Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Watching Storm Clouds and A Beautiful Sunset

Monday, April 10, 2017

The prediction for today is rain. Though we had some sun in the morning.

On my way home from mailing our Easter Cards and picking 
up a few groceries I stopped to photograph the flowers.

The clouds, even though they were bringing a storm,
were beautiful.

We had two geese in the next site over watching the
storm clouds roll across the lake, also.

Bottom to top: the sky is getting darker
as the clouds move across the lake.

We can see the rain across the lake.
It is coming our way.

The rain arrived and we decided inside was
the best place to enjoy Happy Hour.
Sometimes you need to make adjustments...:)

Bottom to Top: It  is raining but we can see a couple
patches of blue sky.

Bottom to top: the clouds kept changing and
the sunlight was trying to make an appearance.

The light was kind of eerie just before it
was time for the sun to set.

We could not actually see the sunset  this evening but this was 
the time. Not long after we were in total darkness.

The rain stopped for a while then came back in a downpour and continued until early morning. There had been severe thunder storm warnings in the area and we had a lot of thunder and lightening throughout the night. Luckily the severe weather missed us.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

This was our sky early in the afternoon.
The predicted rain, I am happy to say, never happened.

Some more views of the park. 

Took a short walk and spotted these wildflowers.
I need a wildflower identification book.

The purple ones on the top are mostly buds; they looked
like miniature pansies. 

Snapped a few more pictures as I walked around.

Tom went out and took a picture of the sun-setting on our
last day here at Lofers Campground.
We have thoroughly enjoyed our time here.


Hope your day was perfect.
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  1. You made it through a rainy day and thunderstorms in a wonderful campground. Sometime we need to be inside for Happy Hour but is still happy.

    1. That is true inside or outside it is still happy.

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed that campground, it looks like a lovely place to rest. The flowers are pretty and the last picture of the sunset is gorgeous!

    1. It was nice to just spend a few days relaxing in a lovely place.