Tuesday, October 8, 2019

The Sixth Adventure has Begun. First a Quick Wrap Up Of Our Summer

October 8, 2019

As I write this tonight we are parked in a Rest Area in Dows, Iowa. 

The following is a mish/mash of the rest of our Summer. When I last wrote we were headed back downstate to spend a couple of weeks with Nadine, Thomas, and their for children. It was the last time we would see them for this year and the time flew by as we knew it would. 

While we were there they had Thomas Norman, our youngest grandchild, Baptized.

We are honored to not only be this little ones Grandparents
but also his Godparents.

He is wearing the Baptismal Gown that his two brothers, sister, and his father wore when they were Baptized.
(A little self horn tooting. I made this gown along with the one our daughter and her two daughters wore for their Baptisms.)

Their first day of school picture.
Noah is in 3rd grade, Jonah is in 1st, and Marcella is in Kindergarten.

While we were down there we had the three grandkids pictured above come and spend two nights with us. It was fun spending individual time with each one.

While there we went to Mass at Holy Cross in Marine City.
A beautiful church as the pictures below confirm.

We were surprised to read above that the first Bishop
of our Diocese, Frederic Baraga, had been a pastor
at this parish.

The stain glass throughout the church is so beautiful.

Going downstate and coming back to the UP this is usually one of our stops.
Bronner's in Frankenmuth
I have purchased several Christmas Ornaments, plus other items, from this
store. It is more than just a Christmas store. Honestly, though, if you cannot
find the Christmas item you are looking for here I am not sure it exist.

Some of our views as we head north on I-75.

Then we are crossing the Mackinac Bridge.
I never get tired of seeing it, driving over it, and taking pictures of it.

In the UP we are on  US 2 and 2 lanes for 128 miles but with 12 passing lanes

and several peeks of Lake Michigan it is a beautiful ride.

Back home we get to see Rachel's three children.

Charlotte is in 2nd grade this year.

Nate  and Adelaide are at Head Start.

Getting off the bus after her 2nd Day
of school.

On our last Wednesday in Escanaba we got to go and watch Charlotte's
dance class. Rachel sells makeup and enjoys doing different Halloween
looks throughout the month of October.

After dance the rest of the group joined us for Pizza.
Including Rachel's friend and her family.
It is times like this that I wish Thomas and Nadine lived closer and
we could be out to dinner with the whole family.

While we were back in Escanaba we parked out at the fairgrounds.
With all the rain I think the dandelions were not sure what time of
the year it was. I took these pictures just before we left.

A little nostalgia. 

In the Fall I always enjoyed taking the back way to work.

I had to take a ride out to the branch of our Credit Union by the paper mill.
This is where Tom worked for 39+ years. 
All those years are why we can live our Retirement Dream.
One last addition: one of the things we did to sell our house was bury
a statue of  St. Joseph. Once the house sells you dig him up and put
the statue in a special place in your new home.
This is his place in the Stinger "B" .

It was a busy summer that flew by.  Now we look forward to the adventures ahead as we make our way South and West and then eventually East and North. We look forward to seeing old friends and new ones along the way. We are excited to explore new places and re-visit places we have been. All the while we will be missing our family and friends back in Michigan and Wisconsin.

Thank you for dropping by. 
If you have a moment to leave a comment we would enjoy hearing from you.


  1. A nice catch up of your summer, now safe travels to the south west and we hope to meet up with you guys along the way somewhere.

  2. A great catch up. Your grandchildren are too adorable and growing so quickly! I know I would love the Christmas store all year long! The church is amazing! Cute pic of you and Tom with baby Thomas! :) Nice that St. Joseph worked for you two (he must have been busy at your house, he didn't help with Bryan and Cheryl :( ) Oh well he must have had different plans for them. Ken's curious if Tom saw any trolls under the bridge when you were leaving? haha. A new adventure for you both, how exciting is that?!!! Definitely looking forward to seeing you both!! :)

    1. Thank you.
      I know I really enjoy spending time in Bronner's, Over the years they have collected a good size chunk of our We talked to one couple this past year who said they had St. Joseph buried for a year before their house sold.
      Tom said to tell Ken when we were downstate, below the bridge, we were surrounded by trolls. They are
      We are definitely looking forward to seeing you two, also!!!

  3. Thank you for the wrap up of your summer. Such beautiful pictures, of family, scenery, bridges and especially grandchildren. We love Bronner's too, just to explore and not necessarily buy.
    You look a little frightened beside Rachel in her made up face. Ha ha.
    Safe travels to the southwest where we definitely hope to connect this winter!

    1. Thank you.
      These days we stop at Bronner's to buy our children and grandchildren an ornament and browse. In the past it may have been a different
      It was a scary one...:)
      Hope to connect this winter, also.

  4. Hope you miss the the big storm moving east. Such beautiful grandchildren. Sure you're going to miss them this winter. Bet it is a nice feeling to have your house sold and free to enjoy that beautiful MH you have. Hope to see you two this winter.

    1. We are stopping in Nebraska for a few days. The cold is coming and snow is predicted ahead. Fingers crossed it does not reach where we are.
      It does feel good not to have to worry about the house anymore. Especially in the winter. Hope to see you, also.

  5. I love the baptismal gown and how special that you made it. I wore the one my great grandmother made for my grandmother, and then my dad, myself, all three of our children, and three of our grandchildren were all baptize in it. I also didn't realize that you dug St. Francis up once you sold your house, so cool. Enjoy your travels, I hope our paths cross this winter.

    1. How special to be able to have that Baptismal gown in your family. What a beautiful tradition.
      We bought a kit, there was one statue with St. Joseph holding Baby Jesus but I just could not bury that, and digging him up then putting him in a special place in you new home was part of the instructions. (Side note: 12 years being taught by nuns means when it comes to this kind of thing I follow I hope our paths cross, also.

  6. You definitely had a busy summer and it looks like the adventure is continuing by your location.
    It's amazing how fast the little ones are growing.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. It amazing, as you well know, how fast the grandchildren grow.