Saturday, December 4, 2021

Shopping in Yuma and A Relaxing Campfire!

 Friday, December 3, 2021

The end of tonight's sunset.

Today started slowly and we enjoyed our morning coffee and then we were off into Quartzsite to get our haircut. After reading the reviews I decided on Sandra D's Parlour no real reason it just felt right. So I called and was able to make appointments for this morning. It is a small salon with two chairs and two hairstylist; we were scheduled with a young gentleman by the name of Mason. Tom and I walked out both happy with the job he did and will certainly go back again. 

Back at La Posa South we made a stop by Sue and Lorne's site to see if they and any of their group would like to join us for a campfire this evening. Sadly we found out they were going to be heading down the road this afternoon. We wish them and their group safe travels as they move on to new adventures.

Our next stop was to invite Gayle and John, Gayle is Patsy's, Chillin' with Patsy, sister. We had a nice chat then and were glad to see them make there way over for the campfire this evening. 

Tom and I thoroughly enjoyed the evening with a this really a nice couple. It was fun sitting around the fire and chatting. I even remembered to take a picture before they left. 

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Up before the sun we are heading to Yuma today to visit the Arizona Market Place, pick up  a Walmart curbside and do some other shopping. 

First opening the front curtains I could see 
a rosy pink between the mountains.

Plus, there was pink in the clouds to the north of us.

I took this from the front windshield just have it popped up.

Looking towards the West in the morning light 
as we headed south on US-95.

The Palms are out there in that mountain.

My favorite view as we drive between 
Quartzsite and Yuma.

Then rounding the corner my second favorite view.

Soon we are going by the road to the Yuma Proving Grounds.
A busy place this morning.

Just past the Proving Grounds everything looks so brown.

Then it opens up to lovely green.

Right at the top of the mountain in the center is a white cross.

In Yuma, I always think of an oasis when I see the house 
in the middle of all the crops of vegetables.

A little farter down and we can see a field being watered.

Our first stop this morning was to pick up the curbside order at Walmart. I do like using their curbside service, no lines.

After that was done we headed over to the Arizona Market Place. One of the venders does re-upholstering and curtains. Curtains is what we were there to see about. Our front window curtain is in dire need of being replaced.  I have never liked the length of it and wanted to have someone who actually makes the curtains look at them and measure for what I would like, plus, I would like them installed. Talking to the gentleman there he said he can do all that and to just bring the motorhome over. So we will be doing that probably at the end of this month.

After the Market Place it was time for breakfast/lunch so we stopped at the Black Bear Dinner. Tom was able to have breakfast and I had lunch. 

As we pulled out of the parking lot after eating
I saw these crisscrossed palms.

After stopping at a couple more stores in the Yuma Palms Shopping Center it was time to head home.

Heading back on US-95 we could see more green fields
and several being picked.

Just past the Yuma Proving Ground's sign we spotted the Aerostat blimp that flies at 10,000 feet near Castle Dome. The blimp is one of eight that are part of the Tethered Aerostat Radar System owned by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. They are used for surveillance of the southern U.S. border.

Castle Dome just a little right of the center then way up the
 little white dot in the upper left is the Aerostat Blimp.

These mountains are on our right

as we continue our ride north on US-95 towards home.

The pictures really do not do justice to all the lovely color
that we can see as the sun is moving down behind us.

These were on our left. Different in color still beautiful.

A green light at the Border Patrol Station and we keep going.

The Jeep has a friend coming along with us.

Out there near these mountains some friends are parked
with a wonderful views all around them.

Turning into La Posa South the sun had already left the sky.
Its light on the Sleeping Indian brought 
the running horse clearly to life.

We ended our day relaxing in our home. It was a long day but we accomplished one of the things on our list as we continue to remodel our home. 

We are glad you took the time to stop by!
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  1. Sounds like a couple of nice days. Glad you found someone to make curtains. Beautiful pictures of a road we know well.

    1. That truly is a road we all know well and I never get bored with the scenery.

  2. Beautiful pictures. Some of them make me miss Yuma. New curtains? That's awesome. I'm looking forward to the results. It's good to find someone that can do this. Elva

    1. Thank you. Elva, I was very happy to find someone to do the curtains.

  3. Sorry we missed the fire. I never got over to say goodbye to John and Gayle. They are a great couple.

    1. We are sorry you all missed it, also. Wish we would have gotten our act together sooner. They are a nice couple.

  4. We haven't made it to the Marketplace this year but it's on the list. That's great that you found someone to do your curtains.

    1. I was thrilled that they could not only make them but do the measuring and installing...😊

  5. I do love the marketplace!! Sounds like a nice trip.

    1. It was a nice trip. Thought of you has we walked by the quilting material vender...😎

  6. That was really nice inviting Gayle and John for a fire. She told me it was nice getting to know you two. ♥ I agree, they are a pretty nice couple. πŸ˜…πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
    glad you found someone for your curtains. :)

    1. Glad to hear they enjoyed the evening. We certainly did.