Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Friends Visit, Pizza at Silly Al's., and Arizona Sunsets.

Monday, January 28, 2019

We started the day like most with coffee and just enjoying the morning. We had a plan to meet with the others around 3:30 to head in to Silly Al's for an earlier dinner; so we were not in a hurry and just enjoying a lazy morning. Then we realized our friends, Rose and Art, were on their way and Patsy messaged us that Deb and Riley had stopped in for a surprise visit. So in a flash we were dressed and out the door. What a nice surprise to see Deb and Riley we knew they were not to far away and had hoped they would stop by. They are a mother, Deb and daughter, Riley from Ontario Canada who live full time in their 5th wheel they affectionately call the Igloo. Deb's blog, On a long and lonesome highway..., is always filled with beautiful words and pictures of their travels.

It was certainly nice to see Rose and Art this year. Last year between all of us not feeling well and other commitments it never happened. We had a short visit and we got to show off the Stinger "B". Before they left we made tentative plans to get together at least one more time before we head east. They have a new place they need to show off and we are looking forward to seeing it.

Left to right: Art, Tom, Rose, Suzie, Riley, and Deb

Left to Right: Bill, Patsy, Rob, and Pat

Left to Right: Deb, George, Suzie, and Tom

Three tables at Silly Al's
Top Photo Left to Right: George, Rose, Pat, and Rob
Middle Photo Left to Right: Deb, Tom, George, and Suzie
Bottom Photo Left to Right: Ken, Kim, Bill, and Patsy

We walked out of Silly Al's right around 5:00PM took a minute to say good bye to George and Rose with hugs all around. It was certainly nice meeting them and we hope we will cross paths again in the future.

Back home it was still warm enough to sit outside so we decided to make an adult beverage and do just that. Stepping out I noticed Kim sitting outside and asked if they were having Happy Hour when she said yes I asked if they would like to meet in the middle. We moved our chairs and in no time the whole group was in the circle. It was a lovely night with no wind as we chatted and watched the sun set on our day.

Walking back to the circle I thought it would be cute to include Clemson
tonight and snapped the photo just as Bill was getting up to put the
little guy back inside.

We had this last bit of color just before the darkness of the desert
engulfed us.

Not long after the above picture everyone except Kim and Ken along with Tom and I headed back in for the evening. We sat there a while longer, die hearts that we were, extending our Happy Hour with some more wonderful conversation until the chill of the evening chased us into our homes. It was a nice evening and we enjoyed every minute.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Up before the sunrise this morning I had made up my mind to get dressed and take a walk then when I looked out the clouds were in the East and I easily changed my mind. Tom made the coffee and while we spent time enjoying it  I read blogs and shared with him what everyone is up to. Then I decided to stick to my idea of a morning walk. So I got ready and did just that. I mentioned the idea to Tom but he was busy getting everything together to send in for the license plate renewals for the Stinger "B" and Jeep but he did promise bacon and eggs when I returned. A promise he did keep.

Checking the sky around me as I walked the sun kept
trying to make an appearance.

As I headed towards this Saguaro, I could see the nest on the arm from a
distance, this (I am going to call him a guy)  guy came out to greet me.

I was a little nervous at first and looked towards the 5th wheel he came from and of course there was no one in sight. He came up gave my a couple of sniffs and that was it. He never barked and just danced around me as I took the picture and did not follow when I turned to walk away. Just the same it made me uncomfortable because you just never know.  I was far enough away from the rig and did not invade their area. The dog, in my opinion, should have been tethered, enclosed, or the owners should have been out there. 

I walked as far as this sign then veered off towards the east.

Interesting, not sure if someone was parked here or just left a chair
for walkers to have a place to rest.

A nice sentiment.

It always makes me a little sad to come across a Saguaro that has died.

I feel the same way when I spot an Ocotillo that is gone. These three
were close to each other. Yet, I am well aware this is the cycle of life
and each  plant, cactus, and tree has a purpose at all the life stages.

Today's just because I liked it picture.

Coming back I could see our neighborhood in the distance.
Two were off taking care of things.
The x's marks their spots.

Stopping to check on the Ocotillo behind us. I can see the leaves
are growing. 

After brunch Tom headed in to put gas in the Jeep. We are thinking about going for a ride tomorrow. Plus he stopped to fill the water bladder to add to our fresh water tank.

