Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Washington, Utah to Overton, Nevada

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Tom turned the Stinger "B's" wheel sharply left and smoothly swung out from where we were parked and we were on our way to Nevada.

When we pulled in Tom left three spaces between us and
the next vehicle in front of us. The person driving the black 

vehicle decided that was two to many spaces.

Merging, merging, and we are on I-15.

Driving by St. George, Utah 
we continue heading south and west.

The signs say, no oversize vehicles  on I-15 in Arizona.
We saw these signs twice while we were on I-15 in Utah.
(Curious I googled why. The answer is 8 pictures down.)

Traveling on I-15 from Utah to Nevada you cross
through the north west corner of Arizona.

For approximately 29 miles you are in Arizona.
During most of that ride you are going through the
Virgin River Gorge.

The views through this gorge are breathtaking.

The Virgin River.
We went over this river several times.

I read that is section of I-15, through the Virgin River Gorge,
is one of the most expensive parts
of interstate highway ever constructed.

Then there is a three mile stretch of construction and the
 road narrowed considerably when going over two of the
three bridge decks that are being worked on. Vehicles over
10 feet wide are required  to take a 224 mile detour while
this construction is taking place.

Just a couple more curves,

incredible views,

and we are out in the open and on flat ground.

We stopped for diesel and saw our first palm trees
on this adventure.

The golden grass lights up the field on our left.

I missed the Nevada sign but I did get a picture
of two casinos just after we passed the border
into Nevada. So we know we made it across the border.

We are on a 6% downgrade.
The little green rectangle you see that is our exit.

 NV-169  is a two lane highway that led us  Overton , NV
were we will know what we do not
know how much time we will spend here.
We will find out when we leave.

It was a good travel day. The sky was a beautiful blue and the sun shining through the windshield kept us wonderfully warm. The ride through the Virgin River Gorge was hair raising and breathtaking all at the same time. We are now at the Fun N Sun Mobile Home RV Park for a couple of days and after that we will figure it out. This is a nice park, from what we can tell mostly seasonal and permanent residence, large sites and everything looks well taken care of and clean.

We are so glad you stopped by.
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  1. Beautiful drive. Glad you're having such good weather.

  2. Another beautiful drive, isn't it fun when you see your first Palm Tree of the winter :-)

    1. It is fun to see the first Palm Trees. They always say, there is a good chance you have found the "warmth"...:)

  3. Great pictures of a beautiful drive! You're right those casinos prove you made it to Nevada! Enjoy your day..we're headed to cold Winnemucca this morning...warmer than yesterday..10 degrees compared to -2...a heat wave! LOL!

    1. Thank you. Stay warm!
      As much as we would have loved seeing you in Winnemucca I have to say, even with the "heat wave", we are glad we are not there. See you soon, Hugs.