Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Death Valley and Time with Friends

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Yesterday was a special day that needed to be remembered on the date not in a catch up post.
Once again, we would like to say to all Veterans, Thank You for Your Service!

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

We are parked at Sunset in Death Valley National Park. It is the overflow parking which is really a tiered parking lot. The  nice thing is Shirley and Ken grabbed a space on the top tier so we have a unobstructed view towards the mountains. Even though this is called the overflow we actually have a better view then if we were parked down in the regular camping area for this campground. When we leave here on Saturday we will have spent 13 nights parked in this spot and we could not be happier that this is the spot they chose. Another great thing, they are actually closing this area and are not letting anyone else park up here, but they are letting us stay in this spot,  so we will have less and less neighbors each day. I took the pictures below last evening as the sun was setting.

Upper left: our spot.
Upper Right: looking down at other tiers.
Middle left and bottom right: our nearest neighbors.
Bottom left: the regular parking area here at Sunset.

Now to continue catching up.

Monday, November 4, 2019

Location: California & Nevada
Established: October 31, 1994
Size: About 3.4 million acres

The largest national park south of Alaska, Death Valley is known for extremes: It is North America's driest and hottest spot (with fewer than two inches/five centimeters of rainfall annually and a record high of 134°F), and has the lowest elevation on the continent—282 feet below sea level. Even with its extremes, the park still receives nearly a million visitors each year.

In 1849 emigrants bound for California's gold fields strayed into the 120-mile long basin, enduring a two-month ordeal of "hunger and thirst and an awful silence." One of the last to leave looked down from a mountain at the narrow valley and said, "Good-bye, Death Valley."The moniker belies the beauty in this vast graben, the geological term for a sunken fragment of the Earth's crust. Here are rocks sculptured by erosion, richly tinted mudstone hills and canyons, luminous sand dunes, lush oases, and a 200-square-mile salt pan surrounded by mountains, one of America's greatest vertical rises. In some years spring rains trigger wildflower blooms amid more than a thousand varieties of plants. (Information found on the Naitonal Geographic Site.

Waking up to our first sunrise at Death Valley National Park.

So our day began with coffee and looking at the view above. There was then more coffee and sitting and chatting with friends. Eventually there was getting ready, getting in the Jeep, and going for a ride to check out some of the beauty that is found in this park. Even though Shirley and Ken had visited both these places the day before they wanted us to see the views and insisted both places were worth a second look. They were right, of course we had wonderful views driving in to the park, but both these stops were a wonderful introduction to this beautiful place.

First Stop: Artist Drive, this is a paved one way loop.

The Artist Pallet

Our shadows visited the canyon below.

The view as we finish the loop and 

come back out to the Valley.

Second Stop: Dantes View which is 5,000 feet above Death Valley. Another paved road but their are several hair pin turns going up.

Looking down towards Badwater Basin.
The lowest point in North America at 282 feet
below sea level.
We can also see the vast salt flats.

This is me trying to get a candid shot of Shirley and Ken
looking at the view. Ken is checking out the welds
on the railing

and now he is looking at me. Thank you Shirley for
ignoring me and continuing to look at the view.

One last look and we are on our way back.
It is time for Happy Hour.

We ended our day as it started sitting in a circle of four chatting away. Ken barbecued boneless spare ribs and Shirley had made potato salad along with string beans. We eventually moved inside their home on wheels for a delicious meal.

We say it a lot: We are so lucky/blessed to be living our retirement dream; traveling in our motorhome seeing this beautiful country we call home. The bonus we never expected is the wonderful friends we are making along the journey.

We are glad you took the time to stop by.
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  1. So cool you have a great parking spot. That’s an amazing area to investigate.

    1. We have extended our stay two times we are truly enjoying our time here.

  2. Enjoy your great camp spot and the company! One of the best things about the traveling we do is the people we meet.

    1. The people we meet along is one of the best things about this lifestyle, for sure. Unfortunately, Shirley and Ken had to leave but we are enjoying the camp spot they picked out.

  3. Thanks, Deb. I'm enjoying your blog and following ya'll along your journey.

    1. Romy, it is wonderful to hear you are enjoying the blog. It is nice to Know you are following along.

  4. Love the pictures!! What a beautiful country we live in.

  5. Love the pictures!! What a beautiful country we live in. Forgot to post our name on comment above.

    1. Hello, Lynette and Ken
      We do live in a beautiful country which makes taking pictures easy. Glad you are enjoying them.

  6. Beautiful Scenery. Wishing we were there with you.
    Kathy gets upset with me because I'm always checking the welds also. Some should be rewelded.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. We will miss seeing you both this winter.
      As someone who welds I would guess it is hard to see ones not done correctly. Take care and stay warm.

  7. What a beautiful spot. Hope we get to see it ourselves.
    I love those pictures of you guys. What a photogenic crew! Although a smile or two wouldn't hurt!!

    1. It is beautiful here and we hope you and Cheryl have the chance to visit, also.
      I thought we were smiling...:)

  8. It is a beautiful area and we certainly enjoyed our time there with you two! Dave, Ken said that was his smile! I hate my picture being taken and when I look at the pics I know why LOL! Happy hour just isn't the same without you two! Looking forward to more time after Christmas sometime!

    1. Beautiful certainly does describe this place and thanks again for picking out a great parking place. Wish you were still here enjoying it and Happy Hour with us. I love seeing your face in our pictures and I thought Ken was smiling...Thank you for putting up with all the selfies...:)