Tuesday, October 15, 2019

We Have Reached New Heights.

October 14, 2019

Good Morning from Walmart in Laramie, Wyoming!\

It was a long day yesterday, especially for Tom. Besides driving 346 miles we stopped in North Platte, NE at Larry's RV to have the refrigerator looked at. A very nice gentleman took the time between appointments to take a look at it. He could not see anything obviously wrong with it but in order for him to check it out completely it would need to run for about 6 hours while checking on it. We have not had a code come up so that does not help. He offered two options: we could stay there and he would work on it or we could continue on and when we come to someplace we are going to be staying for a while have it looked at. Since, North Platte was not on our destination list we decided to move on. We will be checking into some authorized service centers ahead of us.

(FYI: all of today's pictures were taken through a very dirty windshield. It is impossible to get rid of all of the spots even with "spot fix".)

Pulling out of Elm Creek, NE under sunny skies.

One of several construction zones. Though as you can see from
the speed limit signs no real slow down even with one lane.
Not for us anyway we travel at about 55mph  for the people
caught behind us there was a slight slow down.

Not as much water in the South Platte River
as the others we have crossed.

I could see ahead a building which looked like a large Cabela's and then when we passed it sure enough.

Cabela's World Headquarters
Sidney, Nebraska

We saw a lot of cornfields as we drove through Nebraska.
I even caught one windmill.

Still in Nebraska but as we travel towards higher elevations
it looks more and more like the southwest.

It is hard to tell in the pictures but we are going up. We started the day at an elevation of 2,267 feet and we are presently at 7,156 feet. Now for those of you who live at higher elevations you may be thinking no big deal but for us we are up there. Escanaba sits at 607 feet.

We have crossed into Wyoming.

This is one of the shortest trains we have ever passed.

Our destination today was a Walmart in Cheyenne. I called ahead and the woman I talked to said we were welcome to come and park. What she failed to mention was there is a city ordinance against parking over night in their parking lot. So when we got there and saw the signs Tom made another call and the woman he talked to told him the same thing. What about the signs? When asked, she told Tom they do in fact tow vehicles and give out fines to those parking overnight, not all the time, but Walmart does not care if you park in the lot. (Two things come to mind "here is your sign" and "you cannot fix stupid". I guess that is being mean but seriously just add that part when you are talking to someone.)  So we called the Walmart in Laramie and continued down the road for another hour.  By now though we are in the dark and we try to avoid traveling after dark, plus, we are missing the scenery. (If we had not stopped in Cheyenne we would have made Laramie before darkness set in.) Then there was the 5 miles of a downhill 5% grade which would have not been bad during daylight when you can see the curves ahead but in the dark...lets just say fun. It did not help that every few miles there was a lighted sign saying, watch for wildlife. In the end we made it safe and sound and tucked in with the rest of the RVers out by the lawn and garden area. Just another fun bump in the road.

As we pull out this morning we look forward to the adventures ahead.
Hope you all have a wonderful day.

We are glad you took the time to stop by.
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  1. Walmart’s are always an adventure!!!!

  2. We don't rely on Walmarts anymore, they are a last resort for us.
    Glad you got into one though and we agree, driving in the dark is not fun.
    Stay safe!

    1. We appreciate the convenience of a Walmart for a quick overnight and we understand that parking there is not always an option. I always call ahead and I would have appreciated it if she had told me the "rest of the story". We actually prefer rest areas but not all states allow overnight parking.

  3. Wonderful pictures of the day! Love the windmill! Yeah you are up there, overnight temps will probably tell you that :) We still do Walmarts, but don't count on them until we physically see them. I love your comments about "can't fix stupid" and the rest of the comment. We are seeing more and more signs "no overnight parking" here in Nevada Walmarts..shame. Glad you made it safely!

    1. Thank you. It is a shame that more and more Walmarts are putting up the "no overnight parking" signs but then when we see people camping and not parking we understand why. It is a nice convenience, plus, I know I always go in a spend a few dollars.

  4. We heard that about Walmart in Cheyenne so we didn't bother. Very conflicting messages.
    Wyoming is certainly.....BIG! In many senses. Certainly pretty in it's own way.
    Hope we cross paths this year during our travels, but for sure Quartzsite!

    1. Hoping to cross paths, also. Yes, Wyoming is "big" and beautiful.
      We have been told more then once, when I call ahead, no we do not allow overnight parking or their is an ordinance against it. This is never a problem or something we would get upset about. What upset us was not being told the "rest of the story".