Sunday, November 24, 2019

Shopping, Visiting With Friends in Kingman, AZ ( Pahrump, Nevada Still Catching Up)

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Still hanging out at the Riverside RV Park in Laughlin, Nevada. I went and did some shopping over in Bullhead City, AZ this afternoon and Tom finished washing the walls in the Stinger "B". Divide and conquer, I am sure some are thinking Tom did not get the better end of this deal but know he does not like to shop that much except for groceries.

When I stepped out of Hobby Lobby the sky was
quickly changing. Dark clouds were coming across
from the West. Talked to Tom and back at the motorhome
and he said, the rain was really coming down.
It only sprinkled while I was in Bullhead City.

Friday, November 22, 2019

Today we were invited over to Jill and Rick's in Kingman for Dinner. Plus, I wanted to make a quick stop at the Import Shop out by the Kingman Airport.

It was a perfect day to make the trip over Union Pass
On Highway 68 between Bullhead City and Kingman.

The mountains, the sky, the clouds, and the sun
all added to the beauty of the drive. 

Rick has several creative hobbies. One is making walking sticks and canes out of Diamond Willow  from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Today was my lucky day because he offered me the one pictured below. I have been looking for a good walking stick and this one is better then any I have seen. Plus, it was made by a friend and the wood is from "home". Thank you, Rick. I do love it and I plan on using it for many years.

We remembered to take a selfie.

We had a wonderful visit plus a great meal. Jill served us salad, pasta, shrimp, carrots, garlic rolls, and ice cream for desert, all delicious.

We always enjoy spending time with Jill and Rick and today was no exception. Thank you for having us to your beautiful home.

Sunday, November 10, 2019 (Catch Up)

After doing some research online it looked like the closest place to Death Valley to attend Sunday Mass was in Pahrump, NV. So we were up and out the door around 7:30 AM. I took my camera and, of course, had my phone but decided I was not going to take pictures today except for the church. Which is why it is the first set of pictures below.

We know we are in the Southwest when  we start seeing
Our Lady of Guadalupe Statues and Pictures in the church. 

I am not sure how many there where.
This is a small sample of the stained glass windows
that lined each side of the church.

After Mass we went to Mom's Diner
for what was a very good breakfast.

The stop sign leaving the parking lot.

After breakfast we stopped at Walmart then Smith's for groceries and a quick stop at the Dollar Tree before heading back to the Stinger "B"/home.

This is where I thought one picture would be okay.

You can see as you scroll what happened after that.

Missed this picture on the way by.
Tom pulled over so I could go back and get the sign.

Standing next to the Jeep looking forward.

A short ride off of 178  to check out the
Ashford Mill Ruins.

Looking out towards the Black Mountains
as we leave the Ashford Mill Ruins.

The road is so flat here it looks like we are going to
ride right into the mountain .  It did turn towards the left.

The Artist's Palette is behind those mountains.

Not the best picture. I did not have my zoom lens with me.
The moon just sitting on the mountain top.

Almost back to the Stinger "B"
as the last of the sun's light leaves the day.
A soft rose coloring as darkness descends on the desert.

We are so glad you stopped by!
If you have time to leave a comment would enjoy hearing from you.


  1. Always enjoy the Kingman area. You are visiting some neat areas. Safe Travels

  2. I have a hard time getting hubby to attend mass on Sunday ... sshh don't tell him mom ... other than Christmas and Easter but I didn't know the closest Catholic church to Laughlin/Bullhead City was in Pahrump!

    1. I just fixed that to make it clearer. The closest place I could find to Death Valley was Pahrump. When you stay at Riverside RV in Laughlin the closest place is Don's Celebrity Theater. The parish priest of St. John the Baptist in Laughlin says mass there. Sorry about the confusion.

  3. What a great blog today! The walking stick is beautiful and also very special! You two have been busy but enjoying and getting things done. Getting caught up too, better than me! Love the stained glass in the church :) Beautiful pictures once again. Thinking of you guys :)

    1. Thank you, Shirley. We did have a nice week here in full hookups but we are both ready to be in the desert.I do love the walking stick. Thinking of you and Ken, also.

  4. Good thing you are passing through Kingman this time of year. It sure can get hot. Beautiful pictures of the church and you're walking stick is definitely a keeper. How awesome of him to give you one.

    1. I agree the walking stick is definitely something I will enjoy using. It was a wonderful gift.

  5. How nice to meet up with your friends this year and enjoy a nice meal together. The walking stick is very nice, great for hiking up the mountains! :)

    1. We did enjoy our time visiting with friends. Hiking up very low...low mountains...:)...more like a small rise in the landscape...LOL

  6. Beautiful area. Nice to be so high up and no snow.

    1. It is a beautiful area and no snow is always a good