Around 3 o'clock Tom noticed Ken was sitting in the middle so he brought our chairs and drinks out and joined him. I was talking to our son and by the time I got there everyone but Suzie and George had joined them. George and Suzie joined us a little later after spending the day having some things taken care of on their motor home. (We found out later Ken had been out there since 2:30 we are definitely going to have to be more aware in the future.) During Happy Hour this afternoon a woman, I believe she said her name was Cheryl, from Prince Edward Island and her dog, Duchess, walked up to introduce herself and say hello. As always the conversations at Happy Hour are lively and she certainly added to the conversation. She and her husband are parked a little south and east of us. 

The sun finally made an appearance not long before it set this evening.

When it appeared it turned the light on the mountains to our east.

Just slipping behind the mountains.

Left to Right: My chair, Tom, Suzie, George taking a picture of the sunset,
Ken, Kim, Pat, Rob, Patsy, and Bill

We did get some lovely color after the sun slipped behind the mountains.

The end.

Not long after this Happy Hour broke up. After coming in and realizing we were both hungry but no one wanted to cook dinner tonight we decided to take a ride into Quartzsite. Our destination was Carl's Jr for a hamburger.

It was two enjoyable days. Two friends, Rose and Art, we had not seen in awhile stopped on Monday, plus, we had a surprise visit from two more, Deb and Riley. Afterwards we went out to Silly Al's for pizza with the group we have been parked by out here at LaPosa South.

Tuesday was a fairly quiet enjoyable day for us. Well except for the issue we are having with AT&T but that will resolve itself eventually. Even if means changing carriers. As the saying goes time will tell. Both days ended with a circle in the middle for Happy Hour as we chatted and watched the sunset, Not a bad way to spend our days.

We are glad you took the time to stop by and visit.
If you have time to leave a comment we would enjoy hearing from you.


  1. The time here in the desert is fun and relaxing, and well all get to enjoy times with good company.

  2. Nice Pictures about Enjoying Life with Friends.
    We had no problems with AT&T the first year here but last year we had to switch to Verizon. Our Friends Wayne and Sue both use AT&T. She has some problems but he doesn't. Must be the Airwaves.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you, Rick.
      We lucked out with AT&T, the first couple of people I talked to yesterday did not really know what they were talking about. Today I talked to the right person and found out it was a non-issue.

  3. You guys are lucky to be enjoying the warmth, and beautiful sunsets. Most of the city is shut down today due to dangerous wind chills. Things should be back to normal by Friday. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  4. BTW, Beatgirl is a screen name that Google grabbed from Twitter. It's me, Julie.

    1. Hi Julie, we have heard how cold it is back there. Stay warm.
      We do feel very lucky to be in the warmth.

  5. It always bothers me when dogs come running up to me while I'm on my walk because, as you said, you are never sure about them ... and you are right that dog should have been on a leash.

    1. Luckily, it seemed to be a nice dog just the same we have owned what I would call a nice dog but would never guaranteed her behavior around strangers.

  6. I agree about the dog, leashed, tied or enclosed. Not roaming free. I believe the picture should read Ocotillo nor Saguaro but that's a guess.
    Always nice to see friends and we enjoyed our too short chat.
    Beautiful sunset, you just can't beat them.

    1. You are absolutely right. I read through the blog twice and Tom read it once before I published and neither of us caught it. Thank you.
      It is nice to spend time with friends.
      The sunsets are never boring.

  7. That weather looks amazing compared to the -30 that is hitting Detroit Metro. Noah asked us when winter would be over... I do believe he would enjoy it here much more!

    1. I am thinking anything above zero would be better right now. I do believe all of you would enjoy it out here a lot more right now. Tell the kids Papa and Nana are sending lots of hugs and kisses. Love, Mom

  8. Thank you for including Clemson in your first Happy Hour picture. He was after all, the only one paying attention to the photographer! :)
    I like your Silly Al's collage, thank you for doing that. I 'borrowed' that picture for my folder.
    I do love the cacti all around and ocotillo as well. The one dead saguaro looks purposefully placed in an arch. Love that.
    Our H.H. are always lively, aren't they?

    1. Clemson was the only looking my way...:)
      Glad you liked the collage.
      Happy Hours with this group are lively.

  9. I tried commenting earlier but couldn't for some reason! Great pics! Cute pic of Clemson! Love the sunset and Happy Hour pics!! See you tomorrow..

    1. Thank you. My daughter has said the same thing about not being able to comment, I do not know why it happens. See you soon...:)