Monday, March 25, 2019

Tombstone in the Morning

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Our day started with a cup of coffee and then we decided on 9 0'clock Mass at Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church in Tombstone. This is a lovely little church that we love attending. The entire parish complex as well as a Rose Tree Garden behind the church were place on the National Register of Historic Places by the U.S. Department of the Interior in 2002. The original church building which serves as their parish office was the first church building in Tombstone and dedicated in 1881.

As we were walking out of church and saying good morning to the priest he asked us where we were visiting from. Turns out he was originally from Michigan, also, though down by Detroit. He then  said, so you are Yoopers and even though I am a Troll I will not hold that against you. We told him we felt the same way and would not hold it against him that he is a Troll.
One more thing about church this morning, interestingly enough his homily was based on the phrase, Carpe Diem. He was speaking, of course, about our spiritual lives but in reality it is important for us all to "Seize the Day" and make it the best day we can.

We then went over to  Allen Street and took a walk up and down.
There were, of course, a couple of stops in and out of some shops
were some of  our money was exchanged for a package or two.
We have taken this walk several times over the years rereading
 the history sign posts. We seem to learn something new every
time which makes it fun and interesting.

After depositing our packages in the Jeep we walked back up Allen Street
to Big Nose Kate's  Saloon for an early lunch. 

I took this picture as we headed to check out a place I had read about on
Nancy's blog, Kissack Adventures, that sounded intriguing.

Following her directions we went past the lower parking lot and
turned right on Skyline Drive and up the hill. You really cannot miss it.
Linear Garden

There is a sign with a "Thought for the Day".

This gentleman has quite the display of "stuff",

plus, he has a nice view looking down on Tombstone.

While we were up there admiring his collection a Trolley Tour went by.

I wonder when he decided to put this "stuff" along the side of the road

he had dreams of becoming a Trolley Tour Stop. 

There is even a second, "Thought of the Day" on the other side of the sign.
Thank you for sharing this unique stop in Tombstone, Nancy.
It was fun to check out. Sadly the owner was not out and about.

Another view as we continued our way around Skyline Drive.

Leaving Tombstone just a little after noon

we continued south on AZ-80

then turned  on to AZ-90.

You cannot tell looking at this picture or the one above but there are
Ocotillos covering these hills. 

Coming up to the San Pedro River you can see green trees all along its
banks off in the distance.

We continued on AZ-90 until we reached AZ-82 where we made a left turn and were once again back at Quail Ridge RV Park. When we got back Tom waxed three sides of the Stinger "B" and I proceeded to get some more wash going. (Being retired is not all fun and games there are still chores to be done.)

The sun was behind the mountains before I remembered to take a  picture.

Then as we were sitting outside enjoying a late Happy Hour
I noticed some pink in the sky to the east.

There where I had missed the sun slipping behind the mountains was some
very nice color.

On the way back to our site I spotted this lone pretty flower in the
park's street. How it has survived is a mystery.

Checking again the color has gotten brighter.

Another view of the color in the west; this is standing behind our site.
Side note: this is the first time we have stayed here when every site
has been filled. in the front area.

One last burst of light. 

We spent a little more time sitting outside before the night coolness chased us inside. It was a very good day. We spent the morning in Tombstone, one of Tom's favorite stops, and had a nice lunch at Big Nose Kate's Saloon. Then we saw a unique display of "stuff".  Plus, three sides of the Stinger "B" are looking very, very shiny.

We are glad you stopped in. 
If you have time to leave a comment we would enjoy hearing from you.


  1. Always a fun time in Tombstone and of course BNK's for lunch. And back to Quail Ridge to wrap up your day. Sounds about perfect.

    1. It was a perfect day and we always enjoy Big Nose Kate's for lunch.

  2. Cute story about the priest! That Linear Garden is definitely "interesting". Tombstone is a fun tourist trap! We need to get back there one day. Definitely we have to try BNK's! The sunset was beautiful! Your park looks very busy! Glad to see you two enjoying, but I really think you always do :)

    1. Tombstone is a fun stop and we always enjoy our time there and the Linear Garden was an interesting stop. We have never seen this park as full. I think the work is out. It is a nice park for an excellent price.

  3. I'm not sure who put the Mine sign up, but there are actually two large mine holes at the edge of Skyline Drive. People have actually fallen in. They closed one off with steel bars, visible from the road if you look very closely. He certainly has lots of "stuff"!!

    1. I wondered at the time about the warning sign, we have seen it many times on rides out in the desert, but because of the old tools he has there I thought it was part of his display. Did not know there were two mine holes right there. Interesting because one of the things Tom was saying as we left was it is strange you do not see more abandoned mines there.