Thursday, December 16, 2021

A Short Walk in The Wind

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Sitting inside watching the clouds float quickly by out the window I decided to put a jacket on and brave the wind to take a short walk around our site. There was a slight breeze and my hair looked quite fluffy when I came back We were expecting this wind so Tom had gone out earlier and picked up our patio area. With moving in the morning and the weather outside not be the sitting out type it was time to put it all away.  The wind was suppose to grow stronger, and it did, plus there was going to be rain, which came down for a short while. The advantage we have being in a motorhome parked in the desert is when the winds come we can pull in the slides and point the Stinger "B" into the wind. Today we lucked out her nose was already pointed that way. So we simply pulled in her slides and there was not much rocking. It is funny after starting this life style in a 5th wheel and slides on both sides of the living area when we first started looking at motorhomes everything seemed tight. Now having lived in here for five years when we pull in the living room slide it just feels cozy. Of course, crawling over the bed when the bedroom slide is in is not fun but it is doable...😊

Below are the pictures I took. They tell there own story and there is not much for me to add.

From the front

and the back the third one was visible.

Never noticed these guys the other day. 

Taken into the sun.

My favorite guy in this area.

Later I took these out an open window.

The wind had picked up 

and I had no desire to venture back out.

I was sitting at the table going through pictures
when I looked out and saw this in the clouds
I snapped the picture through the window.

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Today we awoke to lovely blue skies and the wind was gone. We had our morning coffee and then started getting ready to move. No hurry, really, we were only going about six miles north into Quartzsite to stay at the Shady Lane RV Park. It always makes me a little sad to pack up and leave the desert for a RV Park but the inside of the Stinger "B" needs a major cleaning; need to get rid of some of the dust to make room for more Plus, there is laundry to be done and I like using my own washer.  I also have to admit I do enjoy not water conserving when taking a shower. So we are parked in our spot with full hookups and 50amps.

This is a nice park. Nothing fancy though there is a laundry available. We have stayed here before and the only thing I do not like is the direction of  some of the sites. We are in one where our door side is in the shade in the afternoon.  Though this is not that uncommon in a lot of RV Parks.  Now in the summer in Arizona that would be nice but at this time of the year it makes it a little cool for sitting out. Though we will be busy inside and we can always move our chairs to the back of our site and sit in the sun.

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  1. Missing the saguaro over here. We had some good winds but today was beautiful once again. Nice to be in a park for a few days. Getting time to head for Yuma☺

  2. I am enjoying the saguaro photos but also missing the ocotillo’s which I know you like as well. The desert has a call of it’s own doesn’t it? Enjoy moving the dust around. Lol

    1. The desert certainly does have a call of its own. I have been missing the Ocotillos also. We will be by them next week.

  3. Love all the pictures, so pretty! Are you at the RV park through Christmas or first of year? Cleaning and laundry is always there isn't it?! :)

    1. Glad you liked the pictures. Cleaning and laundry are always in need of
      We are only here for a few days. We will be heading down to Ogilby for Christmas and into the beginning of January. Then we will be heading back up this way for a few more weeks.

  4. We also love camping in the desert, I love the silence of no white electrical noise, but the nice thing about doing that is you feel so treated when you go set up in an RV park. Even when we are travelling and dry camping we always add an RV park in every once in awhile to dump tanks, clean, and have long showers :-)

    1. I would have to agree it does feel like a treat to come into a park even for a few days. We try to do the same, plan a stop at a RV Park, when we are traveling even if it is just for a couple of nights. It always feels good to stop moving and take those long showers...😊