Thursday, February 21, 2019

Parked at Roadrunner BLM, A Visit to Kingman to See Friends, Moved to Shady Lane RV Park (I am in Real Time)

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Today was a slow day. After coffee and breakfast Tom went in to the laundry mat in Quartzsite to do jeans. I spent part of the morning cooking up vegetables and bacon to freeze so when we want a quick breakfast all we have to do is add eggs and cheese. The only thing we had planned for today was 4 o'clock Mass at Queen of Peace Catholic Church here in Quartzsite. This is a small simple mission church and the priest comes from Sacred Heart in Parker to say Mass. The pictures below I actually took today, February 20th.

This is Queen of Peace Catholic Church.
The gazebo is out front to the left when you are walking in.
The statue on the bottom left is against the church out front.
They also have a "Prayer Garden" next to the church.
A quiet place to sit, relax ,and reflect.
There are some Bible quotes around the area.

Yes , this picture was taken through a very dirty windshield.
I just wanted to capture the dust against the mountains in  the sunlight.

After Mass we went to Carl's Jr. for dinner.
Looking out the window we saw the sun setting and lighting up the sky.

As we left this was our view in the parking lot.

Crossing over I-10 we see the last of the suns light.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Today I kept my feet up. I worked on a catch up post for our blog. I drank tea and watched the sun play hide and seek with the clouds through the windows of the Stinger "B". The desert floor would light up then be in shade and then the light would creep toward us as the sun found blue sky again. At the start of the day I could only see a few fluffy white clouds and as the day progressed more and more fluffy clouds joined in the game. Creating beautiful shadows in the crevices of the mountains around us and as the clouds moved in the wind the shadows danced across to a new destination. A couple of times I found myself thinking I should get my jacket and shoes on to go outside and take pictures. Then I would put my feet back up, sip my tea, do a little more typing in between watching the beautiful show nature was putting on outside our window. It was a day to make some cheesy broccoli soup, well mine also includes cauliflower, a little bit of carrots and onions. The vegetables Tom roasted out on the grill making them even more delicious, At one point the clouds in the distance reminded me of how the clouds look when they come across Little Bay de Noc at home bringing rain with them.

It was a day to sit back and just enjoy the show it was not a day to take pictures. I know in the future I will remember this day just by reading the words I have written here and I will be glad to have kept my feet up, sipped my tea and just watched. (I wrote this throughout the day as I watched the clouds outside the window by our table.)

Then the sun started to set and I could not help myself I had to go out and take some pictures.

Tonight's sunset.

Now that I am outside taking pictures...
The mountains and the clouds towards the east were beautiful
in the setting sun.

The clouds towards the north were beautiful, also.

The views towards the south were beautiful, too.

Another words no matter

which way I turned the sky was beautiful to look at.

One last picture of the sunset and I went back in the Stinger "B" put
my feet back up and finished my cup a tea.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Today was a day we had looked forward to since we set the date to drive up to have lunch with friends up in Kingman. They got snow yesterday and it looks like they may get more on Thursday but today it was just cold. Getting to spend time with Jill and Rick along with Trish and Pat plus a nice surprise addition Jill's sister, Juhl (I am not sure I am spelling that correct and if not I apologize.) made braving the cold worth it. We had lunch together at a restaurant called Calico's the food was good and the company better. It was a nice visit, though short, and the time flew as it always does when you are enjoying the company you are with. The one thing none of us thought to do was take a picture. When I did remember we were on our way home.

Leaving Roadrunner this morning there is very little traffic on AZ-95.
Just us and the shadow stretching across the highway.

Not the best picture of  these pretty purple wildflowers
we saw along the way this morning.

We have passed through Parker

and then we got our first glimpse of the Colorado River.

We have driven this route several times over the years.
We never get tired of the wonderful views along here.

The road ahead.
It was about here we realized this is the first time we have traveled
between Quartzsite and Lake Havasu City in the Jeep.
In the past Tom was either pulling our 5th Wheel, the Crusader,
or driving the Stinger "B" towing the Jeep.
He said, it was kind of nice to be able to glance at the views.

Coming into Lake Havasu City

The hand was waving as we went by, Patsy.

Merging onto I-40 heading east.

We can see snow on the Mountains in the distance.

A Winter Storm Warning just before we reached Kingman.

