Monday, January 21, 2019

Happy Birthday, Nathaniel! and Ride to Blythe

Sunday, January 20, 2019

I am starting this post by saying a Happy 4th Birthday to our grandson, Nathaniel, he turned 4 on January 17th. Today was his party and what he had requested was a Dinosaur Bowling Party with four cakes. He turned four so four cakes makes sense, right...:) ?

I am not sure where our daughter got the creative party planning thing from but she does know how to throw a party. It was just family and one friend but from what I heard they had lots and lots of fun.
Our daughter shared a video of him coming in with his dad and it was so cute. He was so excited and his sister had hot glued tiny dinosaurs to shower rings to use as napkin rings and when he picked one up he said this is cool. He is such a little guy.

Top left, the four cakes and on the right the table waiting for the guests.
Bottom Left to Right, sisters Adelaide and Charlotte, little friend Trinity,
and the Birthday Boy Nathaniel.

This morning we were up and moving a little earlier then usual the nice thing about going to Blythe for Sunday Mass is even though the time, 8:00PM, is the same as the church in Parker with time difference we can leave here a little after 8 and still get there early.

Spotted friends, Kathy and Rick 's rig from the road.
Still looks quiet in their neighborhood as we left this morning.

Turning down Kuehn Street we could see some Vendors starting to pull
back their tarps. Several cars parked and waiting for the shopping to begin.

Crossing over I-10 on our way to the entrance for going West.

We are on I-10 and we can see some of the RV's parked over in the
Dome Rock BLM.

The next four pictures are some of the views on our way to Blythe, CA. I do not care how many times we take this ride I love every turn of the road and never get tired of the view out the window. (Today's pictures are taken through a dirty windshield or a side window that is not much cleaner. I feel like I say that a lot. The dust and dirt is a constant but worth it for the wonderful scenery we get to experience.)

Crossing the Colorado River

we are in California and on our way to being waved through the
inspection station.

Passing Albertsons

then Smart & Final, we will be back later,

we were on our way here for 8 o'clock Mass.

This is a very spirit filled parish and we always enjoy joining them for
Mass when we are in the area.  Everyone is always very welcoming and it
starts before you walk in the door. You can just barely see him under the
yellow arrow in the trees but he welcomes and hugs, unless you back
off, everyone who walks up. 

After we  drove over to Denny's for breakfast.
This was my coffee cup this morning. 

After we finished breakfast we headed over to Smart & Final and then Albertsons to pick up some needed groceries before heading back to I-10 and home.

Almost back we are going by the Dome Rock BLM.

That is Quartzsite in the distance.

We can see the Big Tent in the distance. The traffic was backed up at the
first exit so we just took the 2nd one and drove around most of the traffic.

Once we got back Tom took our Blue Ox  tow bar off the Stinger "B' and we drove over to the tent area to drop it off to be serviced. Later we gathered with the group for Happy Hour but by then the sun which had been keeping us warm was being covered by the clouds and the wind made it a little chilly. Though we did stick it out and as always the conversation was lively. Someone has to make these sacrifices and we are up to the challenge. The "funny" part is if we were in the "frozen north" we would have referred to today's temperature as a "heat wave". LOL

As I write this, this afternoon the sun is shining and the sky is a beautiful blue but the wind is whipping through and I can see the dust in the distance.

I did take a couple of pictures of the eclipse last night but we were cloud covered earlier in the evening so we did not see the moon rising. I will share those in the next post.

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  1. Happy Birthday Nathaniel. Looks like he a had very cool party.
    We'll have to stop and check out Smart and Final. We've seen a couple of them in our travels but didn't know what they were.
    Looks a bit busy over there at the big tent, amazing how folks show up there.

    1. It does look like he had very cool party.
      We like stopping at Smart and Final they do have some good prices and sales.
      The tent and Kuehn Street do seem to attract a crowd.

  2. We have lousy internet in the Cook Islands so most of your pictures wouldn't load but the ones of the birthday did ... what fabulous cakes! Happy 4th birthday to your grandson.

  3. What a cool birthday party! Those cakes look delicious!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday Nathaniel! What a cutie! That's so sweet he got his cakes and they sure look yummy! I'm thinking Rachel got her creative talent from her mom! :) Love the fact of walking into church with a hug, great way to start the day!

    1. Thank you. I would like to think she got it from me...:) but when it came to the kid's parties I was more of a lets let McDonald's, Burger King, etc... do it type of
      A hug is always nice.