Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Parked at La Posa South (Catch Up Post)

Monday, January 14, 2019

We were up and moving before 7 this morning but no rush we are moving just a few short miles south to LaPosa South. The main reason we are here is to be able to spend time with friends and meet and get to know new friends. We are looking forward to the days ahead. Plus, we will spend some time at the Vacation & RV Show, "The Big Tent", and checking out various vendors in the area.

Leaving around noon.

Following Tom through the Plomosa Mountains.

Catching Up (We were without a signal for while parked out on Plomosa Road near Bouse, AZ)

Saturday, January 5, 2019

The last time we posted we had arrived at Roadrunner BLM for an appointment Saturday morning with RV Lifestyles in Quartzsite to have a new fridge installed. I am happy to say we have a new fridge in the Stinger "B". A last minute addition to our appointment was a Blue Flame Heater which as I write this is throwing some lovely heat my way.

Bottom picture the sun coming up as we pulled out of Roadrunner BLM.
Heading towards RV Lifestyles on AZ-95 looking to the left the sun is just
touching the top of the hills.

Breakfast with Kathy and Rick, Rick writes the blog It's About Time, at
the Mountain Quail  Cafe.
We enjoyed a wonderful visit with these two and the food was pretty good, also. Several cups of coffee later and then a chat in the parking lot we said our "see you later's" and with hugs all around parted ways.

We then visited a couple of the Vendors on Kuehn Street; always fun to browse and see what is for sale. I am sure we will be spending more time walking around this area before we leave.

The New Fridge!

After picking up the Stinger "B", putting some diesel in the tank, and
stopping for propane we were on our way to Plomosa Road.
Driving through the Plomosa Mountains towards Bouse, AZ

Then off to the right just after the mile marker they told us to watch for
we could see a Jeep that looked very familiar and as we turned  onto
the road they started walking towards us.
(I know it is blurry and it is through the window but it is a memory
I wanted to have a picture of.)
 Side note: Lyly mentioned later on he had asked Melissa if she was sure she would recognize our motorhome and she said oh yes and once he saw he would know why...LOL

Yes, another blurry photo through a raindrop filled windshield as we
follow them to where we will be parking for the next several days.

Sunday, January 6, 7, 8, & 9, 2019

I was going to try and write this day by day but soon realized my memory is not that good. (FYI to self in the future make daily notes.)  The thing is these four days were all memorable and fun. We got to know Melissa and Lyle, we told stories, we shared life experiences, we laughed, we shared food, wine, drinks, beers, and one lovely campfire. I am not sure how to exactly put it all in words. Melissa and I started corresponding almost 2 years ago after she asked a question on our blog and it just slowly developed into a friendship. Then this year we finally got to meet in person along with our husbands and everything just "clicked". The friendship that started online is one, I believe, will only grow as the years go by. I do want to mentions one thing I was very disappointed to find out, and I am sure all our Canadian friends already know this, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police do not ride horses and they do not wear the red uniform all the time. Lyle is a retired Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officer and he broke the news to us. Fellow US Citizens he also mentioned there is no singing or dog sleds. All those movies we have seen were not entirely true. They are truly a lovely couple and have been full-timing since 2012. We are looking forward to meeting up with them many more times in the future.

Heading towards Parker, AZ Sunday morning.

The sun is coming up behind us and tinting the clouds a beautiful pink.

We attended Mass at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Parker and
they were still decorated for Christmas.

We have turned off of Plomosa Road and are making our way
back to the Stinger "B" and our friends.
While in  Parker we were able to pick up groceries to fill that new fridge we acquired the day before. It felt good to be able to put groceries in a fridge instead of coolers. 

I took the four pictures below on Tuesday, January 8th, walking around our back and front yard. 


Thursday, January 10, 2019

All to soon it was time for them to head out and we were all up early. Sitting, drinking coffee and waiting for the sun to make its appearance.

 I even remembered to take pictures.
Melissa and I.

Finally we got the guys to stop talking and join us for a picture.
Melissa and Lyle on the right.

One last picture next to their home.

Then they were off.

A tiny speck in the distance.
Till next time.

We decided to take a little ride after they left and check out the area.
Two of the washes we encountered.
The bottom one is where we turned around. A little narrow ahead and
we did not want to "desert pinstripe" both sides of the Jeep.

Heading back we can just barely see our home in the distance.

Friday, January 11, 2019

We had been trying to find the right sign for our home on wheels for awhile
and then taking our idea for the design and consulting with Yooper Designz
our daughter gifted us with this when we got home last year.
The little red heart is Escanaba. This is where we both grew up, married,
raised our children. No matter where our home on wheels take us this
will always be "home".

