Monday, March 4, 2019

The First Three Days of March and (Chris's Visit...Day One)

I am playing catch up again. Though I have decided to try and stay current at the same time. We are enjoying our days parked out in the beautiful Sonoran Desert near Quartzsite, AZ. As I write this I am enjoying my morning coffee while looking out the window at two Saguaros standing tall and proud under a beautiful blue sky. 

We left Shady Lane RV Park in Quartzsite on the last day of February and moved back out to the Roadrunner BLM. How long we will stay here is yet to be decided we will move when the time is right.

Our spot, 38A, at Shady Lane RV Park.
It was nice having full hook ups.

Our home at Roadrunner BLM.
It is nice to be back in the wide open space of the desert.

Friday, March 1, 2019

Determined to get some pictures of the sunrise Tom and I were both up before the sun this morning. 

While still behind the mountains the sun light spread its 
colorful light across the sky.

The clouds to the northwest picked up  a little of the color.

Then there was a small burst of yellow before 
the sun rose behind the clouds.

To the west I could see some slight pink in the sky

and above there was a touch of pink.

Then a little while later the sun peeked out briefly.

Looking north

Last night we got a message from Kim and Ken asking where we were. After telling them where they messaged that they were on there way to Quartzsite and asked if there was any space open around us. I answered there definitely is and they asked if they could join us for a couple of days. I think from the picture below you know what our answer was. What a wonderful surprise to hear from them. They are now to parked next door and we will be spending a couple of days enjoying their company.  I keep writing how lucky we are to be spending our retirement enjoying our dream while spending time with wonderful people we meet along the way. What can I say but it is the truth.

Ken and Kim,  Journey with Ken and Kim, following Tom to our spot.

You knew there would be a Happy Hour.
Left to right: Kim, Ken, Deb, and Tom's chair. 
Sitting next to the "Journey" in the shade.

The sun set behind the clouds just like it rose in the morning.

There was some very faint peeks

of color as the day ended.

It was a good day!

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Another day parked in this quiet spot with wonderful neighbors. Seriously, I know February is a short month but how did it go by so fast? Time just keeps flying by.

I was not up before the sun this morning and the sun started its day behind the clouds. I will say they are beautiful clouds.

Those clouds did bring a little bit of rain with them, more like a sprinkling, that did not last long.

After brunch, by the time we had our coffee and I decided what to make then made it, it was to late to call it breakfast, I ran into Quartzsite to pick up a couple of groceries. Tom was doing bills and getting things together so he can tackle our income taxes so I thought running a couple of errands would be a good choice. Sometimes he needs alone

Almost back home I spotted this lovely orange wildflower.

Late this afternoon the clouds were wonderfully white and fluffy.
With the wind they were moving fast.

There was somewhat of a breeze for our Happy Hour tonight but it was a warm one and no one was complaining. Especially since we can all remember our January Happy Hours when the breeze was quite chilly. (No picture tonight but we all pretty much look the same as last night. Though we are sitting next to the "Stinger B" in the shade.)

By the time the sun set this evening the clouds were pretty much gone.

It was another good day to be enjoyed and put in the memory book.

Sunday, March 3, 2019

By the time we got up the sun was up a ways in the sky which was a beautiful blue this morning.

Our neighborhood in the early morning sunlight.

On our way into Mass this evening at Our Lady of Queen of Peace Catholic Church  we saw our first rattle snake in the desert. Our grandchildren, especially Noah, have been asking for the last 5 years if we have seen one and when we do to take pictures. So this is for them. I am sure they will be happy to know we could hear the rattle and hissing.

I was not this close there was cropping involved.  

Afterwards we joined, (left to right: myself, Tom, Kim, Ken, Rick, and Kathy),
at Big Al's for pizza. Always fun.
The pizza is good and the company even better.

Kathy and Rick invited us back to there place for a campfire but sadly we declined, we do love a campfire, but none of us had jackets with us. (We know our family and friends in the great frozen north do not feel sorry for us but it was a little chilly for sitting our without a jacket.) So we said our see you laters and headed home. Since Kim and Ken had not previously driven to this spot in the desert at night we lead the way back to our homes. If you have ever tried to find your parking place out in the desert at night you know why this can be a little tricky especially the first time.  No matter how many times you do it during the day at night it is a whole new "ball game". You better have landmarks and even then you can get turned around. More than once we have swung the Jeep's headlights back and forth looking for our home. Surprisingly we found them on our first try.

We put on jackets and spent a short time outside chatting before heading into our homes. I even turned on my ambiance lights.  It was a nice way to end what had been a wonderful evening spent with friends. Tomorrow Kim and Ken will be taking off to another adventure and we will miss having them parked next to us. Yet the memories of this time will be with us. Glad you joined us.

