Wednesday, March 27, 2019

A Ride to Bisbee and Tombstone Founder's Monument

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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Today was the day we set aside to take a drive to Bisbee. Tom was hoping to take the mine tour and I brought my kindle along so I could read while he did that. When we got there the first thing we noticed was a sign above the ticket booth that said, all sold out for the day. So this is not the year he will be doing the mine tour. He was a little disappointed but we moved on after picking up some brochures and looking around the gift shop. They had some nice things but the prices were a little high so we did not take anything with us. We ended up finding a parking spot on our third try and we were happy because it was right across the way from what will be our last stop here today.  After parking we were off to walk around a bit then find a place to stop for lunch.

Heading toward Bisbee we have just turned on to AZ-90
and we can still see snow on the top of the Huachuca Mountains.
The tethered Aerostat B41 Blimp was flying high above.
(The little black mark in the upper left corner.)

Continuing on AZ-90 we have passed through Sierra Vista
and we can see green trees in the distance.

These trees line the San Pedro River

on both sides of the highway

and can be seen

way off into the distance.

The San Pedro River

We are continue down AZ-90

and there are quite a few Ocotillos

up the hill sides.

We have turned on to AZ-80 and I can still see the Ocotillos
beautiful even without their tiny green leaves.

We are driving through the Mule Mountains.

Looking towards the mountains we can see the different grasses 

that cover the ground. 

Plus, there are manzanita brush

juniper, lowland oak

and pine trees.

All adding to the beauty of the landscape out our window.

They cut through a lot of rock to built this highway.

Mule Pass Tunnel

There is the light at the end of the tunnel.

We can see buildings below and off to our left as we approach Bisbee.
Off in the distance is their "B" on the mountain peek.

This guy was not near this sign. In fact, later when we took a ride
up and down a couple of residential streets Tom had stopped to let some
cars pass us and up popped this face right next to my window.
I just thought his look and the sign went together.

One of two parking areas where we did not find a spot.
Nice art work along the cement retaining wall.

This is now a museum.
The sculpture on the right was sitting in a beautiful area of very green
grass. It smelled fresh mowed.

Mining equipment out in front of above building.

The picture in the middle was painted on a wall along the street.
The bottom left: there were various types of art on the wall along this
stairway. There was even some framed needlepoint.

Views down various streets.
The post office is pictured in the upper right.

Lunch at Bisbee's Table.
"X" marks the spot; we had a window seat.

More street views.

Our last stop was at the Old Bisbee Brewing Company.
Tom had a Classic Pilsner and I had a glass of Salut!

Our views, including the Jeep, as we enjoyed our beverages
on their upstairs patio.

We had not done a selfie in a while.

We then took a ride around Bisbee.

A Market named Mimosa deserves to have its picture taken.

I love all the lights above the street.

The Inn at Castle Rock.
This rock is across the road so I would think it is Castle Rock.

We stopped on the hill above Bisbee 

to take a couple more pictures.

A view of Castle Rock from above.

There is light at this end of the tunnel, also.

Headed back north on AZ-80

I just liked the way those trees looked on the mountain top.

We continued on AZ-80 towards Tombstone.

I am sure there is a name for this type of cloud.
I just liked it because it looked like a saucer.

The views all along here are beautiful.

We made a quick stop in Tombstone our last one this adventure.
I mentioned to Tom we needed  at least one picture.
He took one of his favorite stop in Tombstone.

As we left Tombstone we took a ride all the way down Toughnut Street, something we had never done before. Turning right and heading back to Allen Street we saw a sign for Tombstone Monument Ranch and Tombstone Monument. So we decided to take a ride. What we found is pictured below. Once, I started to write the blog I googled "Schieffelin Monument". I am sharing some of the information I found below.

Edward Lawrence Schieffelin was an Indian scout and prospector who discovered silver in the Arizona Territory, which led to the founding of Tombstone, Arizona. He partnered with his brother Al and mining engineer Richard Gird in a handshake deal that produced millions of dollars in wealth for all three men. During the course of Tombstone's mining history, about
US $85,000,000 in silver was produced from its mines.

