Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Sunset, Clouds, and Blythe Intaglios

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Thursday, March 7, 2019

I am guessing Thursday was a quiet day and we stayed home, since the only pictures I have are of the sunset and the clouds competing with it for the best show. I really do have to start making notes. Since, the pictures pretty much tell the story I will let them with little interference.

The sun still had a little ways to go before slipping behind
the mountains today as I sat and watched.
It looked like most of the sunset would be behind the clouds.

The clouds around us were beautiful in the late afternoon light.

A quick peek of sunlight between the clouds.

The sunlight on the mountain was beautiful.
How many times have we all said, if only the camera would
capture what the eyes see.


What can I say I just like how the Super Vivid Effect  adds the extra color.

Another Super Vivid shot.

A last whoosh of color across the sky. 

A just because I liked it.


The last picture I took and it is my favorite of the day.

Again, since, I cannot remember it must have been a "do nothing" type of day. One of our favorite type of days.

Friday, March 8, 2019

We were up for awhile before the sun finally showed itself above the clouds. It was 8:15 and the temperature was 55 degrees.

I always love how the early morning light of the sun
makes everything bright and wonderful. The desert floor sparkles.

We had an appointment in Parker in the afternoon to get our income tax done. Tom hit a snag and decided this was the way to go this year. We made a last minute decision to drive to Blythe and take US-95 in California instead of AZ-95 for something different. We did not get to see everything we would have liked to which I will explain as I write this post. Plus, we did not go as far as we would have liked. We will just have to take the ride again another day. Something to look forward to.

On I-10 heading west the wildflowers fill the sides of the road.

The above collage were pictures I took with my phone. I switched to my Nikon when we turned on to US-95. Earlier I had been playing with the effects setting on the camera and did not realize I had left it on that setting. The pictures below were taken using the Super Vivid Effects. I thought about not adding them because of this but then we would not have the pictures of part of today's ride. So that is why they are included.



Palo Verde Division Dam


If we would have had more time this would have been a nice walk.
Next time.

Since, it was a last minute decision we had not even looked at a map.
So we did not know this was here.

This sign says there is an Historical Landmark ahead.
Giant Desert Figures.
Another stop we would have liked to have spent more time at.
Again we had no idea this existed.

Something is missing.

Looking across the way we see this road.

Deciding to go down the road we next see this sign.
There are two Intaglios on this road. We stopped at one.
There is a parking area with information I have included below.
There is a path and a short distance away you can see a fenced in area.

Just before I took this picture I realized what setting my camera was on .

I took pictures of the views in the distance as we walked towards
the fenced in area.

What I did not take a picture of was the path or fenced in area.

Coming up you can see a path around the fenced in area.
When we first stopped to view the Intaglio it was hard to distinguish
what we were seeing. At the top left it is an arm.
What is also visible here is some of the damage done by off highway
vehicles before the fencing was put up in 1974.

The other arm.

We saw this sign on our way out.
Another place we are hoping to visit again. 

Continuing North on US-95 we do catch a few glimpses of the
Colorado River.

Since, our appointment time was getting closer I googled directions
and we turned on to this road Indian 18, according to the sign, which
would bring us across the Colorado River back into Arizona and Parker.

Colorado River


After our appointment we had a quick lunch at Jack in the Box. Then we picked up a few things at Walmart and across the way at Safeway before heading home.

We are now on our way back home on AZ-95

The purple wildflowers along the road are beautiful.
Back home in time to see the sunset.

Our Home

So ended  the suns light and our day.

It was a fun day. Sometimes spur of the moment decisions turn out to be great ones and this one was. We got to see a couple of things we did not know about and will certainly go back in the future to do some more exploring.

We are glad you stopped in and hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures.
If you have time to leave a comment we would enjoy hearing from you.


  1. Interesting photos today. I especially liked the one right below "because I like it" with the saguaro outlined by the sun. What an interesting drive. I can see why you want to go back. Enjoy!!!

    1. Thank You, Deb.
      The Intaglios were a surprise find for us and we definitely want to go back and see the other one.

  2. An interesting drive that we'll be adding to our must see lists.
    Glad you are still enjoying this change of weather.
    Be Safe!

    It's about time.

    1. It was an interesting drive.
      I will say we will be happier when it warms up this weekend.

  3. What a beautiful drive and the Blythe Intaglios are amazing. We checked them out back in 2007 an arial view with a drone or plane would be perfect. But we have neither.

    1. It is a beautiful drive that way. Tom and I both said a drone would give us a perfect view of the Intaglios but then if it crashed in there we would be in trouble...:)

  4. Beautiful pictures Deb! Interesting places too! I have to agree with Deb I love the picture she picked, my favorite! You do an outstanding job with your pictures! :)

    1. Thank you, Shirley.
      The Intaglios were definitely an interesting find.

  5. Intaglios are fascinating. Better seen from the air I suppose. I wonder if any of the local Indians keep up the area. I can't seem to keep my little trail clear of rocks at all.

    1. We agree it would be nice to see the Intaglios from the air. From what I read on the sign about not trying to restore them I would guess no about any upkeep.