Friday, January 18, 2019

Volunteers Clean Up, Wonderful Additions to Happy Hour

January 17, 2019

Walking down the road I could see the sun hitting  what I
believe are the Dome Rock Mountains in the distance.

Decided to take a short walk today after breakfast. Saw Patsy and Bill coming towards me in their "Black Beauty" and they stopped for a short chat.  A little further along George was driving by and also stopped to chat for a minute. He mentioned, he had talked to a woman over by the garbage dumpsters and 300 volunteers had come out this morning, some with their pick up trucks, picked up the garbage that was on the ground surrounding the dumpsters and hauled it off to the transfer station. We had heard there was a possibility the garbage issue could close down the area and we would be asked to leave so this truly was a wonderful thing these people did for all of us.

The top picture I stole from Patsy's blog, Chillin' with Patsy, that she took
yesterday. I wanted to show what the volunteers picked up this morning.
I kept walking up to the area because I wanted to see if any of the volunteers
were still there and if so say thank you. They really did all of us parked out
here a wonderful favor. I chatted very briefly with one volunteer. They
were now busy trying to keep people from dropping their garbage off on the
ground after all their hard work earlier.

The sign they put up asking people to not drop off any more garbage on the
ground around the dumpsters. The times for the Transfer Station and
Landfill were on the sign.

When I was talking with George, Our Awesome Travels, we noticed a front
loader and dump truck  had come in. After I had walked up to the dumpsters
and was headed back down the road I turned and noticed that it looked
like the front loader was going to empty the large dumpster.

We did have a very nice Happy Hour this afternoon. Nancy Kissack, Kissack Adventures, stopped by for a visit. Always nice to see a fellow blogger and RV'er. We met her last year when we were parked in this area and it was nice to catch up in person. Another couple joined us from Indiana, Ken and Nancy. They are actually friends of Patsy and Bill's and surprised them with a visit. So glad they did, what a nice couple it was fun meeting them.
I did not take a picture, I have to get better at this. I do know there is one on three other blogs, Patsy's, Nancy's, and George's and there are links to there blogs in this post, if you want to see one. I had already "stolen" a picture from Patsy earlier in the blog and one a day is my

The sun had just slipped behind the mountains when I took this picture.

Then turning around I captured the sun on the mountains to the north
and east of us.

More of the sun on the mountains to the east of us.

Another shot of the sun lighting up the tips of the mountains off
in the distance.

Last one for today. I just love how the sun lights up the mountains to the east
 as it slips away from our view for the day. The light and shadows
seem to dance as the day light slowly leaves us.

Honestly, I just liked this cloud.

The sun is gone from our view but the light is still with us.

Then some lovely pink afterglow. 

It was a good day even though the clouds and the wind did make an appearance. Any day spent doing what you want, getting to meet new people, and spending time with friends cannot be described any other way.

I started this post last night then could not keep my eyes open so shut it down to finish this morning. As I type this I am looking forward to today. We have friends coming down from Kingman not sure if they will have the time to stop our here but we will meet them for lunch in town. Plus, I have coffee and conversation scheduled with my sister. Then I am pretty sure there will be a gathering in the center of the rigs parked here as all our days begin to wind down.  It should be a good day.

Hope you enjoy your day!
We are glad you stopped by for a visit.


  1. Yesterday was wonderful and the volunteers cleaning up the garbage were awesome. Thanks to all those people who chipped in.
    Our Happy Hour was fun meeting up with Nancy again and Ken and Nancy.
    Nothing quite like these desert views is there?

    1. Totally agree, the volunteers were awesome, Happy Hour was fun, and the desert views never disappoint.

  2. The sunsets can leave one in awe for sure.
    wonderful of the volunteers to clean up all that garbage. Hopefully people respect the effort and follow the signs.
    Happy hour looked like a full circle with a lot of folks enjoying the company. Enjoy your time with your friends!!!

    1. It certainly was a wonderful thing the volunteers did for all of us staying out here. Happy Hour is always a good time.
      The sunsets are all beautiful.

  3. Sometime we all just have to pitch in. It goes a long way to showing BLM that we still care. Good job

    1. The volunteers really did a good job and I know are group greatly appreciated it.

  4. That was a gorgeous sunset!! I'm glad people volunteered to help out and keep the area open. Hopefully they'll be back in business soon.

    1. It certainly was a nice thing that group did. They finally came and emptied the dumpsters and now they are full again. Hopefully, they will be back.