Monday, December 13, 2021

Moved to Roadrunner and Tanks in the Desert

The Stinger "B" and its occupants are presently parked out at Roadrunner BLM I took a walk Saturday to take some pictures of the Saguaros near us. Below is my favorite of the day. 

He looks so beautiful and proud in the light of the setting sun.

(Now to catch up to today.)

 Monday, November 6, 2021

Today started like most of our days with our morning coffee. There was a  plan in place for this morning so a little after 9 o'clock we headed out of La Posa South and took a left turn and headed South on US-95. We were headed to the Yuma Proving Grounds. We took a right and drove about a mile and a half to the Yuma Proving Grounds Visitor Control Center. We had not planned on it being our final destination but after going inside we found out for today at least it was. Tomorrow may tell another story.

In front of the Yuma Proving Grounds Visitor Control Center is the Warner E Brooks Historical Exhibit.  This  is an excellent vehicle park with dozens of tanks, howitzers and other artillery pieces for you to touch and see. Among them – an M4 Sherman tank, an M60 Patton tank, a Sergeant York antiaircraft gun, howitzers, missile launchers, and a fascinating pair of nuclear surface-to-surface missiles, the Honest John (first Army missile to be nuclearized) and the subsequent Little John. (from the Internet) In order to find out more about this display and the Yuma Proving Grounds we will need to take the time to visit the Heritage Center located inside the Proving Grounds. We are hoping to do that before we leave this area this year.

Leaving the Warner E Brooks Historical Exhibit we headed  South on US-95 towards a  barbecue place, Dirty South BBQ House, just a few miles further on for lunch. The food is not bad at all and if you like to look at or purchase older "stuff" they have two buildings to look through.

Just before the barbecue place is this little roadside chapel that we have passed several times over the years and today was the day to stop.

From the highway you can see it just behind
these fields.

It is just a tiny place to stop, rest, and reflect.

This is only the second one we have stopped to visit the other one was near Salome, AZ  When I looked up Roadside Chapel I found there are small little chapels like this across the country.

After lunch we headed back towards Quartzsite. 

We have made this ride between Yuma and Quartzsite several
times over the years yet I always enjoy these views.

The time of the day dictates the color that you see.
Today's pictures are early afternoon.

There is beauty in the desert if you want to see it
you just have to look and enjoy.

Before heading all the way back we took a ride down Kofa Palm Canyon Road to stop and visit friends, Kathy and Shane, who were parked out here.

They have some beautiful views surrounding them.

Before long it was time to continue home.
This view is down the road leaving their place.

One last stop to put gas in the Jeep and we headed back
to La Posa South and home.
The sun was setting just before we turned in. 

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

We were back at the Yuma Proving Grounds today and did make it onto the Grounds for a 1:30 appointment. Unfortunately their computer systems were down. So looking ahead we will need to make another appointment and make time to visit the Heritage Center.

Christmas Tree, Yuma Proving Grounds

While there waiting we thought about going to Gringo's back in Quartzsite for Taco Tuesday. So we called Gayle and John to see if they would like to join us. They agreed and said they would pick us up. It had been drizzling on and off but once inside we were warm and dry.  Alaska Dan was entertaining tonight, plus the company and food made for a very enjoyable evening. A picture or two would have been nice but no there are none.  I was really enjoying myself and the idea of taking pictures never came to mind. That is my story and I am sticking to

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Sitting outside and watching the sun go down this evening it struck me that the bushes across the way looked fluffy and soft in the last of the days sunlight. They are not nothing is really fluffy or soft in the desert.

Thursday, December  9,  2021

Today was moving day. The nice thing about only moving a few miles down the road is there is no rush. It was a windy day with lots of clouds in the sky. It was one of those days to sit out and just watch the show the clouds put on with shadows on the mountains and the ground surrounding us. Plus, the shapes that fill the sky are a wonder of never ending beauty. But it is a moving day and though we started the day slowly and as I said there is no rush it still has to be accomplished so no sitting and watching today. I know there will be more of these days and I also know today is special for what it has to offer as we move through it. 

We had a nice surprise as we slowly moved through our 
packing up, Gayle and John walked over to say so long and
see you down the road. I remembered to take a picture and
can I just say I took four and Gayle looked lovely in all of 
them the rest of us this was our best one. 

Packed up and ready to leave I took these pictures as I drove

out of La Posa South. 

I took the Jeep into Quartzsite to run a few errands and pick up a couple of groceries while Tom took care of dumping and filling our fresh water tank. We then met out at Roadrunner hoping our favorite site would be open. Not to be, someone was parked right across the wash. So Tom waited while I took a quick ride and found us a place to park.

