Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Enjoying Our Time Relaxing at LaPosa South Near Quartzsite, Arizona


Wednesday, December 1, 2021

It is probably a strange way to describe our days when we are parked in the desert but they slip by slowly and quickly. Time seems to stretch forever in front of us and yet in no time a day, a week, a month has gone by. The days melt beautifully together as time marches on. We cannot stop the passage of the even a moment but we can enjoy them as they pass.

Another evening sitting out and enjoying the sunset.

We took a short ride in the afternoon checking out a 
wash. Tom built a firepit and we need some kindling.

Catching up...

Saturday, November 27, 2021

I need to start taking notes because I know I went into Quartzsite and I am pretty sure it was for a card which I came back without. Note to self do not shop on the weekend in Quartzsite.

I left Tom cleaning the outside of the Stinger "B"
 and the front window which still needs help.

Sitting out on our patio this is what surrounds us.

No surprise we sat out later and watched the sun go down.

Sunday, November 28, 2021

This morning we were up and out the door before the sun had made its way over the mountain. We were headed to Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Parker and Mass was at 8:00AM.

We could see the sun's light just above the mountains
as we pulled out of our spot.

The sun's light just touching the top of the mountains
as we make our way out of LaPosa South.

We got back home just before Kathy and Shane arrived. There was a Santa's Craft Show on Kuehn today and Kathy and I went to check it out. Shane and Tom spent some time doing guy stuff and then met us at Silly Al's for lunch. We then headed back to the Stinger "B" to spend some time sitting and chatting. As the sun started to make its way slowly across the sky towards the mountains they headed out for home. They did not have to far to go but it is never fun finding your way in the dark. Landmarks you are sure of seem to change in the inky darkness of the desert. After we waved and watched them pull out I realized I had not taken one picture. Tom and I had a wonderful time and even without pictures will remember the day.

We were invited to a campfire at Sue and Lorne's so after
dark we packed our chairs and headed over.
Top left in the dark are Angie and Chuck.
Top right: Sue, Tom, and Angie
Bottom Left: John, Gayle, Patsy, Bill, and Lorne

I realized as I put this collage together we took the pictures before their friend's Pat and Harold joined us so they were there just unfortunately not in the pictures.

Conversations around a campfire just seem to flow as the flames dance in the night. It was a wonderful way to end what had been a perfect day. Thank you for the invite.

Monday, November 29, 2021

I have no idea what we did on Monday. I can tell from the pictures we sat out and watched the sun slip behind the mountains. Other then that no

Lorne who writes the blog  A Place Called "Away" has posted pictures several times of  the "Sleeping Indian" here in the mountains of Quartzsite. I have always been able to see it in his pictures but not in the mountains. This time here I was determined and today I finally spotted it. Or maybe I should say I am pretty sure I spotted it. 

Sleeping Indian

The last of today's sunlight slipping away.

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

When I opened the front curtain I could see pink in the clouds by the time I grabbed my camera and stepped out the door this was all that was left.

When I reached back to shut the door I saw this one 
lone fluffy pink cloud across the way.

The next time I looked out the sun had 
made its way over the mountain.

Then as we sat out enjoying the evening, there may
 have been an adult beverage involved, the sun 
slipped behind the mountains.

We were treated to a slight rosy pink afterglow.

Goodnight from our spot in the desert.

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  1. Your post brings back so many wonderful memories of the times we spent at Q. It truly is magical.

    1. That is always nice to hear. Two things I enjoy about reading blogs the memories they bring up of places we have been and learning about new places to explore.

  2. It's too bad everyone can't experience the Arizona desert. There's always a different sky, a different sunrise and a different sunset. Definitely relaxing.

    1. I totally agree there is a beauty out here you cannot explain it needs to be experienced.

  3. Hey Deb!! You took the Stinger B in on Monday for work. You were in town most of the day. 😁

    1. LOL...I read this and started to laugh and Tom's like, what is so funny. Monday I wrote I had no idea what we did, you read the blog and never said anything, Patsy just wrote what we did, took the Stinger "B" in for work...LOL (This will probably be one of the best memories of writing this blog.) 😁

  4. Beautiful sunset pictures Deb. Loved the evening shot of the sleeping Indian. I'm getting antsy to get to the desert.

    1. Thanks, Doug. Once you get close it seems like the goal becomes stronger to just get there.

  5. You pictures are so beautiful! Seems so peaceful along with gorgeous. :)

    1. Thank you the scenery is beautiful. Tom was just saying earlier it is surprising how peaceful it has been considering how many people are out here.