Thursday, March 16, 2017

Driving Back to Quartzsite, AZ

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

After spending a wonderful six days visiting with friends in Kingman we headed back south to Quartzsite.

We are on I-40 heading South. Kingman is on our left.

Construction on I-40, Tom always "loves" seeing concrete barriers ahead.

Coming into Lake Havasu City, the hand is waving at us one last time. 
Goodbye, until next year.

If you look closely in the center of the picture there is a small portion of
the London Bridge.  Between the signs and reflection in my window
it is hard to see but I know it is there.

We are now past Lake Havasu City. It is a beautiful ride with all the green on the hillsides and the desert floor. Plus, the wildflowers growing along the side of the road and covering the hills are beautiful. There are a lot of good size hills and one 6% decent so Tom doesn't get to enjoy it as much as I do.

I know I keep saying it but the desert is so beautifully green this year.

The roadside and hillsides are covered in wild flowers,


Pulling into La Posa South.
Our new home for at least a week.

After checking in we unhooked the Jeep and I drove out to the area we like to park at when we are here to make sure it was open. While I did that Tom drove the Stinger B up to the water taps to top off our fresh water tank. After finding the spot we like open I headed back to where Tom was waiting. We were hoping that Kathy and Rick, It's About Time, would still be parked at La Posa South when we got back and I noticed they where when I drove out to check on the spot. So we
decided to get parked, turn the refrigerator on, open some windows, then head over to their place to say hello. It was nice to see them again and we enjoyed just sitting and catching up. We had hoped to take them out on a Jeep ride the next day but since, they were leaving the day after that they had a lot of last minute details to take care of. We were disappointed it did not work out but understood; we know how it is getting things ready to leave when you have been parked for awhile. After a nice visit it was time to say, see you next time and wish each other safe travels. We look forward to seeing them again in the future.

"It is up to you,
To see the beauty
of everyday things."


  1. Nice that you are back in Quartzsite, enjoy some more fun times there.

    1. It is nice to be parked in our favorite spot no special plans just letting the days unfold as we go.