Tuesday, November 19, 2019

A Ride on CA-190 To Panamint Springs and A Different Route Back (Death Valley Catch Up)

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I forgot to mention in our last post that we had planned on leaving Death Valley about 30 minutes earlier then we did but while we were hooking up the Jeep to the Stinger "B" I could see, okay I was watching, a woman set up her site. Her rig is, as she put it, the "Grandfather" of the little white fiberglass RV's we see. Instead of all white it is black on the bottom. Anyway, I could see her putting up an umbrella then she moved it in closer to use it as her awning and then she sets up her outdoor kitchen under it. I just had to go and say hello when I finished my part of the hook up. What a nice lady. She mentioned it was her first time there and she had driven in from Los Angeles in the dark the night before on 190. I will be posting pictures of our ride on this highway below. She said it was quite a ride in the dark and we are sure it was. I was so busy chatting, then Tom came over, more chatting, then it was time to go, and we were down the road before I realized I had not taken a picture or gotten her name. She has our card and mentioned texting her information I hoped she would and then I found a text on Tom's phone and a picture. Thanks De for remembering; hope to see you again down the road.

Is this not the cutest fiberglass travel trailer.

Thursday, November 7, 2019 (catching up)

Up and watching the sunrise with our coffee.

Our first stop was to put gas in the Jeep.
Not a price we enjoyed seeing.

Though, we would not need to add diesel to the Stinger "B"
while in California the Jeep was a different story.

Today's plan is to take CA-190
over to Panamint Springs and back.

Going by Mesquite Flats Sand Dunes.

We have seen  quite a few sand dunes over the years
so the view from the road is enough for this trip.

Continuing past Stovepipe Wells we are on our way.

Guessing those are the Panamint Dunes in the distance.

Thin line in center of the picture is the road we are
headed towards.

The ride down was beautiful.

From what I can see on the map this is Lake Hill.

Panamint Springs

We did not need gas but we could have saved 21 cents.

Heading back but we will be turning at the road on the
right just ahead, Panamint Valley Road.
It will take us over to Wildrose Canyon Road,
Emigrant Canyon Road and then back to CA-190.

We noticed this road on our way earlier. So I got out the map and found this route. Except for one small section, according to the map, it was paved.  It was and the unpaved section was mostly the deterioration of what once was a paved road. It was a "detour" worth taking.

I kept this picture, that is our orange park pass reflected  in
the window. We keep seeing signs promising animals
that we never see.

Looking across Panamint Valley at the
Slate Range in the distance.

Turning onto Trona-Wildrose Road.

Have no clue what they are just thought they were
cute and Tom stopped so I could take some pictures.

Then we came upon this little "oasis".
There were even some picnic tables.

The road narrowed and according to the map

vehicles over 25 feet not allowed.

Another surprise ahead

trees lining the road for a short distance.
We stopped at the Wildrose Campground to eat our lunch.
This was our view. 

The remnants of one of three Civilian Conservation Camps
located in Death Valley National Park.

Continuing down Wildrose Canyon Road.

The Charcoal Kilns
Built to produce charcoal from the pinon pine forest for the
Modoc Mine Smelter 25 miles away.across the
Panamint Valley.

Heading back down 

the views are


We took one more side road off the main road to the Eureka mine, I am pretty sure it was around this point in the journey.

The Eureka Mine

A stop at the Remains of Pete Aquereberry's Camp

Continuing back to the main road.

At this point we are back on Emigrant Canyon Road. All the following pictures are of the ride on that road I am just not sure of the correct order.

These three pictures are about

the shadows on the mountains

and the road.

We are now back to CA-190 

and are headed back to Sunset Campground.

Missed the sun slipping behind the mountains
but back in time to see the last of its light on
 the Funeral Mountains behind  us .

We are so happy you stopped by!
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P.S We still have our view. Monday, November 18, 2019

Tonight's Sunset


  1. You guys sure saw lots of cool (pun intended) stuff over in Death Valley. We're definitely looking forward to seeing it this winter.
    Hope your Laughlin stay is enjoyable. We really like that area.

    1. There is a lot to see and I am sure you and Cheryl will enjoy your time here. There is a lot more there then we saw for sure.
      So far we are enjoying our time here.

  2. Wonderful pictures and narrative Deb! Beautiful Death Valley and so much to see. We've never taken that back road, but wow lots to see! The little trailer is just too cute, glad you made a new friend! :) Hpe you are enjoying full hookups for a bit!

    1. We are enjoying full hook ups! We love being out in the desert but nothing like unlimited water when taking a shower...:) I think we still cannot believe just how much there is to see and do there. I know I just thought her whole set up was so cute.

  3. If you are in Quartzsite in early February, there is a gathering of about 200 of those cute little trailers out near Dome Rock along the frontage road! Doug and Michelle

    1. We have seen all those cute little white trailers out at Dome Rock. She mentioned she was planning on being there. If we are still in the area we said we would look for her.

  4. You hit most of the cool spots in Death Valley. Pretty interesting right? There's so much to see there. When I was a kid, we camped out wherever we could find a wide spot in the road. It gets super cold at night in the winter and we fought off scorpions. You brought back all those good memories with your pictures. Thanks.

    1. When we first got there and saw the valley that was what we expected to see, period. We had no idea there was so much there to see and explore. Way more then did. I can believe it about the cold. I know while we where there the minute the sun disappeared you could feel the air getting cold. Glad the blog brought back some good memories. Double glad we did not see any scorpions.

  5. Thanks Deb for the great description and pictures of the journey through the valley. That is an area I would love to visit. Hopefully in April on my way back home.

    1. Doug, we hope you get the chance we are sure you will enjoy the area. There are a lot of hiking opportunities that we did not explore, more mines, and more roads to go down.

  6. Replies
    1. It is fun to turn a corner and see something you are not expecting.

  7. Enjoyed your pictures sure looks beautiful but would not trade it for 20 and snowing love ya

    1. Hello Jeff (my little brother), glad you enjoyed the pictures. I do miss the snow on Christmas Eve and Christmas otherwise not so much. Definitely not the cold. With your wonderland of lights I am sure the snow coming down looks beautiful. Love ya back.