Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Draper to Washington, Utah

Monday, October 28, 2019 (continued) 

When I finished the blog yesterday we were stopped at a rest area for a late lunch and at the time we thought we would be stopping in St. George, Utah for the night. Looking ahead the temperatures did not look to bad so we decided to stop at a Walmart for the night. I called the one in St. George first and there is a city ordinance in place that does not allow overnight parking in their parking lot. Though the women did tell me there was a frontage road out to the left where we could park and the city could not stop us. I thanked her and called the Walmart in Washington, Utah; no problem for one night. At last count there are 11 other RV's here tonight.

Today's drive was totally on I-15 going south.

Bottom: one last look at our mountain view as we head down 
the street and make our way to the on ramp for I-5 going south.
Upper left: passing the exit where to the left of this picture
we merged onto I-15 going north just this past Thursday.

Interestingly we saw more snow after we had traveled
a few miles south. We were past  Provo at this point.

We stopped for diesel and Tom very nicely cleaned the window.
No more long streaks...yeah.

The following two collages were taken throughout the ride today and I just combined them in no particular order. With the blue skies and sunshine the golden grass in the fields was glowing. It was like looking at sunshine coming up from the ground. I just love how beautiful it is to look over a field and see the golden yellow glow.

This is the second vehicle we have passed this adventure.
I missed the first one. We very seldom pass anyone so
it is an event. Plus, we were going up hill.

We had never seen triple trailers before crossing into Utah.

The sign said, Tower Road and then I noticed the tower on the left.

Views of the road ahead. We went up and down several
times today but again the Stinger "B" just climbed
in her lane like a pro.

A landlocked lighthouse?

Saw this message on the overhead sign several times.

More of our views as we drove south.

A little color over the Walmart parking lot
as the sun set last night.

Getting up this morning it was a little chilly at 28 degrees. The sun is shining and with our blue flame heater we are warm inside. We are getting ready to head further south and west this morning. With only a couple of hours of driving to reach our destination Valley of Fire State Park, plus, with gaining an hour no really big rush. We can enjoy our coffee.

Out our front window this morning. They left a whole parking
 space for Tom to swing us out. Hopefully it works otherwise
we will be unhooking the Jeep so Tom can back us up to get
the Stinger "B" out of here. Fingers crossed.

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  1. We met Ken and Shirley this summer up in Gardnerville and had a wonderful lunch and visit! They speak highly of you! We live in Kingman, Az, so if you get this way we would love to meet you two! Laughlin is close enough and warm! Doug and Michelle

    1. We will definitely be stopping in that area probably sometime around November 12th not sure of the exact date but we plan on spending a week. Two people I went to High School with actually live in Kingman. A small world as they say. A beautiful area for sure and we always enjoy spending time there. We have a coupon so we may stay over in Bullhead City but like you said, close enough. Shirley mentioned what a nice visit they had with you both. We are hoping it will work out that we can get together as we would love to meet the two of you!

  2. Such beautiful pictures of the scenery in Utah. You are doing well with time and must be enjoying some heat by now. During the daytime?
    I got a kick out of the costume sign overhead and I like your sign of the day. :) Such sage advice. Continue to travel safely my friends!

    1. Thank you, and yes we have found daytime warmth. Looking ahead maybe even some night time temperatures in the 40's being from the UP we thing of that as night time
      After seeing that overhead sign several times I just had to snap a picture.
      Safe travels to you, also.

  3. Great scenery pictures, it looks so pretty. We love Valley of Fire and are sure you will enjoy it as well.

    1. Thank you. We are looking forward to seeing the Valley of Fire.

  4. Great pictures once again! I love the golden glow pictures! Beautiful! Glad you're headed toward the warmth, tonight it's 0 in Winnemucca :0 You certainly made the right decision! Can't wait to see your pics of Valley of Fire. We love it there the colors are amazing! Travel safely! :)

    1. Thank you. Not happy about the temperatures up that way but glad we made the decision. Now on to Plan B...yayyyyy!!!!

  5. Funny, I just drove that highway not long ago. Nice reminders of how pretty it is.

    1. I remember your posts about that trip. Totally agree the scenery is really pretty. Even the snow, since it was not on the road, was pretty...:)