Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Friends Leave, Wonderful Sunset and (Chris's Visit...Day Two)

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Monday, March 4, 2019 
(I am getting closer to being current.)

It is Monday with a beautiful blue sky above. Looking out we could see Kim and Ken getting ready to leave. They are off on a new adventure that includes full hook ups. We are glad they parked in our neighborhood for a couple of days, it was fun. We wish them safe travels.

Our Neighborhood. 

Starting to see little yellow and purple
wildflowers blooming near the washes.

Our view when sitting out in our patio area.

We had a little visitor.
Hello Mr. Grasshopper.

Kim and Ken are going, going, gone.

Sitting outside watching the sunset.

As the sun sets the mountains to our east and south are touched by its light.

The lower the sun drops 

the brighter the mountain tops.

The sun has dropped out of sight

and these mountains to our east

and south are beautiful in its last bit of light.

We did get some afterglow this evening

the clouds to the northeast turned a light rosy pink.

Two saguaros tall and proud as evening descends..

Then the clouds in the west turned a lovely orange.

The last of tonight's light.

Using the effects setting on my camera for Super Vivid

and Photo Illustration.
Just thought I would share the two pictures because I liked them.

It ended up being a quite day parked out here in the desert. One we enjoyed and that is why we are here.

 (Catch Up)

Friday, February 22, 2019

Today we have decided to drive south to Yuma and visit the Arizona Market Place. Tom and I had not been there yet this year and I knew my sister would enjoy the shopping there. Their were clouds in the sky and a chill in the air as we took off. We ended up stopping at the Farm to Table restaurant on I-95 just north of Yuma for lunch. Tom was happy two date shakes this adventure.

The clouds were covering the mountains in the Palm Canyon 
area as we went by.

We did spend a couple of hours going through the various vendor's booth at the Arizona Marked Place and we all left with a few packages. 

After we were done shopping we decided to take a ride over to the Imperial Dunes in California. Though Tom and I have driven through this area we had never stopped at the Plank Road so this was our destination.

The pictures, the ones we all take in front of what we have come to see.

Tom and Chris

Chris and I

Tom and I (Did I mention there was a lot of wind.)

Then in the distance we could see the wall.
(We had tried to get close by Pilot Knob when we took a ride
with Shirley and Ken with no luck.)

We went cross country to get to the wall and once there is a sign that says to stay 100 feet away. The part on the sign about being patrolled by the U.S. Border Patrol, just so you know, very true. Once we got this close we could see a Border Patrol truck turning and coming back towards us.

We still got the picture.

He stopped us and said he was just checking to make sure we had not picked up anyone jumping over the wall along here. He said, it is something that happens several times a day every day. I could not help myself, and said according to everything we hear there is no problem like that along the border. He laughed and said he had job security.

A few pictures of the dunes and we are headed back to Quartzsite.

The tethered blimp was up and flying.

The sun was setting as we approached the road for the Palm Canyon. Just before we got there I said to Tom I wonder if we can make it up there before the sun sets. Well he turned at the road and I do not think we have ever driven it quite so fast. We did not make it for the full sunset but we did catch the last little bit of light before the sun totally disappeared behind the mountains. Some spur of the moment decisions do not work out, we have experienced those, but this one was worth the trip. Afterwards, when we were talking about it, I told my sister we now had two things we could check of the list of things to see. A wonderful afterglow when the light from the sun we can no longer see touches the clouds with beautiful rosy pinks and a ride up to Palm Canyon. The pictures, though they never quite capture what the eye sees, speak for themselves.

Yes, it was chilly at the top.

One last picture and we drove back down Palm Canyon Road.
The ride down was a lot slower then the ride up.

A day we enjoyed. We did some shopping. Stopped at the Plank Road and saw the Imperial Dunes. Plus, Chris got to touch the wall and as we were driving away Tom and I realized we did not get out and touch it. Now we will have to go back. (Shirley and Ken what do you thing, next year?)
Then we were able to take in the end of a beautiful sunset up by Palm Canyon. Today's adventure  ended with pizza at Big Al's.  A wonderful day to be remembered.

We are glad you stopped by for a visit.
If you have time to leave a comment we would enjoy hearing from you.


  1. Wonderful couple of days, before and current. Sad to see friends leave but nice to know they are heading for new adventures. Love the photos, sunsets especially. Stunning!!! Well worth the effort. Glad you got to see the wall close up with no issues of any kind. Never visited Plank Road, maybe next year. Enjoy the rest of your time there at Q.

    1. Thank you, Deb, glad you liked the photos. It helps to have beautiful subject matter as you well know. We have been enjoying our time here. It was sad to see them leave but it was a nice unexpected visit.
      We wondered what the Border Patrol was going to say when he stopped us but he was nice and after hearing what he had to say we knew why he turned and came back.

  2. The weather was finally starting to improve and now it's going to cool down.
    Glad you had the chance to show Chris why you love this area so much.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. It was nice to share this area with Chris and she is already talking about next time. At least it is warmer then back home and the good news is the warm temperatures will return.

  3. Love the pictures of Palm Canyon!

    1. Glad you did and that is always nice to hear.

  4. Just love those sunset images. Sounds like a fun day. Smile ... you were probably on camera the entire time you were at the wall.

    1. Thank you, Nancy, and it was a fun day. Probably, he did come pretty darn

  5. More` awesome pictures and glad that you got o see the Plank Road and the wall.

  6. Beautiful sunset pictures! That plank road is certainly interesting! Interesting story at the border. Beautiful Palm Canyon sunset pics!

  7. It is sad to see friends leave or to leave friends but we are all so lucky to have met each other down here. It sure adds to the excitement of coming south each winter, knowing we'll see you all again. By the way, my blanket got finished yesterday, I scalloped along the two sides that were 'rugged' and I'm so pleased and proud of myself. :)
    Beautiful pictures of my fav, the Saguaro and the sunsets.

  8. Thank you.
    Congratulations on finishing the blanket.
    You are right it is sad to see our time with friends come to an end each time. Yet it is nice/exciting to know that we will see everyone again in the future.
    Continued safe travels.