Thursday, March 9, 2017

Plan B It Is

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

When we got up this morning we thought we would be sleeping parked in a BLM site just north of  Lake Havasu City. With only about 80 miles to go we took our time getting ready and we both pulled out of the Shady Lane RV Park around 10:30 this morning. Tom in the Stinger B to go fill up the diesel and propane tanks; I was in the Jeep headed to Hardies Beads and Jewelry then Quartzsite General Store to pick up a couple of things at the meat counter. We decided to meet out at Plomosa Road to hook up the Jeep then head towards Lake Havasu City. (Tom and I are "Yoopers" and we will be joining other "Yoopers" in Lake Havasu City tomorrow, for an "Annual Yooper Picnic". Merriam-Webster Dictionary Definition: Yooper--A native resident of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan-used as a nickname.)

While I was waiting for Tom to arrive I saw these orange flowers and
decided to walk over and take a couple of pictures.
The surprise about the above statement is I had went to a bead store
and I was waiting for Tom. 

All hooked up and heading north on Arizona 95.
I know I have mentioned it before, and probably will again, but
the desert floor is so green and beautiful.

Today's ride with a few quick views of the Colorado River.

The wildflowers are covering the hills.

Coming into Lake Havasu City.

Leaving the BLM site and heading back to park at Walmart and
decide what our next move should be.
The hand is waving goodbye, Patsy.

As I mentioned the "plan" was to be parked at a BLM site north of Lake Havasu City tonight. We pulled in and it soon became apparent that was not going to happen. The only place we could park was right in the center and that was not appealing to us.  Evidently, we were not alone in thinking this was a good spot to spend the night. So we drove back to the Walmart and parked with several other RV's. Normally this would have been a good second choice but we didn't want to leave the motor home parked there most of the day tomorrow when we go to the picnic, even if the people at Walmart agreed. So we agreed our best bet was to call the RV park in Kingman, we already had reservations at, and see if we could come in two days early. Luckily that was not a problem and we only had to go about another 60 miles plus, it is not that long of a ride to head back tomorrow for the picnic.

More beautiful wildflowers along the highway.

We are now on I-40.

Only about 6 more miles and we will be at our home for the next 6 days.

Bonus: We are going to be able to visit with some friends who have a home here in Kingman and the weather is suppose to be around 80 degrees. Plus, I am sure we will be able to do some exploring.

"You may not always end up 
where you thought you were going.
But you will always end up 
where you are meant to be."


  1. Always good to have a plan B. From your pictures Deb, looks like a beautiful drive. I've never been that far West on I-40. Always drop down towards Phoenix.

    1. It is a beautiful drive. Lots of curves and hills after Parker. We took I-40 until we connected to I-75 going home last year. It is a nice ride but windy and cold, at this time of the year going through Arizona and New Mexico.

  2. The beauty of the lifestyle is our flexibility. Kingman is a nice area to explore and Oatman fun if you have not been there, enjoy the picnic.

    1. We did enjoy the picnic. We have friends in Kingman so we do enjoy coming up here. Oatman is a fun place to visit.

  3. Nice to see the Hand Mountain again, Deb, but sorry that blm spot didn't work out. You would love Oatman and we aren't far from there in our park. Have fun at the picnic!

  4. I thought you would enjoy will probably see it a couple more Yes, we were sorry it didn't work out, also, but maybe another time. We have been to Oatman a couple of times, the burros are certainly cute.