Monday, April 24, 2017

Almost "UP" North

Friday, April 21, 2017 -- Sunday April 23, 2017

We arrived at the Plymouth Rock Camping Resort Thursday afternoon and we have enjoyed our short stay here. It was cloudy and windy when we arrived and though the wind and the temperatures have not co-operated for sitting out we have had some beautiful blue skies.

We spent Friday relaxing and then we went into Plymouth for dinner at PJ Campbells at The Depot. Tom was looking for a place to go out for a fish fry and after doing some checking he felt this was the place we should try. He was right. He enjoyed a perch dinner and I enjoyed my grilled salmon. The service was excellent and the food delicious. We started with a Beer and Brat Dip served with sliced pretzel crustinis, we are in Wisconsin after all, and in an unusual twist Tom had salad and I had a fish chowder next. By the time the meal came, lets just say we had fish for lunch on Saturday and it was just as good warmed up.

PJ Campbells at the Depot.
Some information about the Depot itself in picture below.
(If you click on it, it will open larger in a new window.)

Saturday my sister and brother-in-law invited us over for dinner and it was certainly nice spending time together catching up. Not to mention she served us a very delicious Chicken Gordon Bleu Casserole with a nice green salad on the side. (I never think to take pictures of the food.) Plus, she had a lovely tray of appetizers for us to snack on while we talked. (There may have, also, been a couple of adult beverages enjoyed.)

We started Sunday with Mass at St. John the Baptist Church in Plymouth. I left my phone out in the Jeep so there are no pictures of this lovely church. Then we took off in such a hurry after mass, we had a couple of errands to run and we were expecting my sister and brother-in-law for lunch, that I completely forgot to take an outside picture. Over the years we have known a couple of priests that just had that something special. In our opinion, it was because they totally loved being parish priests and spending time with their parishioners. Today the priest who celebrated mass was without a doubt a happy man and loved being a priest. Everything about mass today was uplifting mostly because of the way he interacted with his parishioners. (I am pretty sure I was smiling the whole time we were there.) They are truly a blessed parish to have him as their Shepard.

My sister and brother-in law then joined us for a late lunch at the Stinger B. They wanted to check it out and lets face it we wanted to show it off. It was a pleasant afternoon spent chatting. The only thing that would have been nicer would have been the wind dying down and the temperature rising so we could have spent some time sitting outside. When we left for mass it was gorgeous out but by the time we walked out, after mass, the wind had picked up and with it the temperature dropped. The temperature continued to drop through out the day and was down to 32 degrees when we went to bed.

The Stinger B parked in Site 648.

Not long after I hit publish this morning we will pull out of this site, make our way to the front, where we will turn in our pass key, hook-up the Jeep, turn onto WI-67 South for a few miles, then we will be on WI-23 East for about 10 miles before we take the ramp for I-43 and point the Stinger B North for about 65 miles. North toward our daughter, grandchildren, and home, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. (After about a week we will take the Jeep across the Mackinaw Bridge to head to the Detroit Area to spend time with our son, daughter-in-law and the rest of our grandchildren.)  Back to today, we plan on making one stop in Green Bay to do some quick shopping, well I am going to shop not sure how quick, and have lunch. Then we will make the final "run" for home. Back on I-43 after we go over the Tower Bridge we will exit onto US-41 still headed North. Then in about 52 miles we will cross the Menominee River and about half way across we will be in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. A few more miles and we will continue onto M-35 and we will get glimpses of Lake Michigan on and off for the next 55 miles. (The next blog will have those pictures.) Then after stopping to unhook the Jeep, Tom will turn the Stinger B into our driveway, and park it in its summer home. Closing the chapter on "Our Third Adventure".

For the next few months the Stinger B will be getting a well deserved rest, a thorough cleaning, re-arranging, and maintenance.  So it will be ready to take us out on "Our Fourth Adventure". In the meantime we anticipate it will be a busy summer for us. Lots of work mixed with lots of fun.

"Perhaps travel cannot prevent bigotry, but by demonstrating 
that all peoples cry, laugh, eat, 
worry, and die, it can introduce 
the idea that if we try and 
understand each other, 
we may even become friends."
~Maya Angelou

Hope you had a day filled with special moments.
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  1. Looks like some nice travel time and now home again. Enjoy you down time until you get that itch again. WE like to scratch that itch every 2-3 weeks year round, We are heading into out 12th adventure.
    Enjoy Your summer in the UP.

    1. We will enjoy our time at home visiting with family and friends. Plus the hope is to get the house on the market within the next couple of months.
      Enjoy your summer, also.

  2. We cannot wait to see you guys once you head to Detroit! Enjoy your last bit of relaxation!

    1. See you next week. We are looking forward to spending time with all of you.

  3. Almost home, that will feel good and then to visit family. Enjoy the sunshine!

    1. It is nice to be able to see our family and friends. Fingers crossed for sunshine.