Monday, March 18, 2019

Checking out Quartzsite (Chris's Visit...Day Four) King Valley Road (Chis's Visit...Day Five) Another Catch Up

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Sunday, February 24, 2019

Today Chris and I did some shopping our first stop Gem World. She was looking to pick up some geodes and other rocks and I knew this would be a good place to start. Plus, they have a nice variety of other things that are fun to look at. We, also, visited another rock shop further down the street and then went over to Kuhen St. and checked out some of the vendors still around. Then with our purchases complete for the day we headed back to the Stinger "B" to pick Tom up and head over for 4 o'clock Mass at Queen of Peace Catholic Mission.

After Mass we headed over past Scaddan Wash BLM and down Mitchell Mine Road. Chris had been asking about seeing some Saguaros up close plus other cacti and we knew of a good spot down that road. Plus, there is the constant hunt for interesting rocks. We have a bag in the Stinger "B" we will be delivering when we get home.

Tom took this picture of Chris and I.
I am pretty sure she is looking for rocks.

Our "selfie" with the Saguaro.


Staghorn Cholla

Barrel Cactus

Teddy Bear Cholla

Even up close the Teddy Bear Cholla looks soft.

Saguaro and Ocotillo

After collecting pictures and rocks we headed over for a ride by Dome Rock BLM. Tom wanted to show her the area over there including the mine.

The sun was slipping behind the mountains just as we turned on the road.

There are some nice views to be seen

of the mountains in the distance

and all the RV's still parked in the LaPosa LTVA's

It was an enjoyable day just hanging out, chatting and spending time together. As the darkness descended on the Sonoran Desert we made our way back to the Shady Lane RV Park.

Monday, February 25, 2019

Today was Chris's last day here. One of things we wanted to do was take a short ride in to the Kofa Wildlife Refuge. We have taken this ride back to the Horse Tanks before so we knew it would be a nice one but not be a long one. It was a warm day and we did want to spend a little time sitting outside enjoying the sunshine.

The Road we took today.
Our destination, the horse tanks. 


Teddy Bear Chollas

Hedgehog Cactus

Staghorn Cholla

Views walking back to the Horse Tanks

Is that a face ion the side of the mountain?

Some purple wildflowers.

Tom moving quickly down the path up ahead of us.

Then we spotted the water.

I believe this area is part of the Castle Dome Mountains.

The area though rugged is beautiful.
One lone Saguaro up above.

According to the map there are several more tanks in the area.
Chris and I opted to stop here. Tom went on to the next one.

Tom said this one looked deeper.

Some small yellow wildflowers.
Unfortunately we did not see many wildflowers on our walk today.

Zoomed in on one the lone Saguaro pictured above.

I believe this is a type of Prickly Pear Cactus.

We can see the Jeep up the small incline.
The walk back to the first Horse Tank was fairly short. It is the path
over lose rocks which can be fun, though, it really was an easy walk.

There was a pretty ocotillo just up the hill from where we parked.

This is were I left this year's Valentine Roses from Tom.
I always hate to put them in the garbage.

Turning back onto King Valley Road.

On our way back to the Stinger "B" the picture by the sign.

Our last Happy Hour and it was warm enough to sit outside.
We are so glad she came for a visit.
Cheers to many more in the future.

We ended  Chris's visit with what turned out to be a nice ride into the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge. On the way back to the Shady Lane RV Park we took a quick ride into LaPosa South to show her where we parked in January with friends. Then a quick ride around we ended up crossing one corner of the Magic Circle, we wanted her to have the full tour. It was nice that at least for her last evening with us it was warm enough to sit out for awhile. We enjoyed her visit and hope she can say the same.
(Note: I try to get the names of the Cactus correct but I am never sure I have, if not sorry about that.)

Glad you stopped by for a visit. Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

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