Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Bead Shopping, Abandoned Building, and A Desert Ride Home

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Wednesday, March 3, 2017

The biggest shock today was realizing it was March 1st the time is flying by way to fast! 

I wanted to stop at Hardies Beads and Jewelry, I have a couple of beading projects to complete and needed some beads and stuff. So we headed into Quartzsite. Hardies has a good selection of beads and supplies and since, I am fairly new to the hobby the fact that they are so helpful is a nice bonus. 

Our next stop was to check out an abandoned building we had seen from the road yesterday driving over to visit with some friends. We were curious and wanted to get a closer look. Now that we have the Jeep we could which is kind of fun. Side note: we love the Stinger B and being able to get out on some back roads with the Jeep is so much fun.

This building is in a nice location with great views of the Dome Rock Mountains and Granite Mountain. 

Next we picked up a few groceries and filled our water jugs. Then we went in search of a road that would take us from Quartzsite through the desert over to Plomosa Road. I could see it on the map but with no street or road names listed it was pretty much guess work. Once we found what looked like a likely candidate we started down knowing if we were headed North or Northeast we would intersect with Plomosa Road. We did see a sign saying it was a primitive road but except for a couple of areas of loose gravel and rocks coming up out of some of the deeper washes it really was a fairly smooth ride. Though, I will say we did go up and down quite a few washes, a few fairly steep but most pretty shallow, along the way.  

For the most part this is what the road
looked like. 

Looking down one of the washes..

Plomosa Mountains in the distance.

We are fairly new to off roading and see
these signs all the time. Can anyone tell
us where we can pick up information or
a map with the numbers on it?

Tom took the pictures of tonight's sunset.

Looking towards the east we could see some pink.

It was a wonderful day filled with just enjoying our time here. We hope you enjoyed a special day, also.

Enjoy Life Now
This is Not a Rehearsal!



  1. Another fu day just Jeeping around. Check with the BLM office in Yuma I believe they have maps for sale or check at one of the BLM gates in La Posa LTVA they should be able to tell you.

  2. Good to see you about in your Jeep. It would be nice to know where some of these BLM roads take you. If you have time be sure to check out the ghost town os Swansea outside of Bouse. Nice easy drive.

    1. Since, they took all the time to put up the road markers, with numbers, you would think someone would have a map. If we find out anything we will let you know.
      Thanks for the information about Swansea we will have to check it out.

  3. What a beautiful building! We don't explore like you guys do, if I were in the driver seat I would stop more often. :)

    1. Tom and I both enjoy exploring which is nice. I will say having the jeep does make it easier.