(Catching Up)

Thursday,  February, 21, 2019

We left Quartzsite this morning before it was awake and the sun light was just starting to make itself seen behind the clouds. My sister, Chris, will be flying in to the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport this morning and we are on our way to pick her up.

Not much traffic as we headed out.

We are on I-10 and headed for Phoenix and the airport.

Always like how the traffic coming towards us looks like a ribbon of light.

Even with the clouds and not much light

the scenery is


If I have my pictures and mountains correct, their are friends
parked out in the distance.

I never get tired of looking out the window as we drive this section of I-10.

There was some rain.

The closer in to Phoenix the heavier the traffic.

Plus, there is a section of construction that slows things down.

A tower trying to be a palm tree.

As we got closer to the airport I could see planes coming in for a landing.

Finally our exit.

After about a 45 minute wait there she was.
A posed picture and we were off.

We were so busy talking and pointing at things that I did not take another picture.
We stopped at Five Guys in Goodyear and Chris bought us lunch, Thanks, Chris.
Then we made a "planned detour" off of I-10 towards Salome, we could see the Harquahala mountains in the distance. From there we turned onto US-60 which brought us to AZ-72. Our destination Bouse and a turn on to Plomosa Road which would bring us through the Plomosa Mountains and to AZ-95. We then turned south towards Quartzsite. We thought it would be a nice ride and give her the opportunity to see some of the beautiful area out here and places we have stayed. What we did not know was there was construction on AZ-72 and we spent over an hour slowly moving about 11 miles. Looking at the bright side this did give us plenty of time to chat.

Finally making it back to the Stinger "B" Chris got settled in, we had dinner, then talked about some plans for the time she would be with us.

We have been enjoying our days parked out here in the desert. Hope you are enjoying yours.
So glad you stopped by. If you have time to leave a message we would enjoy hearing from you. 


  1. We truly enjoyed our visit with the Four of you on Sunday wishing that you could have come over for the Fire but it does get cold.
    Now we want to read all the details of Chris's Visit.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. We truly enjoyed the visit, also. I know we would have enjoyed the fire if we would have had jackets with us.

  2. Noah was delighted to see the rattle snake. He goes on and on about joining you guys in the warmth (this child was not made for cold). But he requests more snake sightings and maybe a Gila Monster?!

    1. As I recall he did tell dad and I he could travel with us after Kindergarten because he had graduated. Of course, he wants more snake sightings and a Gila Monster. Seriously, we love him but not looking.

  3. I'm with Noah .... more snake pictures!!!! LOL

    1. LOL is right...hoping there are no more snake sightings.

  4. Sounds like you have been busy so nice that Kim and Ken couple join you for a couple of days and of course another wonderful meal at Silly Al's.

    1. Somewhat busy but enjoying it all. It was nice to have Kim and Ken parked by us. Always enjoy Silly Al's.

  5. Love the great catch up! Oh no..I don't want any more rattlesnake pictures..hate snakes of any kind! Wonderful scenery pictures. Nice that Kim and Ken came to visit for a few days, they are great people. Love the Silly Al's pic. Looking forward to the catchup of your visit with Chris.

    1. Thank you, Shirley. I am with you no more rattlesnake pictures would be just fine with me. It was nice to have Kim and Ken parked next door for a few days. Working on my catch up posts the problem is I take to many pictures.

  6. Nice to be caught up again. I'm happy to see you got to see your sister. Such a treat when family comes to see us!
    That rattlesnake is scary! Bill liked seeing it and me in a picture, is okay too. How nice that K & K joined you for a bit and you had another good meal at Silly Al's.

    1. It was really nice to have my sister visit and we did enjoy our time. I would rather not see another rattlesnake; once was enough for me. It was a nice surprise to get to see Kim and Ken again.

  7. I would much prefer to NOT see a rattlesnake in person, however I enjoyed your picture.I'm glad Noah thought it was cool.
    Yep indeed those were the right mountains and we were there!!! I hope had a fantastic visit with Chris and look forward to hearing more of the visit.
    Always nice to spend time with friends, no matter if it's short or long.
    Alone time for taxes sounds about right!!! I think I would move out for a day. Hahaha
    Enjoy your time at Q, if you walk carry a walking stick and pound it on the ground as you walk to alert the snakes to your presence. It's what an Arizonian told us to do. Continue being safe!!!!!

    1. Good to know about the walking stick. I would prefer to never see another rattlesnake. Noah was very happy and, of course, wants more pictures.
      I have thought of moving out when Tom is doing taxes but shopping works,
      Take care.