Friday, February 1, 2019

Sunrise and Sunsets, Insta-Pot Demo, and A ROUGH Road Leads Us To An Igloo

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Like every other day, no matter where our home is parked, Tom started the coffee. Some mornings I work on the blog, some mornings I read the blogs and share with Tom, most mornings Tom likes to check the stock market, and other  mornings we just sit and chat about things. Today we talked about what needed to get done and what we wanted to do.

After we sat for a bit Tom headed into Quartzsite to take care of mailing out our license plate renewals and when he got back, this took a while there is nothing quick about stopping at the Post Office in Quartzsite, we took a ride back behind us towards the mountains the sun rises over in the mornings. No particular reason but we would like to find a road we can see on the map that will bring us into the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge. There are markers out behind us but for some reason we cannot find the one we are looking for but it is fun looking. Of course, that means the Jeep looks just a little dusty.

One such marker, just not the right one.
We are in the day use only area.

The Saguaros

always beautiful and always majestic.

I just thought this one was "cute".

As always I love seeing the Ocotillos. 

The cute little Teddy Bear Cholla are out in force back here.

I did see several of these. I am pretty sure they are Stagehorn Cholla.

We saw lots of areas of green on the desert floor

We went across this wash

and this one we road down for a ways until it started to narrow and the
rocks got bigger.

There is a lot of green. growing on the edge of this wash.

This would be the just because I like it picture.

Looking to our right, as we drove back to the LTVA area,
it looks like the Saguaros are marching towards the mountains.

Back in the LTVA.

We veered off to the East and eventually ended up on AZ-95.
Now these guys have solar. 

Back just in time for Kim's Insta-Pot demonstration.
She had a captive audience, Pat and Patsy plus Suzie and myself, and
really answered a lot of questions about its use and our concerns about the
safety of using one. I think she got us all thinking about the possibilities.
Thank You, Kim. I know I/really appreciated you taking the time to do
this for us. 
I borrowed this picture from Patsy of Suzie and I enjoying the demonstration.

Kim is stirring in the cheese.
For the demonstration she made Mac n Cheese and then we all had a little
Happy Hour snack. Only took about 5 minutes to cook and I am guessing
if she would not have had to field so many
to finish would have been no more then 10 minutes.
I failed to take a picture but we all, also had the opportunity to enjoy a Beer Margarita courtesy of George. Always a nice treat.

Tonight's sunset.

Even though we had clouds the last of the sun's light
 lit up the mountains to our east.

Some last color before the light from the sun left our day.

Then one little last bit of pink and it was gone.

We watched the sun leave while having a slightly extended Happy Hour and a lovely end to our day. Thanks Kim and Ken for all the information you shared about taking a cruise. Several hints we would have never even thought of. Not to mention the interesting antidotes from your experiences.

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Peeking out the front curtain this morning I could see the color was beautiful, not wanting to miss it I just put my jacket over my "jamies" and out the door I went. Really, the color never lasts that long and by the time I would have gotten dressed most of it would have been gone.

To the east the sun is still behind the mountains but its

light is sharing with us a 

beautiful color show.

The sunlight is touching the clouds in every direction

the colors continue to change

and share with us a beautiful show.

Standing out there it is breathtaking
to look in every direction.

.Unfortunately, the pictures never do it justice.

Then the sun popped up under the clouds to start a new day.

The mountains to the east are always beautiful in the last of the days sunlight
and the mountains to the west are just as beautiful as the first of the
sunlight hits them.

Walking back in the Stinger "B" I could see Patsy and Bill's
Canadian Flag blowing proudly in the wind. 
We had an "appointment" later this morning to sit down with two lovely ladies who live in an "Igloo". So after taking my pictures, having a quick breakfast, and getting ready we were on our way.
The two ladies are mother and daughter, Deb and Riley, from Ontario who live full time in their 5th wheel they affectionately call the Igloo and it is pulled by their white dogsled.  On her blog, On a long and lonesome highway, Deb shares their adventure with wonderful words and pictures. Tom and I thoroughly enjoyed our visit with both of them. We shared stories and information, plus, there was a lot of laughing that happened as we got to know each other. Before we knew it, it was the middle of the afternoon and time to say so long. Proving it is true, "time does fly when you are having fun".  In the past we had only ever had time in passing to basically say Hi and Bye so this was a nice moment in time. Looking forward to the next time our paths cross in the future.