In his will, he specified that he was to be buried in his prospector's garb with canteen and pick by his side near the site of his first camp. The grave marker was to be a simple stone cairn that prospectors used to mark claims. Tombstone's citizens complied with his wishes, save one; they erected the 25 ft. tall monument which is pictured below.

(The plague is weathered and you cannot read what is written on it.

West Schieffelin Monument Road is an extension of West Allen Street. The Monument is about 2 miles northwest of town on a dirt road. (Information found on internet.)

 The area is fenced in with a small picnic area.
There is a sign in front of the monument but it is so faded you cannot read
what it says.If not for the sign, bottom right, on the fence a person driving
up to it would have no idea what this is. Which is a shame considering it
is the grave of the person credited with the founding of Tombstone.

We are now on AZ-82 and headed back to the Quail Ridge RV Resort.

In the distance we can again sees trees lining the banks of the San Pedro River.

It is hard to tell in these pictures but as the river twist and turns

so do the trees.

The San Pedro River this time as we go over the bridge on AZ-82

We had a nice ride today and enjoyed beautiful views of the mountains and enjoyed our visit to Bisbee. Plus, because we decided to take a ride down a dusty road we  learned a little more about the history of Tombstone. 

Glad you decided to stop by. We hope you enjoyed the pictures.
If you have time to leave a comment we would enjoy hearing from you.


  1. Always love visiting Bisbee especially after reading so much about it in J.A. Jance books. We enjoyed the mine tour first visit there kinda cool on the small train. The BIsbee Breakfast Club is a neat restaurant past the pit mine on Erie street some old buildings, shops and vehicles , like a blast from the past.

    1. Will have to keep that Restaurant on the list. I am sure we will return, since, Tom wants to do the mine tour. Plus, it is a fun place to just walk around. I will have to check out those books.

    2. J.A Jance Joanna Brady series her life as a sheriff Cochise county living and working in and around Bisbee . Have read pretty well all of her books mostly the south=west.

  2. Next time you're in Bisbee, check out the Muheim House up the hill on Youngblood street. A little difficult to find and you have to park on a very steep hill, but totally worth the effort to see this amazing home. I love to walk old town Bisbee!!

    1. Another stop to put on the seems like there is always more to see, which is nice, thanks for the information.

  3. Wow, some great photos. I enjoyed the ride along. Thanks for sharing with us!!

    1. Thank you, Deb. Glad you enjoyed the ride along.

  4. Gosh what a wonderful day! Bisbee is somewhere we haven't been but everyone says we need to go and I'm believing that! Love all your pictures! When you and Tom were at the brewing company I said, "Where's her wine? That's water" then as I looked down further saw what you were having! Nice pour! Did you like it? I wish Tom could have gotten the mine tour, that's definitely something Ken would have enjoyed too! Maybe next year we can be there at the same time and they can do it together!! :)

    1. That would certainly be fun if we could plan to be there at the same time. I am sure the guys could enjoy that mine together. Personally, I have no intention of doing it. Walking around in Old Town Bisbee is more my style...:} The Salut! was okay, I enjoyed it more than I would have enjoyed a glass of beer. After we sat down and saw the menu we should have bought a sample flight, a small glass would have been enough. We have been to enough breweries you think we would have known to

  5. That was a very busy day with lots of pictures. Love the way the desert is greening. We'll have to visit that area in the future.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the Adventure.

    It's about time.

    1. It was a fun day. It is beautiful how everything is getting so green. I think you and Kathy would enjoy the visit.

  6. How was the Salut? We will definitely have to visit The Old Bisbee Brewing Company the next time we are there.

    1. As I mentioned to Shirley above, the Salut! was okay. It is sparkly but very light, not a lot of taste, and a little sweeter than I care for. Though, since, I am not a beer drinker it was a good choice. The bartender did give us some free samples before we bought so that was nice.