Sunday, April 2, 2017

Stinger B is Pointed East

Friday, March 31, 2017

 We have been spending our time in Yuma at the Park pictured below. It is a nice resort, well kept up, and everyone we have encountered has been very friendly. The sites are tight but we have stayed in parks where we have been closer to our neighbors. Like most RV Resorts it is mostly park models but all the permanently occupied sites are well maintained.  We have a cement slab outside our door giving us a nice place to sit out in our chairs and there is room on the site to park the car next to the Stinger B. Plus, having had the chance to talk with people who stay her for the season we have heard good things about the park. We can see from the information provided, when we checked in, they offer a wide variety of activities which is nice when you are parked in one place for awhile.

We are thinking of spending the month of December, this year, in Yuma and so we have spent some time checking out what is available in the area. This was one of the reasons we decided to stop here for a few days before starting our trek east. The main reason, though, was so we could visit our friends, Linda and Len, and see the winter home they just purchased in the area. We had that opportunity this afternoon and they have found a wonderful place. They took possession yesterday and already they have accomplished a lot but I am sure they will be busy working on it until they head back home. We could tell they were excited about their new place, as they should be, and we are very happy for them. We are looking forward to seeing all the changes next time we visit. They even have their own ocotillo and in my book that is pretty great. Congratulations guys!

When we left there we checked out a couple of parks then decided to head back to the Westwind and try their Friday Fish Fry.  As we were walking towards the lounge we saw an empty table outside and a couple sitting at the next table said it would be a good choice, since, they had already checked and that was pretty much it for tables. They also informed us they had just ordered and had drinks coming so the waitress would be coming back soon.(At least that was the hope.) So we sat down and ended up having not only a very good meal but a great conversation with the couple at the next table. Andrea and Phil are from Alberta, Canada and this is their second year spending time at this resort and they had nothing but good things to say about their time here. Interestingly, they also just traded in a 5th wheel for a motor home this past year...small world. We had a nice time comparing notes about the change and learning a little bit about each other. It made for a pleasant ending of the day. (Just wish I would have thought to take a picture.)

Turning into the entrance the club house can be seen
at the end of the street.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

We got up this morning and "the plan" was to leave by 11 and travel as far as Gila Bend. It was a good plan we were having coffee I said to Tom I wish we could just stay put one more day. (They take Passport America here and online it mentioned a three day maximum at that rate. The normal daily rate is more then we would ever pay.)  Tom took a ride over to the office and they said they don't limit the Passport America rate and would rather have sites filled. So Tom paid for one more night and we had another cup of coffee. Actually, Tom made a fresh pot and we had a third cup.
Sometimes you just need one more day of not moving.

Tom ended up having the Jeep washed. There was a crew just across our street washing vehicles doing a steady business and we could see from our window they were doing a thorough job. So Tom went out and put the Jeep in line. Afterwards he got the wax out and now even the scratches are gone.

Later on we took a ride out to the Pilot Knob LTVA and 14 day BLM camping area. One of those things, we had to see it for ourselves. Comparing it to Ogilby Rd, Ogilby Rd wins hands down. We know where we will be boondocking in this area in the future.

I had googled Catholic Churches in the area and found one in Winterhaven, CA so leaving Pilot Knob behind we headed over to St. Thomas Yuma Indian Mission for Saturday evening mass.

It was dedicated in 1923, and its design replicates the Mission Puerto de Purísima Concepción, which once stood on the site.

Across the street and below the church in their parking lot.
They do have a handicap parking area up the hill in front of the church.

The views of the area surrounding this church on a hill.
I had read that some people visit the church to
take pictures of the sun setting and we could see why
standing outside in front looking out in all the directions.

Construction began on the Purísima Concepción Mission in the fall of 1780 by Fathers Juan Antonio Barreneche and Francis Tomás Hermenogildo Garcés. Poorly defended, the mission was destroyed the following year, during a raid and massacre over the period of July 17–19, 1781 by Quechan (Yuma) Indians, frustrated by their treatment at the hands of the Spanish colonists. The raid left fathers Garcés and Barreneche dead, beaten to death with clubs, over 100 Spanish settlers killed, and 74 more were held as prisoners until Governor Pedro Fages paid a ransom for their release in 1782.

The site is California Registered Historic Landmark #350, and a plaque on the site and statue of father Garcés commemorates the site of the ill-fated mission.

The mission was one of two in the area; the other being the Mission San Pedro y San Pablo de Bicuner, eight miles away, along the river.

The site of the mission was later part of Fort Yuma.
(From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Inside this small church is beautiful.

Instead of mass this evening their Deacon came out and explained that their pastor was ill and had asked him to lead a communion service. Sadly, at the end of the service their pastor of 27 years was helped out into the sanctuary.  He explained to his parishioners what was going on with his health; he told them he has three types of cancer and is dying. He has asked the bishop to release him as their pastor and will be going to a home in San Diego where he will be taken care of . He talked a little bit about his feelings about what is happening and it was obvious this man loves his parishioners and they love him. We unknowingly picked a very special place to attend mass this evening and even before the pastor came out and talked we could feel something special about this place as we walked in. (The only answer is pure love... a love of God is in this place, their Shepard/Pastor's love of them, and their love for him. This parish family has a special closeness a wonderful sense of community.) 


Sunday, April 2, 2017

It is now 7:00 AM on Sunday morning. We are drinking coffee and getting things ready to leave. Today we point the Stinger B's nose east and officially start our trek home to the UP (Upper Peninsula of Michigan).
As of this morning we still do not have any idea what route we will take going home. The only plan is to be past Tucson when we stop later today. We have talked about, tentatively planned, and thrown out several routes and stops. So we will be "flying by the seat of our pants" as we start heading east first on I-8 then on I-10 and just enjoying the ride. Hopefully, a plan will emerge before New Mexico or at least before Texas. What we do have planned is a date, give or take a day, to be pulling into our driveway so that will be a big factor as we decide how long we stay south. It should be a fun couple of days as we try to figure out where and when we want to veer north.  

"I don't know where I'm going,
but I'm on my way."
~Carl Sandburg

Hope your day was wonderful.
If you have a moment to leave a comment we would love to hear from you.


  1. We understand about needing that extra day.
    Definitely a Special Mass to attend.
    Don't push your travels too quickly. Stop and see the beauty of nature around you but watch out for the storms.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. We will be stopping along the way. Plus we will definitely be watching the two do the same and stay safe.

  2. That was a very special mass that you attended. We love the Yuma area and Ogilby rd is much nicer BLM area than Pilot knob.
    Now Travel safe and enjoy the journey back home.

    1. We are hoping to explore the Yuma area the next time we land there.
      You two stay safe, also.

  3. We have a couple of times extended our stay at a place. Nice to be able to do that. Looks like a lovely mass. We'll have to check out Ogilby rod for sure. enjoy the drive to 'wherever' safely.

    1. It is nice to have options...:)
      I am pretty sure you would like being parked on Ogilby Rd. We only stopped for one night so we parked closer to the road and still we had a peaceful night. We would definitely go back and stay longer.

  4. We love the Yuma area and stay at Fortuna de Oro. The newer area up top has pretty spacious sites. They have a new sports complex with lots to do and a full size golf course. They offer a special in the fall for a few months. We'll be there from mid-October through February.

    1. Thank you for the information, we will have to put it on our list of places to check out.
      If we are all in Yuma, at some point in the future, we should try and "run" into each other. Continued safe travels.