Deb had described the road in as ROUGH and she did not exaggerate.
Then in the distance we saw a 5th wheel  and it looked like the person
standing outside was waving. As we got closer we could see it was in fact
Deb standing there and Riled sitting on the back of the truck. Success! .

Tom with two lovely ladies stand on either side.
The left is Riley a beautiful young lady. On the right Deb.
Not only a beautiful woman but after talking with her I would have to say
a strong woman not afraid to take a chance on life.

We pulled back into our spot just as everyone was gathering for Happy Hour.
Our last one here before Pat and Rob along with Patsy and Bill pull out
in the morning. They are off to the luxury of full hook ups and I think I
heard mention of a pool. Enjoy and safe travels.

Tonight's sunset taken with my zoom lens.

I know, another picture of the mountains off to the east, but I just love
how the sun lights them up as it slips behind the mountains.

The Ocotillo is getting greener.

Two last pictures

and our sun light is gone from another wonderful day.

It is hard to believe as I finish this post this morning it is February 1st where did the time go.  We have already been parked in this quiet, peaceful place for 18 days and it does not seem possible it has  been that long. Today two more of the couples that have been parked here will be leaving, Patsy & Bill and Pat & Rob. We met Patsy and Bill a couple of years ago and this year they have been traveling with their good friends Pat and Rob whom we met for the first time when they pulled into this spot a couple of hours after we did. What a nice couple.  Early this week another couple George and Rose, that we also met for the first time this year, left  Another nice couple. That will leave 3 rigs  but another couple Ken and Shirley should be here sometime today. Two more of the couples are talking about pulling out on Monday but we still have not decided exactly what we are going to do and when. We do like it here yet we know it soon will be time to move on. 

We have had some special days here and these last two were just that.
So glad you stopped in for a visit. 
If you have time to leave a comment we would enjoy hearing from you.


  1. Thank you for the very kind words. You are very kind. We enjoyed the visit a great deal and are happy to have had an actual sit down and chat visit. We look forward to crossing paths in the future.
    Always tough to say goodbye to friends but always nice to know you can see them again down the road.

    1. You and Riley truly are two special ladies each in your own way. Tom and I are glad we finally were able to spend some quality time together.
      "So longs/goodbyes" are always a little bittersweet but no matter what the future brings the memories are always with us to be cherished.

  2. Your pictures are beautiful. I always love seeing the desert start to bloom. I can't count the number of times I have run out in my PJs to get pictures of sunrises, because you are right, you usually don't have time to dress. And your pictures were fantastic!

    1. Thank you for the compliment about the pictures. Considering the wonderful
      pictures I always see on your blog it is truly appreciated.
      Some mornings you just have to do what you have to do to capture the

  3. Nice couple of days they were. Love the pictures of the ocotillo in bloom.
    I've seen you in your 'undressed' state a few times!! haha, yes, I mean in your nightgown and sweater. :)

    1. I love that the Ocotillo bloomed while we were here.
      That is true, I have popped out more than once in that attire parked next to you

  4. Beautiful pictures Deb! Gotta love this area of the country! So nice to be here with all of you! Would love to meet Deb and Riley one day ourselves they seem like very special people. Looking forward to the next few days with everyone here!

    1. Thank you, Shirley, the beauty that is here makes taking good pictures a lot easier. Deb and Riley are two special ladies. We are, also, looking forward to the days ahead with you and Ken.

  5. Great pictures Deb, and so nice that you got to spend time with Deb and Riley. Our time here is winding down as well. We will soon be on the road again. Always enjoy more places to visit.

    1. Thank you, George. It was certainly nice to visit with Deb and Riley. As beautiful as it is here and as much fun as it has been. We all just know when it is time to move on. Of course, that can change in a flash.

  6. Now you can insta-pot with Nadine! If you get one!!