Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Rain Predictions Come True...We Had Puddles in the Desert

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I will be back to my regularly scheduled catch up posts and Chris's visit in the next couple of days. Today let's talk about the rain and how it made puddles, and I did walk through some in the rain, in the desert.

Monday, March 11, 2019

Yesterday the prediction was for rain. Yet when we got up and opened the curtains the sky was a beautiful blue. It did not last long though and by around noon the sky was filled with clouds. Clouds that promised to bring rain.

Noon and the clouds have covered the blue sky.

The rain arrived around 3 o'clock and  we could
hear the gentle pitter patter on the roof.

Not a lot but enough to make rain drops on the windshield.

We still had a light rain as the sun set 

behind the clouds tonight..

A soft sunset ending a quiet day spent in this spot.

Knowing it was going to rain we had nothing planned for today but to relax and do whatever. I ended up going through pictures for future catch up posts. There is one spot in the same place on my pictures and no matter how many times I have tried cleaning the lens and inside it still shows up. I will have to get my Nikon for Dummies book out and see if there are any suggestions.
It was a quiet, relaxing day in the Singer "B"

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

It was definitely raining when we got up this morning and it looks like it rained throughout the night. It was no longer a sprinkle it was more of a downpour. When we opened the shades we could see puddles and "little rivers" out on the desert floor.

Not quite ready to go outside I took these through open windows,
the open door and the windshield.

Around 11 o'clock I braved the rain and went outside.
There are definite puddles out there. 

Tom volunteered to do some laundry so I put together three batches and he headed into Quartzsite to the laundry mat. Since Tom is willing to go to the laundry mat, even though we do have a washer/dryer, that works best when we are dry camping.

While he did that I took a walk in the rain and enjoyed stepping in a couple of puddles and snapping a couple of shots of the tiny flowers blooming around us.

I really liked how the Super Vivid Effect made the rocks
so colorful with the little flowers in the center.

This poor little guy was right in the middle of a puddle.

I could see a current as the water flowed through the wash.
The last picture in Super Vivid from my walk in the rain.

Later when I went out the rain had stopped and  blue sky could be seen 

between the white fluffy clouds

as the sun tried to make an appearance.

The water is already starting to disappear

as the sun and blue sky take over the sky.

Though, today's puddles could

still be seen

across the desert floor.

The clouds were


no matter what

direction I turned.

This was my favorite picture today.

The next time I took a walk outside

the water in the wash was gone.

As the afternoon progressed the clouds kept changing and a couple of times it looked like there would be more rain. Then the darker clouds seemed to move towards the south and there would be more blue sky.

While I was taking pictures
Tom finished wiping dust off the Stinger "B".
After this he wiped the Jeep down.
It is nice to  look out and see a black Jeep again.

Around 4:30 the clouds started to take over again and brought a chill in the air.
Around 6 o'clock I stepped out the door to the sun brightening 

everything around us

while the mountains to the east looked black.

The green on the desert floor glistened in the sunlight
while  we could feel and see a gentle rain coming down.

I really like how the green of the palo verde stands out in the
sunlight with the dark clouds behind. 

Then I turned back and saw a very faint rainbow.

Tonight's sunset.

We had some nice color in the clouds after the sun slipped behind
the mountains this evening. A nice end to our day.
The last of the color.

Another day parked in this beautiful place. 

I love that I can say I walked through puddles in the rain out in the desert. 
That we both stood for a brief moment in a sun shower. 
Plus, we saw a rainbow.

The wind started about 10 last night and seem to grow stronger as the night progressed. As of this morning as I finish this post it is still with us and 56 degrees. Our weather predictor mentioned a breeze. There definitely is a "breeze" with gusts of strong wind. The good news is there is lots of blue sky and by Sunday we should see temperatures in the 80's. 

I do not know about you but every time it rains in the
future I am going to be thinking about all the
Happy Umbrellas!

We hope you enjoyed your day and are glad you stopped by to visit.
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  1. With all the changes to the weather it is nice to see the Sun again. Our Wind Generator is very happy this morning.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the warmer weather heading our way.

    It's about time.

    1. It is nice to see the sun and we had a feeling your Wind Generator was smiling.

  2. So happy to find someone else who likes to walk in the rain :-)

    1. I do love walking in a the rain and puddles are still the best thing to walk through...:).

  3. Nothing quite like walking in the puddles while it's raining. It's only water after all!! And that is a lot of water in your photos. Our skies were very much like yours, blue one minute and clouded over the next. Like you our breeze was a bit more than my definition of breeze. Keep on having fun!!!

    1. Walking in puddles makes the rain fun and like you said it is only water. Luckily we do not

  4. Hope you survived the wind. It's definitely been crazy, but the blooming flowers should make up for it. Beautiful sunset!!

    1. Thank you, Nancy. We did not blow away in the crazy wind...:)

  5. So nice to see rain in the desert and all the vivid colors. Too things will dry up and get hot.

    1. It is nice to rain in the desert. We are looking forward to some "hot".

  6. I seldom see anyone walking in the rain with an umbrella in the desert but I do like the last photo of smiling umbrellas. I need a prettier one, that's for sure! That is a lot of puddles! Liked the vivid shots, I wondered where you found the pretty coloured stones. :)
    I can't see the spot on your lens. I've stopped using my big Canon because the one I can't get rid of (no matter how much we follow instructions to clean) seems to have many friends now. Frustrating.

    1. I have never seen anyone with an umbrella in the rain out in the desert either. I just fell in love with the picture the minute I saw it.
      So far I have been able to remove, actually I have two, the spots using the "spot remover" in my photo editor. It is just so time consuming and frustrating as you said. (So far they have not invited any friends to join them.)