Monday, October 21, 2019

A Beautiful Drive to See the Dinosaur Bones

October 18, 2019 

We have turned off of I-70 onto Colorado 139 heading north to the Dinosaur National Monument. These are the pictures of the ride to the National Dinosaur Monument and back to Grand Junction.  We were in the Bookcliff Mountains and went over Douglas Pass at an elevation of 8268 feet. There will not be a lot of  descriptions because, in my opinion, the pictures really do speak for themselves.

We did see some color along the way.

How bad can it be the sign says 60  mph.

A little more serious sharp curves and 20 mph.

At the top looking down.

On the Dinosaur Diamond
National Scenic Byway

We stopped at the Cafe in Rangley, CO for a late breakfast.
Though I took these pictures on the way back.

Going through Dinosaur, CO

We did not see one deer.

Heading back to Grand Junction and the Stinger "B"

Stopped at the Visitor Center for information. 

Back in Colorado.

Back over Douglas Pass.

Then it is flat or as flat as it is going to get in Colorado.

It was a wonderful ride both ways.
Glad you stopped by to take a peek.
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  1. I don't know that we've been on that road, but it would be worth it just for the views! Rangley looks like a cute little town, and the cafe looks inviting! Douglas Pass looks incredible !

  2. The views through the pass were wonderful. The Cafe was nice and interesting (okay what it was, was very slow) but the food was good. One group got up and left when she told them what the wait would