Saturday, April 8, 2017

We Landed in a Spot With a Great View

Friday, April 7, 2017

We landed at Lofers East Park, a U.S. Army Corp of Engineers' Park, on Whitney Lake, in Central Texas. Whitney Lake is located on the main stem of the Brazos River. The Whitney Lake Dam and Powerhouse are located approximately 5.5 miles southwest of Whitney, Texas, 30 miles north of Waco, Texas, and 65 miles southwest of Fort Worth, Texas. Whitney Lake is part of the Three Rivers Region in the Fort Worth District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Over two million people visit Whitney Lake each year to enjoy camping, fishing, boating, water skiing, hunting, sight-seeing, and much more. (Information found at

After about 123 miles, 14 backtracking, this is our view
until Monday morning.

This was not the "plan" (we have been having a lot of those type of days recently) when we pulled out of the parking lot of the Walmart in Eastland, TX.
We backtracked west on I-20, one exit, and turned onto Texas 6 South. Our destination Lake Whitney RV Resort in Whitney, TX. (Where we believed we had reservations for a pull-thru site for four nights. This is the park where we planned on using 4 of our free camping nights. Tom had made the reservations and then double checked, with the someone at the park itself, which is why we believed what we did.)

We started on Texas 6 South and then we were on Texas 6 East
yet always on Texas 6.

The three pictures below are of our views as we traveled along today on a nice two lane highway in Central Texas. It really was a nice ride, rolling hills, green trees, green grass, some wildflowers along the side of the road, and not much traffic.
(One thing Tom and I both wondered about is the meaning of the double yellow lines in the middle of the highway in Texas.  In Michigan it means no passing but since we had several vehicles pass us even though we could see the double yellow lines going up hill evidently in Texas they mean something else...:)...)

Dublin, Texas
I missed the welcome sign but did manage to catch the goodbye one.

Just caught this windmill.

In Meridian, TX we turned onto Texas 22  East.

Driving across the Whitney Lake Dam.

We are in Whitney, Texas.
Do you think this is a speed trap?

We are almost to our destination.

We arrived at the Lake Whitney RV Resort, An Encore Resort, looking forward to parking the Stinger B and doing some exploring of the area. Tom walks up to the "little house" where the person on duty explains to him they do not reserve pull-thrus, does not matter what he was told it is first come first serve, and there are none available. She then explained that we have reservations but we will have to go into the park and find an empty spot that we will fit into then come back and let her know where we are parked. Tom asked if she could suggest a site we would fit into and she said she did not have that information. To make it more fun there really was no place, at the entrance of  this park, to pull over and unhook the Jeep and leave the motor home while we road through looking for a site. (We have pulled in and parked at parks in the past that we have not felt good about and regretted the decision. Today was not going to be one of them. Tom pulled the Stinger B forward through the propane filling area and we headed back out towards the road.)

Checking the Passport America Site we found an American Legion Post RV park just about 3 miles further down the road so we decided to try there. It is a very small park, basically a field, and they did not have a site available we would fit into. While we sat trying to figure out what to do next a gentleman walked over and asked if we were having a problem finding a place to park. He questioned why we had decided not to park in one of the vacant sites there. After Tom explained that they were all reserved, he told Tom about the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers Park that we are now very happily parked at.
It is a nice large site with water, electricity, covered picnic table, grill, and fire ring. The cost $19.00 per night but since we have a senior pass it is only $8.00.

It may not be free but we are comfortable and happy where we are and that is worth the cost. Plus, we have a better view out the front window then we would have had at the first park or second park we stopped at today. Number three was the "charm". Not sure what we will do the next couple of days. We may explore or we may just sit and enjoy this spot. It really does not matter there are no "rules"about how we spend our time. (Except for one thing, Tom has promised to clean the windshield in the morning so or view does not include looking at dead bugs.)

Bluebonnets along the side of the road here in the park.

Another picture of our fantastic view out the front
window of the Stinger B.

The last of the day's light.
Ending a day that turned out pretty wonderful.

"You can't control everything.
Sometimes you just need to relax and have faith
that things will work out.
Let go a little and just let life happen."

Hope your day was wonderful!
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  1. Too bad about the issues at that park. But looks like you have a much nicer site anyway. Enjoy you time there it is a very nice area that we enjoyed.

    1. It is a beautiful area and the park is great. We are so happy things worked out they way they did.

    2. Somethings things were just meant to be.

  2. It is unfortunate when we are told things that aren't true, discouraging. Three times is the charm for sure! We visited and toured a Corps of Engineers park in South Carolina a few years back and they are gorgeous sites! We have kept the info for the future. Enjoy, it looks lovely! As for the double yellow lines? Maybe, one line means 'don't pass' and two means 'ignore the first line'. ha ha

    1. Tom is pretty darn patient with people so when he was not happy with the woman in the "little house" I figured things really did not go the end she did us a very big favor. Plus, we can see ourselves looking into more of these Corp of Engineers parks in the future.
      "Ignore the first line"...LOL