Thursday, April 6, 2017

Just Traveling Along

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

We left Van Horn, TX  this morning not sure where we would stop for the evening. That place, after 291 miles, ended up being the Walmart in Sweetwater, TX. It turned into another long day but again we were parked before dark and it ended up being a quiet night.

Below are the pictures I took of today's ride. We started out on I-10 and after about 49 miles we were on I-20. Honestly, I am not sure what pictures are of what Interstate. Well except for the one with the I-20 sign in it...:)

Thursday, April 6, 2017

We again headed out this morning not knowing where we would end our day. It ended up being a short day, only 99 miles, and we are parked at the Walmart in Eastland, TX.

Today we started seeing wildflowers along
the side of the highway and they are pretty.

The wildflowers are beautiful and when we are parked for four days near Whitney, TX I hope we will be able to stop and get some pictures of them close up. When we stopped at a rest stop this afternoon there was not one wildflower to be seen in the whole area.

I am not sure exactly when everything turned
such a green, green but it is beautiful.

It was a good day and we stopped early enough to just relax a little. Tom even had time, and a place to shop for what he needed, to take care of a problem we have been having with the pantry cupboard. When the road gets somewhat rough, especially if we are going around a corner, the door opens and the slide slides out. After today's fix that should not happen again.

"It is up to you,
to see the beauty 
of everyday things."

Hope you had a good day, also.
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  1. Looks like you are moving right along and making pretty good time as well, Travel safe.

    1. We were and now we are stopped for a few days. You and Suzie travel safe, also.

  2. Love the wildflowers but I am seldom quick enough to get a good picture while travelling. It is nice to arrive early and relax, especially our drivers. :) You'll be happy to have the cupboard door fixed.

    1. I just snap and hope for the best. A little bit of cropping helps...:)
      Tom did enjoy the shorter driving day.

  3. We prefer not to do the long hauls and try to avoid them...the "plan" is to avoid them the rest of the way home. You two be safe, also.

    1. Rick if you look back at this I did not mean to delete your comment. I have been having trouble with google and our internet. The reply to your comment is still there above...:(