Thursday, April 13, 2017

Travel Day 1 of 3

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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Today was the first of what will be three travel days. We took our time leaving and after coffee we got things ready and pulled out of our site around 10:00 AM.

Our last view out the front window.
Tom is pulling away and I took one last picture of
our now empty site.
Goodbye site 66. Thank you, for being such a 

lovely spot with great views out the front window.

Tom stopped at the dump station to take care of business and while he did that I went ahead to check out a gas station down the road to be sure they had diesel.  After Tom arrived I left him at the gas station and drove over to the picnic area to wait so we could hook up the Jeep. (We had unhooked here on Friday so we knew it was a nice level spot.) 

While I waited I couldn't resist getting out
and taking a couple of pictures.

We are on our way traveling on TX 22 for 59 miles.

We could see fields of wildflowers.

Felt like we were traveling through a
tunnel of trees.

Traveling off the interstate is always nice and you get to go through small town America. A  brief glance at two we went through today. 

On TX 22

On TX 31

Spent 37 miles on TX 31 a divided highway.
Went over and by a couple of swollen rivers.

When we first turned onto TX 31 the roadside
and center covered in wildflowers.

We have gone over wetlands before but this is
the first time we have seen only one side
of the highway lifted.

Went by several Historical Markers today.
Wish stopping and parking was favorable
with the Stinger B but it isn't.

We are now going north on TX 19 and will
end our travel day in 68 miles.

Checked this Veteran Memorial out on the internet and on its Facebook page it states this memorial was built by a grass roots organization to honor all the Military of Van Zandt County. It was built in Canton because it is their county seat. Besides the Phantom F-4 D fighter jet I was able to snap from the highway, according to their page, there is Huey helicopter, a 1954 105mm light field howitzer, a US Navy Ship anchor, US Coast Guard utility boat, and the center piece is a bronze statue of the "Never Forgotten" kneeling soldier.  From what I read they hold several events throughout the year honoring veterans. If we had known about the place, before we drove through, it sounds like it would have been a special place to stop and visit.

The Van Zandt Veteran Memorial in Canton, TX. 

The pretty wildflowers filling a field.

The not so pretty construction.

We ended the day, parking for the night, at the Walmart in Sulphur Springs, Texas. We traveled 164 uneventful miles and it was, except for the last bit of construction, a pleasant drive through Texas.

"The World is a book,
and those who do not travel
read only a page.

We had a good day and we hope you did, also.
We love hearing from you, if you have a moment, leave a comment.


  1. Gotta love the Texas Back roads, and look like you had a great travel day. Safe journeys along the way and more amazing scenery .

    1. It was a great travel day and we enjoyed the scenery along the way.

  2. Glad you had a nice travel day. It is sad to leave a great site but at least you know you can go back next year.

    1. It is sad to leave a great site but like you mentioned there is always the possibility of going back.