The clouds in the distance and we are parked for a few days.

Friday, December 10, 2021

When we parked here on Thursday I said I was not going anywhere for the next two days. In fact I had no intention of even getting in the Jeep until Sunday and I did accomplish just that. We enjoyed our morning coffee and checked out what was going on in the world and what our friends where up to through their blogs. Plus, there was some texting and chatting with family.  I did some beading as the day progressed and Tom set up our patio area though it was not a day to sit outside. It was a quiet day to just enjoy being where we are in our home in the desert.

Saturday, December 11, 2021

Today started out like most days. Tom made the coffee and I think I mentioned he has started using a stove top percolator we bought a while ago and we are really enjoying the taste. 
A little later Tom decided to go and get a bladder of water to top off our fresh water tank after we take showers and I continued working on the beading project I started the day before. 
Just before sunset I decided to take a walk and take some pictures of the Saguaros surrounding us. The Saguaro pictured at the beginning of this post was one of the pictures.

There is beauty in the Saguaros even in death.
It would have been standing with these three for 
some reason the four sisters comes to mind.

The three that are left. As you can see one has a root
that is exposed. I wonder if they will still be standing
the next time we are here.

Tom took the picture on the left I took the other two.
Do you see the Mickey Mouse ears?
That was my thought as I walked up to it.

The sun is slowly making its way down as I slowly make
my way around this area close to home.

Several more Saguaros in the area.

I took this picture of the Stinger "B" from the other side of 
the wash as I made my way towards the Saguaro in the 
beginning photo.

Then I looked back and thought why not take another one.

After I got home Tom and I sat out and watched the sunset
there may have been an adult beverage involved.

Sunday, December 12, 2021

Today was another morning much like the last two. We enjoyed our morning coffee to quietly start our day. It is Sunday and Mass here in Quartzsite is at 4 o'clock at Queen of Peace so I will be getting in the Jeep. It is a mission church and small but you always feel welcome when you arrive and even thought it has been two years since we attended Mass here there are familiar faces. 

Heading back we took a ride down main street and then turned and went over  I-10 and then back down Kuehn and US-95 which brings us back out to our home.

As we crossed over the highway the sun slipped behind 
the mountains and the light across the way was wonderful.
I know the picture does not do the beauty it was justice
but  it will remind us of what we saw.

The days continue to slip by in their own time as we enjoy our time out here parked in the desert. Only marked by the rising and setting of the sun the days seem to melt into one another and we are content enjoying this quiet time. This was our retirement dream and every day we realize just how blessed we are to be living it.

We are glad you took the time to stop by!
If you have time to leave a comment we would enjoy hearing from you.


  1. My you two are living the life of quiet luxury. Nice to have friends stop by too. Always love saguaro as you do. None here in the Grassland but the beauty of the mountains does wonders. Enjoy another beautiful week.

    1. We are trying our best to enjoy the days as they come. Yes, I do love the saguaros but as you well know each area you visit out here has its own beauty.

  2. Nice pictures. You know u love the Saguaro cactus too.
    Gayle always takes a good picture. The rest of you look pretty sweet too!🤗

    1. Thank you and yes, like you do love the Saguaros. Though the ocotillo have a special place in my heart. I figured Gayle always takes a good picture when she looked good in all Our daughter has that same talent...😊

  3. We took a tour of the Yuma Proving Grounds a few years ago and really enjoyed it. You have some great Saguaro pictures, they are such majestic cacti.

    1. The museum does sound interesting and we hope to get back and check it out before we leave this area. I have to agree the Saguaros are majestic.

  4. I, too, love the majestic saguaro. I'm so happy you are enjoying peaceful slowly moving days.

    1. It is great to do and go but it is also really nice to have slow peaceful days.

  5. You did find a nice spot to park after all and I bet there are many more that would meet your approval. So nice when you have friends nearby to hangout with that makes your stay so much more enjoyable.

    1. We did find a nice spot and like you said there are a lot of spots that would meet my approval. Even though there is something about that particular spot I have enjoyed being were we are every spot has its own special beauty.

  6. Apparently I need to become more familiar with the names of the areas to park. I'm not sure where you are, but any place without a lot of neighbors is good!!

    1. Roadrunner is about three miles south of LaPosa South. Right now neighbors are scarce but by next month this place will be crowded.

  7. Your hair looks so cute in the selfie! Great pictures and great catch up! Love the Yuma Proving Grounds and that area!! You are definitely enjoying!

    1. We are enjoying our time here. We are looking forward to checking out the museum on the Proving Grounds. Thanks for saying my hair looks cute. I am still not sure what I was thinking when I decided on the