Just before the sun went down on Friday Tom got a fire started in
Lyle's fire pit.

He spent most of Friday washing and waxing the Stinger "B". 

It looked so nice in the light from the setting sun.
I am sure it is embarrassed to have the Jeep any where near it.

The sky to the east and south as the sun was setting.

The Sunset.

The afterglow.

We had a campfire and dinner with Melissa and Lyle on Wednesday.
Someone had to finish the wine and I made the sacrifice on Friday
as we enjoyed the fire pictured below.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Saturday after a leisurely couple of hours enjoying our coffee and chatting Tom decide to finish waxing the Stinger "B" and I worked on an afghan for one of our granddaughters that had separated. I will be finishing that repair once I get the needed yarn. Since, I could not go any farther with that one I started the new one I am making for our youngest granddaughter. I love to crochet so it was a pleasant afternoon. That was pretty much our day special in its own way.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

We were up and moving around 5:30AM. Mass in English is at 8 o'clock in Parker and it is about a 40 minute drive. So we had our coffee and were ready and out the door by 7:15.

This cross belongs on the roof of the church. It was recently
refurbished and they will be putting it back up there, according
to the priest, soon.

We decided to have one last campfire.

We bought these cups back in 1996 when we took our kids on a vacation to
Florida. We have been using them ever since. Tom's actually has a chip on it
but I hated to just throw them away. (Yes, I admit it I do have a problem when
it comes to throwing certain things away. Giving them away no problem but
some things I just cannot put in the garbage.) So we drank our coffee in
them Sunday morning then put them in the fire Sunday night. The handle
came off of mine and Tom's now has a crack in his. The paint did not even
blister. There in a bag under the motorhome. These things are well made.

When I started this post last night it was raining. It rained throughout the night and I as I finish this post this morning it is still raining. Looking out there are puddles everywhere and the small washes have water in them. I do think with all the rain the ocotillos should be turning green at least.

We have had our share of Happy Moments these last couple of weeks and 
we are looking forward to more of the same.
Our wish is that you can say the same.
So glad you stopped by to visit if you have time to leave a comment 
we would enjoy hearing from you.


  1. Hi Deb
    My late husbands 1st cousin was RCMP and they rode horses for the musical ride they performed. Some still patrol on horse back in the Northern sections where they are on duty in spring and summer. But usually not through towns or small communities as each town has their own police forces.

    1. Lyle mentioned the same thing about there being a special group that did do performances.
      Thank you for the other information.

  2. Looks like you've had some great times in the past few weeks. I'm so glad the fridge is installed and working well. It must make life a lot easier.
    Enjoy your time at Q.

    1. We have enjoyed the last few weeks.
      Having the fridge really does make life a lot easier. Tom especially appreciates not having to go outside to get things our of the

  3. We live in Ottawa very near where the RCMP horses live (they are still used for the Musical Rides and as security during certain events). It's always lovely to see them in the pastures especially since it's in the middle of the city! Sounds like a great visit and I can see why people know it's you when they see Stinger "B"!

    1. Hello Judith, Our friend, Lyle, did mention the Musical Rides. It must be something to see pastures and horses in the City. We hope to drive that way towards the East Coast in the next couple of years. Something to put on the list of "things to see". We did have a great visit...and yes, we do get recognized the Stinger "B" is hard to hide.

  4. Great catch up Deb..Do Melissa and Lyle blog too? They seem like wonderful people. Nice when you get that connection online and then in person (kinda how we feel about you two). Glad you've got a new fridge and heater. I think you found the perfect place for the sign Rachel gave you! The Stinger B looks great after a washing and waxing. Beautiful pictures!!

    1. Thank you, Shirley. No Melissa and Lyle do not blog and you are right they are a wonderful couple.
      We feel the same way about the connection with you and Ken...:) Fingers crossed here that everything works out and we see you here next week.

  5. You could have warned me you got rid of the mugs! Gotta be honest, a small teat came to my eye when I saw that! You've used those mugs every morning ever since I remember.. I am going to have to go to therapy for all the changes you are making to your lives without me!!

    Just kidding.. kind of..

    LOVE you... sorry for your loss (the mugs)

    1. Actually we still have the mugs...they would not burn. They were cracked inside and not good to use anymore and I could not bring myself to put them in the garbage so I thought this would be a good way to say goodbye to them. We loved those mugs.