Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A Sunday Ride, Moving Day, Spending Time With Friends

Sunday, February 26, 2017

After googling "A Catholic Church Near Me" we decided to drive up towards Bouse, cut across to 95 on Plomosa Road, then take 95 into Quartzsite for 5:00PM Mass at Queen of Peace Mission.  When we got to the church at about 4:55 the first thing we saw was a sign that said, Sunday Mass 4:00PM. (I know it is hard to believe the internet was wrong.) After stopping to get something to eat we headed back to the Stinger B taking I-10 to 60 and back home.
It was a nice Sunday ride with two purposes: one, to attend Mass which did not work out to well and two, to check out the east end of Plomosa Road which we did manage to do. We have boon-docked on the west end several times over the last couple of years but had never driven across over to Bouse. We found out there are more mountain views on the east end and a couple of spots we would like to spend some time in down the road.  We also checked out the Bouse Community Park and talked with the Camp Host. They no longer let none park campers use their dump station but if we spend a couple of nights we will have water and electricity for $14 a night and the use of the dump station.
We had read on his blog, Miss Adventure Travels, that Doug and Yuma were parked off of Plomosa Road so as we road along we watched hoping to spot his rig. As luck would have it we did and they were home. So we stopped and chatted for a few minutes. This is the second time we have crossed paths and we are hoping the third time is the one where we get to sit down and have a little more time to talk.
Taking a quick ride into the area where we had parked last year we could see a couple of possible places to park. Now the dilemma for us was, do we park with the better mountain views or closer to Quartzsite.

The sun setting behind us as we headed home.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Salome: The town was established in late 1904, by Dick Wick Hall and Charles W. Pratt. They were speculating on where the railroad would lay its tracks and missed by a mile so the community had to be moved to its present location. Dick Wick Hall , a widely known wit became famous for his one page mimeographed newspaper, the "Salome Sun", which he published to promote his "Laughing Gas Station". Through his newspaper, Hall brought fame to the town's fictitious residents and the infamous "Salome Frog", who is "seven years old and can't swim"! He capitalized on the heat of the desert to create the story of how Salome was named. According to Hall, Mrs. Grace Salome Pratt took off her shoes and danced when the hot sand burned her feet. Thus, the town became "Salome-Where-She-Danced". In the 1920's Hall's tales were featured in the Saturday Evening Post. Dick Wick Hall was buried beside his little office in Salome, where so much of his humor originated.
(Interesting tidbit of information about Salome found on a handout they gave us at the KOA.)

Today was a moving day for us and a short one. Only about 46 miles to our spot off of Plomosa Road. We decided to stay in the same area we did last year. We want to get together with some friends who are parked in Quartzsite. Plus, I am thinking I may go in and take some beading classes. So closer to Quartzsite won out besides the desert with the mountains in the distance makes for a pretty fantastic view out our window.

Today's pictures are all out the front windshield as we made out way to our next spot.

Leaving the Salome KOA.

Turning onto 72 and heading north towards Bouse.

We are on Plomosa Road and the white rectangle in the center is Doug's rig.
He has a perfect spot with great views.

We can see the Plomosa Mountains
just ahead.

The Plomosa Mountains are behind us and our new home is just
a few more miles ahead.

We have parked, the car is unhooked, and we have settled in,. This
is know our view, between the rain drops, out the front windshield.
It ended up being an all day rain that continued into the night and ended
early the following morning. With no special plans we just enjoyed
 the quiet time in the desert listening to the rain.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Even though I didn't get up this morning to watch the sunrise, I did open my shade in time to see the colors touching the clouds toward the west. I decided to stay under the blankets, were it was warm, for awhile longer. When I did get up the reward was twofold, Tom had hot coffee just about ready and the sky was a beautiful blue with white fluffy clouds floating by.

When I clicked on Facebook this morning this picture popped up as a memory
from two years ago. It was our first time boon-docking and we were
parked off of Plomosa Road in the Crusader..

Two years later and we are again parked off of Plomosa Road this time in
the Stinger B. We do love this area and have parked here several times
since that first time. Our hope is to be able to continue enjoying time out
in this area for many years.

A little later we took a ride and ended up at Rose and Art's 5th Wheel. We met them the first year we came out here. Rose is the sister, of the wife, of one of Tom's fishing/canoeing buddies. When they realized we were in the same area, as her sister, they sent us a phone number and after a few calls we arranged to get together. We have enjoyed spending time with them and it was nice to sit and chat and catch up. (Thank you, Lorayne and Dennis for getting us together.) We continued our conversation over dinner at the Yacht Club. All in all it was a nice way to spend an evening. Looking forward to seeing them a couple of more times before we leave.

"Enjoy yourself. 
These are the good old days 
you're going to miss in the years ahead."


  1. Glad to see you were able to catch up with your blog. Rainy days help to slow things down. Don't see many of them out here, do we?

    I really liked the little town of Salome. It is situated in a beautiful area with mountains all around. Enjoy your stay on Plomosa Drive. I will stop by if I see your car.

    1. Now if I can just keep it caught up. Salome is and interesting area and we wouldn't mind spending time exploring that area in the future. You and Yuma are welcome to visit anytime.

  2. So many great place to camp, and si many wonderful areas, Nice to hook up with friends again.

    1. Yes, it is always nice to re-connect with friends.

  3. After we get set up back in La Posa South tomorrow we'll try to find you on Plomosa Road.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. We are about 3 miles down on the left. There is a purple painted stone on the right side of the entrance. Follow the tracks on the left and you should be able to see us. We can also be seen from the road. We look forward to meeting you both.

    2. Since we hadn't seen this message before Kathy and I went all the way to Bouse down Plomosa Road. We even stopped at the Historic markers.
      We'll try again tomorrow afternoon coming off Highway 95 if it's convenient for you or if it's better for you that we meet lunch in town.
      Be Safe and Enjoy!

      It's about time.

    3. I hope you read this before you take off tomorrow. We were planning on taking a Jeep ride in the morning but we will be back here by 2 at the latest. Looking forward to meeting you in person.

  4. Looking forward to seeing you after 2:00
    Be Safe and Enjoy your ride.

    It's about time.