Thursday, October 17, 2019

Day 1 of 2: Continuing West and South

We are presently at the Junction West RV Park in Grand Junction, Colorado. We arrived here yesterday afternoon after driving 378 miles. We started this drive from the Walmart in Laramie Wyoming. The route took us West on I-80 then south on Wyoming 789. Crossing into Colorado the highway ahead became Colorado 13. We eventually reached Rifle, Colorado and merged onto I-70 again heading West. We followed the route that George and Suzie, Our Awesome Travels,  traveled when they made a similar trip a few years ago. They referenced Al and Kelly, Travel With The Bayfield Bunch, in their blog when writing about their trip. So everyone thank you for great directions. The road was good and the hills were not that bad. The Stinger "B" took them with no trouble. All we can say about the views is they were in no way disappointing.  It was a beautiful drive.

I took way to many pictures both days. All through the windshield or out my side window. They are not perfect. There are dirt spots, some reflections, and a little blurring. Yet they are all part of  our memory of the drive.  

October 15, 2019 (Laramie Wyoming to Craig Colorado)

It may be dirty but  it is snow.

This was the Stop Sign leaving the
Flying J in Laramie.
I just thought it was cute.

Heading West on I-80

The sky is blue and the views are wonderful.

Not long after leaving Laramie we started to notice these fences
mostly on the south side of I-80.

Not fences in the sense of keeping anyone in our out but
fences just the same.

I am hoping if you enlarge the pictures you will be able

to see and get an ideal

of just how many we saw.
You can hardly take a picture of the scenery without including the fences. They are a definite part of the scenery. So what are they? I decided to do a google search and found out they are in fact snow fences, permanent ones, Now we have seen snow fences in the winter but nothing like this before. The ones back home are put up and taken down for the most part each year.

I found one article that stated these fences are not designed to catch blowing snow. Instead the slats of the fence are designed to slow down the wind as it passes through and the wind then drops some of  the snow it is carrying. Then most of the snowdrifts accumulate downwind of the snow fence. These fences save lives and cuts the cost the state pays for plowing. (Information found on the internet)

Every direction you look the land seems to go on forever
and it is beautiful.

You feel the vastness of Wyoming

as you drive through.

We could see dust ahead.
You cannot see it but there is a truck in that dust 
being loaded with dirt.

Every once and a while we spotted some  snow.

What is that good looking guy coming my way carrying?
Ice for our coolers.

The views just go on and on.

Our exit off of I-80 onto Wyoming 789.
As we already new from reading George and Suzies blog
we are now on two lanes. For the most part except, for the
constructions areas and a few rough spots, this was not a bad 

road at all. We did go up and down several hills and around
 curves but we did expect this since we were driving in 
Wyoming and Colorado.

I snapped this picture just after we passed the
Continental Divide Sign
(I missed the picture of the sign,)

Going down

and before we are all the way down we cross into Colorado.
We could see construction ahead.

Then we sat behind this guy for quite awhile.
So I decided to take  a picture.

We have been set free.

Great views but the edge is a little close.
This was probably the worse stretch of road all day.
For about three miles the shoulder became quite narrow.

Today's last picture of wonderful ride through Wyoming
and then into Colorado.

We are glad you had the time to stop by.
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  1. That stop sign was too funny, I'm glad you took a picture of it. And all your pictures are great and help tell the story, it doesn't matter if they are taken through windows.

    1. I had never seen a stop sign like that
      I am always thinking look at all the spots on the pictures, or blurs, or whatever so thanks for saying that.

  2. Growing up in rural Maine, my dad put up a snow fence to protect the driveway every winter. The deeper snow on its lee side was where my brother and I dug snow caves. Great memories-thanks!

    1. Hello and you are welcome. It is nice to be reminded of a great memory; it made me smile to know reading about snow fences did that for you.

  3. Great pictures of the vast prairie. Glad you're having such beautiful weather.

  4. Thanks for the shout and glad that you are enjoying that trip I know we sure did, loved all the wonderful scenery and mostly decent roads, Continued safe travels.

    1. You are welcome, it has been a wonderful trip and we are looking forward to more beautiful scenery.
      Thank you.

  5. Yup I was going to say those are snow fences. They keep the snow from drifting over the road when the winds are high. Great pictures, as much as there is to see. That wasn't my favorite part cuz the roads just seem to go on forever!!!

    1. As the passenger the road going on forever is beautiful. As the driver Tom agrees with you, not his favorite part when the road seems to go on

  6. Beautiful pictures and a great trip! Hopefully you will be able to find someone to fix your frighted soon! I hate living out of ice chests, especially when you've got a new frig! Travel safely!

    1. Thank you, Shirley. We think we have the fridge thing solved. It looks like there is something wrong with the pilot to be somewhere long enough to have it fixed.