I think I take this same picture every time we head up this hill.

I took this on the road to Jill and Ricks.
Just liked the look of the rocks.

They have some spectacular views where they live.

Their lovely home is just ahead.
Jill had said if we were going to get there before lunch to come out and visit
for a bit. We took her up on the offer and spent some time catching up.
We also had the opportunity to "tour" her sister's new house, you
cannot see it in this picture but it is beyond theirs on the other side.
What  nice homes they both have.

Looking out their gate, again the views are wonderful.

Following them back into Kingman to the restaurant where we would
join Trish and Pat we get to see more fantastic views.

We are back out on I-40 heading west after a wonderful visit with friends.

We could really see the snow on this one.

The hand is still waving.

It is hard to tell in this picture but this trailer is wedged into the side
of this hill with barely any space around it.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Today we left Roadrunner BLM and checked into the Shady Lane RV Park in Quartzsite. Tomorrow we will be picking up my sister who is flying into Phoenix. She is coming for a short visit to see where we have been spending our winters. I am so excited she is coming, plus, it will be fun to show her around.

Our spot in Roadrunner

Tom heading in to fill up our propane tank and then get us settled in the park.

While Tom did that I stopped and took some pictures of the church we sometime attend when we are here. Then I had a couple of errands to run. The rest of the day I did wash and cleaned. Always nice to have full hookups and get rid of some of the accumulated dust.

With this last sentence I am caught up, for now. My sister will be here until the 26th and I have a feeling I will again be catching up after she leaves. In the meantime we will be having fun and hopefully remembering to take pictures.

We are glad you stopped by.
If you have time to leave a comment we would enjoy hearing from you.


  1. Deb, I enjoyed this final catch up post. Your pictures are beautiful and many are of places we love each time we pass through. Parker, Lake Havasu etc. I liked the Father's parking space, do all the 'Dads' try and park there too? haha
    I'm happy that our (yours and mine) Hand is still waving at us, I'm sure you waved back as I do each time. :)
    So happy that you made it to see Jill and family after all, even for a short visit. You had a perfect day even if it was cold.
    You sound excited about your sister's visit which makes me excited for you! I remember when we had my sister and her hubby come as well as our good friends. Enjoy and remember, even if the camera doesn't come out for pictures, the photographs are tucked away in your memory pocket. Hugs.

    1. I am always happy to see "our" hand waving...:)
      It was wonderful to have my sister here now I will have to play catch up

  2. Nice catch up and a fun time in Kingman with good friends. Enjoy your FHU's and the upcoming visit with your sister.

    1. Thanks, George.
      We enjoyed the FHU and my sister's visit.

  3. Wow, you folks are busy and I think a quiet day with your feet up is a perfect kind of day. We all have those and there is not one thing wrong with it. Enjoyment of life is the goal so enjoy it any way you like.
    Loved all of the photos but I think the one 'you take each time you take the drive' is my favourite. Thanks for sharing it.
    Wonderful that you had time with friends even if it is only a short time, some is better than none.
    Enjoy the full hook ups and time spent with your sister. I hope all goes well. Have a great time.

    1. That view going into Kingman is beautiful and I think it is worth a picture every time, glad you liked it.
      The full hookups were nice and we had a wonderful visit.

  4. Great Catchup Post. Many of those pictures brought back memories of last March's travels.
    Wishing you have an Enjoyable Visit with your sister and looking forward to seeing the pictures. Who knows there might be future RVer in your family.
    Be Safe!

    It's about time.

    1. We had a wonderful visit and it went by extremely fast.
      Actually, though they are a few years away from retirement, they just purchased a 5th wheel.

  5. There are some days when it is nice to just sit back and relax and forget about pictures and like you say you can enjoy the day through your words. Have a great time visiting with your sister!

    1. Do nothing days are wonderful. Having my sister here was great.

  6. Your timing was perfect. Snow in Kingman closed every road in and out. Enjoy your sister time!!!

    1. I know we visited between snow storms and glad we did. I did enjoy our sister time.

  7. The sun and clouds together make for very nice and comforting pictures. Love them!
    It sure is pretty country along the Colorado and up to Kingman. We sure miss that scenery this year.
    Enjoy your time!

    1. Thank you, Dave.
      There is a lot of wonderful scenery in both our countries and that stretch is one of them.