Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Stinger B Is In The Driveway!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Today is our second day back in Escanaba. Yesterday we spent time with three of our grandchildren and our daughter. Today the "fun" begins. The plan is to clear out our second floor of all the "stuff". There is also yard work to be done. Plus, we have to get the Stinger B parked in our empty lot next to the house. Right now it is in the driveway and it is not really a good or convenient location. We would like to get all this done before we head down to the Detroit area to see our son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren. So we will probably be busy.

Below is the last part of our trip home on Monday, April 24, 2017.

Dandelions in our site. 

Leaving the Plymouth Rock Camping Resort.

There is a paved path along the south side of WI-23. I do not know
how long it is but we did see people walking and biking on it.
One thing I did notice was that every so often there is a place to
stop and rest. There would be either a picnic table, benches or both.
It looks like a well maintained path but I could not find any
information on the internet about it. 

There is construction on I-43.
The sign, lower left was before each of the bridges/overpasses they
are working on. I just thought it was unique. Just so you know
the lane is closed, upper right, we saw this sign 20+ times
in a ten mile stretch. 

We have always called this Tower Bridge then I saw this sign
and was reminded that the actual name is the
Leo Frigo Memorial Bridge.
Top picture is out my side window looking at the mouth of the
Fox River and the Green Bay. (Lake Michigan)

I-43 ends at this intersection and we will turn north onto US-41.
Interestingly if you turn south you are on I-41 for 175 miles to
Northern Illinois. As far as I can find out it is the only stretch that
is designated an Interstate.
US-41 starts at the northern tip of the Keweenaw Peninsula in
the UP and ends after 2000 miles in Miami, FL.

This is the first time our home town is mentioned, 90 more miles.

Crossing the Menominee River and the water looks high.
There used to be a sign half way across welcoming you to
Michigan. Now it is just past the bridge.

We have turned onto M-35.

Lake Michigan looks dark today.

We can see some waves.

Crossing over the Ford River.
Like the Menominee River it looks high.

Only a few more miles and we will pull into our driveway.

Passing the Airport...

...then the sign that says Escanaba.

We stopped on a side street, a few blocks from the house, to
unhook the Jeep. Then I went ahead to be sure the driveway
was clear of any debris.

The Stinger B is in the driveway for the first time.
April 24, 2017, 6:36PM 

The Crusader leaving the driveway for the last time.
 October 20, 2016, 5:45AM 

This "Third Adventure" was a little different then the first two. It covered 187 days 59 in the Crusader and 101 in the Stinger B. There were also 27 days we spent traveling to Michigan, spending time in Michigan, and traveling back to Florida to pick up the Stinger B.
We forgot to take the mileage when we parked the Crusader for the last time, so I do not have those miles. We did put 5,868 miles on the Stinger B.
So we close the chapter on this our "Third Adventure".

As I finish writing this I can hear the rain on the roof of the motor home and checking the weather it looks like the same for tomorrow so we will be inside. So let the "fun" begin.

May your day be filled with smiles.
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  1. it was a wonderful winter adventure in the Stinger B, get things all wrapped up there and you can get back on the road again, In the meantime have fun.

    1. That is the plan. Regardless we will be back out there sometime in September. Just would be nice not to have to deal with the house anymore.

  2. Like George said get things wrapped up back home so you can get back to enjoying the RV Lifestyle.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Yes, it would be nice to be full timing and not have the house to deal with. Fingers crossed...

  3. Once you set your mind to it, I'm sure the house sale with follow easily. You seem like those type of people too. :) Welcome home to your driveway. I love the beautiful Escanaba sign!

  4. Praying and fingers crossed you are right, covering all the bases...:).

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