Thursday, November 14, 2019

Sunrise at Zabriskie Point and A Walk on the Salt Flats

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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

We interrupt the regularly scheduled "catch up posts" to share today's sunrise. (This was yesterday but we have been having trouble with our internet connection and the upload speed. I am not sure I would use the word speed when talking about it.) The visitor's guide describes Zabriskie Point as: "Golden colored badlands and a spectacular spot for the sunrise." So I set the alarm for 5:00AM, Tom made coffee to go, we got ourselves ready, and were out the door at 6:00AM. This morning's sunrise was at 6:21AM.  We pulled into the parking lot, that was almost full, behind other vehicles with occupants on the same mission.This morning's mission was to see and take pictures of today's sunrise. Since the sun has to make its way up and over The Funeral Mountains we had plenty of time. Having a full moon was a great bonus to the views as the sun rose behind us.

Stepping out the door this morning
this was the view looking west.

Stepping out of the Jeep looking up towards Zabriskie Point
 this was the view.

Making the walk up to Zabriskie Point with a lot of serious 
photographers carrying their tripods and camera equipment.

We have reached the viewing area.

Looking down we can see a large group below.
I am guessing this is the iconic shot.
No way no how would I have made that walk to the edge.

Checking East to see if the sun
is ready to make an appearance.

We are up in the large viewing area and we will be
content with the view from here taking pictures
as the sun, still behind the mountains, starts to
slowly light up the mountains across the valley.

The sun is getting closer to top of the mountains.

Another shot to the East.

The sun has burst above the mountains

bringing light to the mountains

around us and across the valley.

With the sun coming up behind us we look so tall.
I love having long

Having watched the sun come up 

and fill the world around us with light

we have decided to make the trek back down to the Jeep.

A last couple of pictures

of the views
from up top.

Then one last pictures of the sunrise,

plus, my favorite view

and we are on our way.

If you look right in the middle at what I think looks like a 
nose you will see there are a couple
of brave souls up there.

With the help of the rising sun this
mature retired couple are on a hill, too.

Leaving on CA-190 going north we are making our way towards Badwarter Road (CA-178) were will head south towards Badwater Basin.

Heading south on Badwater Road.

The sun has just made its way over the Black Mountains
towering above us.

I did not have my zoom lens with me
that sign says, Sea Level.

Standing looking out over the Badwater Basin.
In the shadow of the mountains behind us we
can see the sun shining in the distance. 

The Jeep looks lonely all alone
in the parking lot. 

I wonder how many times we have said that.

We are here to take a walk out on the salt flats.
The early morning coolness is perfect walking weather.

Badwater Basin is an endorheic basin in Death Valley National Park, Death Valley,  noted as the lowest point in North America, with a depth of 282 ft (86 m) below sea level. The basin was considered the lowest elevation in the Western Hemisphere until the discovery of Laguna del Carb√≥n in Argentina at −344 ft (−105 m) (information found on the internet.)

The different salt formations and colors
along the edge as we walked.

Shallow holes with water along the way.

The different textures of the salt path as we walked along.

The top picture looking back.
The bottom picture looking ahead
at the mountains in the sunlight.

This is where we made the decision to turn around.

More of the salt crystals along the side of the path.
I think they look like miniature landscapes.

There are several signs saying please stay on
the path. Plus, there are a few like the one above
The white path is where people have walked to
check out a small pool of water. We could
see the footprints. 

I read that a popular site for tourists is the sign marking "sea level" on the cliff above Badwater Basin.

Our "tourist " selfie.
The arrow points towards the sign.

If you look closely you can see the reflection of the
mountain in the pool.

Heading back towards the Stinger "B" we made one
last stop for the day.

It was named after a line in the 1934 National Park Service guide book to Death Valley National Monument, which stated that "Only the devil could play golf" on its surface, due to the rough texture from the large halite salt crystals formations. (This is what I found out when I googled the name.)

A shadow selfie on on the jagged
salt formations. They are hard and sharp.

Back on the road we saw this guy and when Tom slowed
down he started walking right towards us.

Just standing there looking at the window.
Our guess would be some people stop and feed him.
Which is not a good thing for him.

Tom slowly inched by

and he gave up and started to leave.
He really was a beautiful coyote and it breaks my heart
that people do that because it is not a healthy diet for him.
Not to mention being on the road like that is dangerous.
Not everyone will slow up.

Do you see it? Bottom middle of picture.
ET call home!

Death Valley 49ers Gateway

We really enjoyed this morning. The air was cool, the clouds, and the moon added a special touch to this morning's sunrise.
Then being able to walk out onto the salt flats at Badwater Basin in the shadow of the mountains and coolness of the morning made it an enjoyable experience.
Not sure what to say about the Devil's Golf Course. The word interesting comes to mind but glad we took the time to ride out.
It was a good memory day!

We are glad you were able to stop by!
If you have time to leave a comment we would enjoy hearing from you.


  1. Beautiful Deb and Tom. sometimes, it is worth the wait for a sunrise and I can tell you really enjoyed that one.
    So sad about the coyote. He looks like a healthy one but you're right, people food is not something they should get used to.
    Love the selfies. I do believe I see beautiful smiles! :)

    1. We really did enjoy watching the sun come up out at Zabriskie Point it was worth setting the alarm for...:)
      We have been having fun with the selfies and trying our best to

  2. Weird how such a desolate place could be so beautiful. Sadly, it's all changed quite a bit since we camped there 60 years ago. We went quite often and rarely saw anyone. Hopefully the coyote lives to see many more days.

    1. We were pleasantly surprised at all the beauty to be found here. It seems like every year it is more crowded wherever we are.

  3. What incredible pictures! I love waiting for the sunrise at places like that! I agree with you about the coyote..shame on people! I love your selfies and the shadow pictures..too cute. :)

    1. Thank you.
      We thought the same thing, shame on people, when he came trotting towards the car. You never see wild creatures do that. Most times they are darting away and I never get the picture.

  4. Wow what a beautiful way to start your morning. And so sad that the coyote was so comfortable getting that close to you :-(

    1. It was a beautiful way to start the morning.
      I would have much preferred that he dart away and I would have missed the picture.

  5. Thank you for all the beautiful photos. So glad you took so many to give us a real flavor of the desert. I hope to get the chance to go that way someday.

  6. Wow, amazing photos. Thanks for sharing. I agree about feeding the wildlife, such a shame.