Thursday, March 2, 2017

Plomosa Road

Thursday, March 2, 2017

A perfect day parked in the desert off of Plomosa Road near Quartzsite, Arizona.

Watching the sunset at the end of a perfect day.

The last of the day's light touching the Plomosa Mountains.
I love the softness twilight brings to the desert.

The final bit of light before darkness enfolds us.

"Maybe the best thing to do
is stop trying to figure out
where you're going,
 and just enjoy where you're at."


  1. Gotta love the desert,in the southwest, keep having too much fun.

  2. Beautiful sunset pictures, the colours never cease to amaze me. Ask Bill, I am in and out of the Suite at least 5 times trying to catch the best one as it changes. ;)

    1. I know the colors are beautiful. Which is why I told Tom the other day I want a camera for my birthday. I can never really capture the beautiful pink and mauve colors like you do.