Friday, March 8, 2019

A Drive and A Day to Relax

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No catch up post today they will continue in the next post. On Tuesday as always I took a lot of pictures as we drove to Scottsdale for an appointment. The ride from Quartzsite to Phoenix on I-10 is getting more colorful each time we drive it. The yellows, the purples, the hints of orange and the greens are just bright and beautiful. I know they are saying take my picture, take my picture and who am I not to listen.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

If it had not been dark when we drove you to the airport last week, Chris, this is some of what you would have seen on I-10.

We stopped so Tom could put air in a tire on the Jeep we are having trouble
with. The restaurant is closed but I liked the painted pictures on the windows.

This picture and the on below is what we thought the whole desert 
would look like. Just lots of sandy brown,

We never imagined it would not only be many beautiful shades of brown
but filled with lovely shades of green, yellows, and oranges.
Plus, red, pinks, and whites; there is nothing  just brown about the desert

I love how we could see the yellow at the base of the mountains in the distance.

We are probably going by Goodyear here and we see fields of green.

We have turned off of I-10 to make our way with the help of Google Maps or as we like to call her "Hazel" to an appointment in Scottsdale.

This is the State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.
Home of the Arizona Cardinals and the annual Fiesta Bowl

A hill of Saguaros in Phoenix

Continuing to make our way through Phoenix not sure exactly where we were
as "Hazel" rerouted us around an accident.

I just liked the look of going under the overpasses.

The sign just before here said Scottsdale.

There are no pictures of our return trip. (My eyes had been dilated and even with sunglasses it was to bright to use them more than necessary. Mainly to read directions.)  Until after we had finished picking up some groceries in Buckeye. Before this we, also, stopped in Goodyear were we did some shopping and had an early dinner at the Arriba Mexican Grill.

Leaving Buckeye and merging onto I-10 the sun had already left for the day

but there was a trace 

of its light left on the horizon.
Once on I-10 we still have about 90 minutes before we will arrive home.

This flag is at a gas station right around Vicksburg if I remember correctly.

I wish I knew how to capture the ribbon of white and red lights
we can see ahead.

Back home a Palo Verde in our headlights.

It was a long day we left around 10:00AM and it was a little after 10:00PM when I took the above picture. Not long after this we, after we put our purchases away, we were in bed.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

It took the sun a few extra minutes to make its appearance this morning from behind the clouds. It was worth the wait the views surrounding us are gorgeous.

A little while later with our second cups of coffee in our hands we sat out and this, below, was our view. We relaxed, enjoyed the coffee, and the fact that it was warm enough to sit out and enjoy our surroundings.

Then with the help of the wind the sun started playing "peek a boo" with the clouds. The shadows  and sunlight danced across the mountains and the desert floor.

The views as this happens are ever changing and each beautiful.

At this point I had already probably taken 50 pictures.
Time to put the camera down and just enjoy the show.

As our day progressed most of the clouds left us and the sky filled with a beautiful blue.

Some of the tiny green plants growing between the rocks on the desert floor.

Tiny wild flowers making there way up through the rocks.

Beautiful Saguaros.

The clouds reappeared as the sun made its way towards the top of the mountains to our west. Most of today's sunset was behind the clouds.

We could see a hint of a rainbow.

A slight hint of pink over the mountains to our east.

Then we had some wonderful bright color just
as the sun slipped behind the mountains.

Playing with my camera's effects again.
Photo Illustration

Super Vivid

I had forgotten to turn off my flash.

The next few photos of the sunset were taken with my telescopic lens.

The mountains to the east 


and a little south of the sun setting in the last of the light.
Using my telescopic lens.

The last of the color.

Then do you see what I saw?

This may help. I used my flash.

Two very different days one with a schedule and an appointment to keep the second to just sit and enjoy. Both good days though the second one is the type of day we truly enjoy. A relaxing do nothing special type of day.

Two days put away in our memory book. Thanks for stopping by to visit.
If you have time to leave a comment we would enjoy hearing from you.


  1. I love when the desert starts to bloom, it is just so pretty.

  2. Really Enjoy the way the Colours are starting to fill the Desert. Glad you had a Safe Trip.

    It's about time.

    1. We do enjoy all the colors as the desert starts to bloom.

  3. Lovely pictures, Deb but the 5th was a very long day!

  4. Wonderful pictures. Love the way you love the desert. What a day for your eye appointment! I hate driving after dark nowadays, I know Tom is a great driver! Bet you were whooped!

    1. Thank you, Shirley. We do love it out here. Yes, we were "whooped"

  5. Excellent pictures of a couple of wonderful desert days.

  6. Wonderful photos!! Amazing the colours in the desert this year.
    A very long day indeed. I can see why you took the second day to rest. It's what we do as well. Too many long days in a row makes it difficult to find the energy to do things. Lucky Tom can drive after dark.

    1. Thank you, Deb. I would have to agree the colors this year are amazing. Driving after dark is not Tom's favorite thing to do but like you said, luckily he can.