parking area is breathtaking.

Each direction offers

an amazing view.

Information about the Palm Canyon and some wildflowers.

The start of the path into the canyon  that brings you
to a view of the Palms. We did this hike last year and
I am glad we did it  but once was enough. Kim and Ken talked about
coming back another time when they have more time to explore.

One last picture before we headed back down.

As we headed back home Tom mentioned taking a short ride down Crystal Hill Road and they agreed so after turning around, we always miss that road, we head down as far as a turn out by a wash where we all got out and took a walk. No crystals found and no gold found but still fun to walk around.

Kim and Ken
Ken as just started a new blog, Journey with Ken and Kim about their
adventures as the travel in their motorhome. He includes some
wonderful pictures.  

Looking down the wash towards the mountains.

We arrived back to find Shirley and Ken sitting with George and Suzie behind there motor home. Tom pulled the Jeep up to block some of the wind which had been with us all day and we joined them for Happy Hour. We started to feel a few raindrops maybe around 5 but we persevered until about 5:30 when the wind and rain definitely joined us. Ken invited Tom to continue there chat while he grilled pork chops. I had chosen a meal I could make on the stove inside and I am pretty sure Tom was happy not to be grilling. I could see them out there in the rain then it stopped and Shirley came back out so I said what the heck and joined the three of them until it just got to cold to sit out. We said our good nights and we all headed in to eat dinner.

The sun had already slipped behind the mountains when I took this shot.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

We were up before the sun again this morning. It is Sunday and we are heading to Blythe to attend Mass, eat breakfast out, and pick up some groceries. (Thank you, Shirley for reminding me they had races over in Parker this weekend. That had been our original destination.)

The sun was up over the mountains as we got in the Jeep to leave.

Turning onto 95 there was not a vehicle in site.

Pretty quiet on Kuehn, also.

We have merged on to I-10. I do not think I will ever get tired of this ride.
The shadows in all the crevices bring out wonderful contrasts on the mountains.

The mountain sides are dressed in green.

This is the view I look forward to every time.

Then as we pulled into the parking lot of St. Joan of Arc I spotted this
gentleman. He greets everyone as the come to the front door to enter the
church with a handshake or hug depending on, I am guessing, the vibe he gets.

One of things I have noticed is that every
Catholic Church we have been in, in the
Southwest they have a statue of our
Lady of Guadalupe. All beautiful.

Crossing the Colorado River as we head back to La Posa South and our home.

The last picture I took today was of the mountains as we headed East on I-10.

Monday, February 4, 2019

We actually got up with the sun this morning. As we were drinking our coffee I added the pictures to this blog and sitting at the window the sun light touched the top of all the trees, bushes, and RV's in the distance. By the time I picked up my camera it was already fading but still beautiful.

Every time we drive by this rig and its toad on our way out we remark how
cute it is, okay I remark, this morning I though to take a picture.

On a mission we ate breakfast then headed out to check out a couple of more RV Parks in the area. We decided this morning was the morning to find a place to stay while my sister is here in a couple of weeks. Mission accomplished we stopped to pick up some meat at the Coyote Fresh Food Market and eggs at Dollar General.

Happy Hour today was at Shirley and Ken's.
This is our last one, for now, with Kim and Ken as they will be moving on
 tomorrow to their next adventure. It was certainly nice meeting them both.
They are a really nice couple we hope to cross paths with again in the future.
It has been fun and we enjoyed the extended Happy Hours.
What great luck to catch the sun ray in this picture.
Left to right: Kim, Ken, Tom, my chair, Suzie, George, Shirley, and Ken

Sitting watching the sky over the mountains to the east 

as the sun set behind us the clouds put on a pretty good show.

The sun rays reaching down through the clouds tonight as the sun set
was beautiful. 

So that is our four day catch up. I probably should have warned you at the top it might get long. Tom and I cannot believe how fast the month of January went by and February does not show any signs of going any slower. One thing for sure, we do know, it will be filled with memory moments.

We are glad you stopped by.

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Hope you have a wonderful day!


  1. Time flies when you're having fun with friends. One of these days I'll hike those trails. There just never seems to be enough time!!

    1. You are so right. We are having fun and time has flown.
      There is to much to do and so little time to do it all.

  2. Where does the time go? We have been enjoying our time here in the desert soon time for us to move on down the road.

    1. That is a good question. We have enjoyed our time here, also.

  3. Nice catch up. Good times with friends, some leaving and more arriving. Great pictures, Deb.
    It was good to see that Kim and Ken took a Jeep ride with you guys. I'm sure they enjoyed it as we did.
    Take care and continue to enjoy!

    1. Thank you, Patsy.
      We were glad they decided to brave the wind and we enjoyed having them just like we enjoyed having you and Bill come out with us.
      Take care.

  4. I see LOTS of happy hours.. I take nap hours.. its not the same things LOL