Thursday, January 24, 2019

The Wind and Some Necessary "Fun"

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Today dawned with the wind still with us and it lasted throughout the day. Looking around we could see the dust in the air. Tom and I decided it would be a good day to take  a ride into Quartzsite and check out a couple of RV Parks in town. My sister is going to join us for a few days at the end of February and we are trying to decide where to stay when she is here. Our other choice would be somewhere near Tucson. We will be doing some more checking the next couple of days and make a decision.

The pictures I took today were with my zoom lens at sunset.

P.S. No Happy Hour outside today; the wind won. Tom and I enjoyed our own inside and I am guessing the other couples did the same.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

This morning it was time to head over and take care of some necessary jobs when you are dry camping. Yes, it was time to dump and take on water. Tom would be having all this "fun" I just go along for the ride. Actually, since he is taking our home and it was not that warm to be sitting outside I went along  to stay warm. We were only 7th in line when we got there but with only one of the two dumps open it still took a while. When we finally got to the front of the line they closed for some maintenance. Afterwards both sites were open and I am sure the rest of the people in line were happy to see that development. So with empty tanks and a full fresh water supply a couple of hours later we were back and parked next to our patio. Then we took the time to give the inside a pretty good cleaning. The dust is always with us in the desert and settles everywhere but the pros of being here outweigh the dust tenfold or more.

As we were getting ready to head out for a necessary chore this morning
we could see the light of the sun on the mountains to the west. Even
thought the sun had not  made an appearance over the mountains
in the east.

I will not be long and the sun will make its way up and over these mountains.

There it is peeking over the mountain top just as we pulled out.
Yes, I took it through a dirty windshield.

Could see George heading out as we pulled into the road that will
bring us back to our place at LaPosa South.

As Tom finished parking us back in our place I could see Patsy coming
back from her morning walk.

Happy Hour in the sunshine..
Starting with the empty chair left to right: Bill, Patsy, George, Suzie
Kim, Ken, Rob, Pat, and Tom.

I just liked the look of it.

The sun setting on our day. Bringing shadows across the desert
floor and in the mountain crevices.

This ended another two days here in this beautiful spot in the desert.

~Meister Eckhart

A new day begins, we wish you a beautiful one!

We are glad you took the time to visit, 
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  1. Nice that you got those necessary chores done too bad it took so long , but no matter you were in your home anyway. And yes this dry camping in the desert sure beats all the other options many times over.

    1. That is the nice thing about living on wheels, when you move you are still home not matter what you are up

  2. That's quite a line up at the dump station! Beautiful sunrise and sunset pictures along with the rest. That's so nice your sister is coming to visit! Does she live in Michigan? We know the dust and sand issue of living in the desert but we love it anyway :) Quite a good looking group for Happy Hour!

    1. Thank you, Shirley.
      Yes, we/I am excited to have my sister visit. She lives about 180 miles south of us in Wisconsin but will be leaving that same cold and snowy weather behind...:)

  3. The necessaries, such fun, but on the other hand, not a job I mind terribly. Annoying to be the 'next' one after the shut down, isn't it?
    Happy hour looks like a busy one!! Have a fantastic day.

    1. Yes, it was fun to finally get up there and have him close it down for a bit. Though it did speed up after

  4. Just catching up, Deb. Nice post, love the pictures! The picture of the 'just because you liked it' is why we carry our cameras. :) You never know what will catch our eye.

    1. I feel like I am always catching up...:)
      I do love all the surprises to be seen and enjoyed as you walk in the desert.