Thursday, March 21, 2019

The Trek East has Begun...Sort of...(Two Sundays in March--Catch Up)

Thursday, March 21, 2019

This morning we reluctantly finished packing up to leave where we have been parked since, February 28th. First stop, LaPosa South to empty our tanks, no need to add water we have more than half a tank and will be in full hookups by Friday at Quail Ridge RV in Huachuca City. Second stop, Love's Service Center to have our tire checked out. It turns out it was not as bad as it looked and after checking it out there is no issue with the tire or leaks and no charge. Then Tom stopped at the Pit Stop for Propane and then Arco for diesel. Then we hooked up the Jeep and we were on our way. Tonight we are parked at the Holt Shell Station, between the semis, in Gila Bend.

Up then out the door early. I did not want to miss our last sunrise at this spot.

As the sun was rising the moon was setting in the west.

This has always been my favorite part of the day when we are out in the
desert. Watching the shadow stretch across the floor as the sun rises.

A shadow selfie.

The sun is slowly making its way above the mountain

and the shadows continue to make there way across the floor of the desert.

Everything seems to sparkle in the morning sun.

Even the tiniest plant have shadows in the early sunlight.

We are packed and the engine is running I know Tom is watching
as I walk around taking some last pictures of our home parked here.

Then I spotted this little lizard, I wonder if it is the same guy as yesterday.
I guess this may be his neighborhood.

The lights have been checked, I have moved the Jeep,
and Tom is heading out.

One last picture of our lovely spot

and our surrounding


and I started the Jeep

and I am following Tom.

I rolled down the window for one last picture.
Thanks for all the memories we take with us. 

This would be a just because I thought it was so cute picture.
For Sale and parked along the road at LaPosa South.

I could not resist. I took a ride over to
where we were parked in January to
visit this Ocotillo. 

We have left Quartzsite .
Sad to leave but looking forward to what is down the road.
It is hard to tell in this picture, as we are moving, but the floor of the desert

is covered in bright orange flowers.

The road ahead is filled with traffic.

We have now turned south on to AZ-85.

Tomorrow morning before we leave there will be pictures of the dinosaurs taken and posted. We do have grandchildren.

(Catching Up)

Sunday, March 17, 2019 (Happy St. Patrick's Day)

It was a lazy Sunday and we mostly just relaxed and enjoyed the day. I did do some cooking but other than that I enjoyed the sunshine. Tom did a couple of chores but, also, mostly enjoyed the sunshine. We did go to Mass at Queen of Peace Catholic Mission here in Quartzsite our last time there this adventure.

We stopped to pick up a couple of things at the Dollar General and then head back home to the Stinger "B" and sat out and enjoyed the evening and the sunset.

This morning's view as we sat outside and enjoyed our morning coffee.

These are the prettiest little tiny white flowers, they look like miniature
daisies, that make there way out between the rocks.

There may have been a small amount of an adult beverage in our second
cup of coffee this morning while we continued to look at the view.
After all it was St. Patrick's Day.

One of the many Palo Verde in our neighborhood.

The sun setting

on our day.

The last bit of light can be

seen over the mountain before darkness descends.

Then I decided to take a few pictures

with the Super Vivid Effect setting.

I love how it takes the tiniest bit of color and light and intensifies it.
Plus, the flash lights up the bushes close by.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

This Sunday we had dumping the tanks on the agenda. Now doesn't that sound like fun. Actually, I think I have mentioned it before, Tom is the only one having the "fun". I just go along for the ride.
While waiting in line, yes even in March there can be a line though it is a short one, we saw this little Dust Devil come across the road.

Dust Devil

Later in the day we went to Mass at Queen of Peace Catholic Mission in Quartzsite.

As we headed away from the Mission after mass I looked up at the clouds
and saw what I thought looked like an angel. 

Dinner tonight was at the Mountain Quail Cafe. The sun was setting as we made our way home.and we could see some lovely rosy pink in the sky on our right as we made our way south on US-95.

Starting at the bottom: The sun is setting at the end of Kuehn Street.
the next two above I took as we were moving. The top one Tom
took just as we turned into Roadrunner BLM.

We then made our way back to the Stinger "B" in the last of the evenings light.

We are happy you stopped by for a visit and hope you enjoyed the pictures.
If you have time to leave a comment we would enjoy hearing from you.


  1. Nice that you got your tire taken care if and no issues. Getting back on the road again A dinosaur stop at Gila Bend is good too. Now Travel safe and enjoy Quail Ridge.

    1. Thanks George. We will miss the open desert but it will be nice to be in full hookups.

  2. There is something about Quartzsite that will always draw you back to it, I miss the area. Enjoy your time at Quail Ridge and safe travels.

    1. Thank you, Bill. There is something about spending time in the Quartzsite area that does seem to keep drawing us back. We are always a little sad to leave.

  3. Great catch up! I love how you love where you guys stayed for the last month almost! It is beautiful and how it changes in just a few weeks! My favorite Ocotillo that you went back to look at :) Such wonderful times with you guys! I love the angel in the clouds! Travel safely. While at Quail Ridge you'll be near our new great nephew..once he gets to come home ;)

    1. Thank you, Shirley. The desert certainly did change a lot in the time we were there. I actually thought of you two when I went and saw the Ocotillo one last time. We did have a great time...looking forward to the next time. Take care.

  4. You had a very nice spot, I'm sure there is something about being alone in a spot like that too. I'm not sure how we would like the complete solitude but I agree with Bill. Quartzsite draws you in.
    Enjoy Quail Ridge!

    1. We do like staying here at Quail Ridge and it is a nice jumping off place after being out in the desert for the trek home. It was a beautiful spot and as much as we enjoy being with and spending time with everyone the solitude is great, also. I am glad we do not have to choose one or the other. The best part about this lifestyle are the choices.

  5. On to new adventures. Thanks for taking us along!!

  6. Some good last few days in the Q area. There is something sad about leaving a wonderful spot, but there is always next year to see it again. Glad the tire issue wasn't serious. Enjoy the park in Huachuca City. Safe travels!!!

    1. Like you said, there is something sad about leaving a spot that you really enjoy but there is next year. Plus, new adventures await down the road and it was time to move on.
      I will not lie...we will enjoy having full

  7. Always Enjoyable in the "Q" and longer days.
    Glad the tire was an easy fix.
    Be Safe and See You Down The Road. Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. We always do enjoy our time in the "Q" and getting together with friends is one of the best parts. Already looking forward to the next time.