Monday, March 18, 2019

Back to the Airport....Cleaning and Wash....Moving to Roadrunner BLM (Catch UP Post)

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

We were up early and on our way to the airport by around 3:30AM Chris needed to be there around 6 and we did not want to be late. We pulled in and dropped her off about 6:05 then after hugs, kisses, love you, and safe travels we pulled away waving goodbye. It was a long day for us but even longer for her as she got stuck in Denver most of the afternoon as her flight was delayed due to "frozen fog". As I recall she finally made it back to Sheboygan around 10 or 11 CST that evening.

We are near Phoenix on our way the airport.

This is a popular name in our family.

Views at a rest area west of Buckeye.

Our views as we drove west and home.

Arriving back at the Stinger "B" I put away groceries, we had made a quick stop for a few things in Buckeye, put in a load of wash and spent some time just sitting with my feet up. As I mentioned at the beginning of this post it was a long day and we were sad to see Chris leave but from what she has said she enjoyed herself, it sounds like she will be back, and next time she will be staying longer.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Today was a day of doing wash and cleaning. (There may have been a sit outside Happy Hour which included an adult beverage. It cannot be all work. After all we are retired.) Tomorrow we will be moving back out to the Roadrunner BLM. Right now we are not sure for how long but I want to go with everything washed and cleaned. We want to spend time just sitting, relaxing, and enjoying the view. (Okay, and maybe a Happy Hour or two.)

Thursday, February 28, 2019

We left the Shady Lane RV Park right around 11 o'clock. No rush today we only have about six and a half mile drive to our next destination.

We found a spot, Tom shut down the engine,

we pushed out the slides, Tom set things up outside, and we were relaxing.
We have fallen in love with this spot and hope we can find it again in the
future. We would park here again in a heartbeat. 

Watching and taking pictures of our first sunset in this beautiful spot.
Bottom to top: going, going, going, gone.

Then some color brings with it

a beautiful ending to our day.

We have found another beautiful spot to sit and enjoy our retirement dream!


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  1. Sounds like you had a lot of fun now enjoy the roadrunner area. love it there.

    1. We do like it out here at Roadrunner and this time we found the perfect spot.

  2. It's especially nice out there after the Big Tent and all the people are gone. Enjoy!!

    1. It is very quiet out here now and we are enjoying it.

  3. I didn't look at the date so it threw me about why you were at the airport. LOL
    Then I realized you were catching up. I'll be ok. :)

    1. I'll be okay, also, if I ever catch hope, I am always

  4. I'm sure Chris had a wonderful time, and it sounds as if you and Tom had a good time as well. Always nice to see family, always sad when they leave but also nice to be back to normal. Enjoy the Roadrunner BLM. Looks nice there.

    1. It was fun for all of us and we are looking forward to next time and hoping our brother-in-law comes with her.
      We are enjoying being parked out here and will be sad to leave in a couple of days but new adventures await.

  5. Long Days on the road make for tired campers.
    Know what you mean about that spot. It's beautiful!
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. It is a beautiful spot...hope we can find it again.
      Glad you stopped by and got to see it.