Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Mass at a Casino and Moving Further South

Sunday, November 24, 2019

We had taken a ride one of the nights we were here and I never posted the pictures of a couple of casinos I took pictures of with all their lights.

Top picture: is the Riverside we are in their RV Park.
Bottom left: the Colorado Belle, we could see this one
from our front window when we first got here.
Bottom Right: the Tropicana we get an end view from
our front window.

We had heard from a friend that there was a Catholic Mass at the Riverside Casino. When I googled it to find out the time I found out that there are in fact three different Mass times at the casino. The are held in Don's Celebrity Theater.

The priest, Rev. Charles Urnick, says Mass three times here on the weekend.  He is the pastor of  St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Laughlin, NV

I do not think I have ever included a church's mission statement before but I really liked theirs:
To serve the needs of the growing faith community in this part of Southern Nevada, composed of residents, weekend visitors, and snowbirds who pray together, work together so as to build up the body of Christ; to be witnesses likewise, to the historical legacy of the first recorded Catholic Mass in Nevada celebrated in Laughlin in 1776 by Father Francisco Garces, a Fransican missionary.

They have a table in the back were they sell a small selection
of religious items. One of the things that caught my eye
were the poker chips. Both sides pictured above.

Looking out the dining room window at the Aquarius.
the sun reflecting on its windows as it sets.

Looking out the same window to the back the Riverside Casino.

The Tropicana out our front window.

Monday, November 25, 2019

After spending eight enjoyable nights here it is time to move on. We had the opportunity to get together with friends for lunch, and then drove over to Kingman for a lovely evening with friends. We experienced a first, Mass at a casino, and got to see a couple of shows in their theater, The Midway and The Good Liar. Plus, we got all the collected dust cleaned out of the Stinger "B" and caught up on our wash. Always nice to spend some time in a park with full hook ups.

Last view out our front window.

Pictures as we drive down Casino Drive towards US-95,
the Needles Highway.

Leaving Nevada in our rear view mirror and entering California.
This is the only picture I took along this road today. Did
not realize this until I was going through the pictures I had
taken. Probably just as well; this highway between 

Laughlin, NV and Needles, NV is probably the worst road 
we have ever taken with the Stinger "B". Enough said. 

A short few miles on I-40 and we turned South on to US-95.
Part of  Historic Route 66, 

This part of US-95 is a decent road.

We are going mostly up and following this truck
as he goes slower and slower.

This adventures first Ocotillo.
I may have mentioned it a few times in the past,
my absolutely favorite desert plant. 

Then there was quite a few out Ocotillos in the distance.

We are now on CA-62 headed towards Parker, AZ

Noticed quite a few washes, as we drove along today, filled
with water on US-95 and now on CA-62

We can see Parker along with dust in the distance.

We have seen dozens of signs warning about different animals.
This was the first time we actually saw the animals.
Several Burros up on the hill.

Train Bridge over Colorado River.

Picture taken out of my side window through the screen as
we cross the Colorado River and drive into Arizona.
(One of a couple of bad pictures I am including
for us and the memory.)

A familiar street and sign; we are driving through Parker.

Plomosa Road, we have dry camped on this road.
Right now we have friends out there.
Waving Hi to Melissa and Lyle as we went by.

This was the first Saguaro I spotted this adventure.

Pulling into Dome Rock BLM for the night.
We have an appointment at RV Lifestyle in the morning
to have our refrigerator looked at. Parked here so
we will be close by in the morning. 

Tonight's sunset.
There is a lot of dust in the air.

One more of the sunset out by Roadrunner BLM.

Except for the miles on Needles Highway between Laughlin and Needles the ride here was enjoyable. We are here to take care of a couple of things and will talk about them as they come up. Also, it will be really nice to spend time with those friends I mentioned out on Plomosa Road. Plus, we are looking forward to sitting in the quiet of the desert.

 Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Up and moving early this morning before the sun and I still missed it coming up over the mountain.
We had an 8 o'clock appointment at RV Lifestyles  to have our refrigerator looked at, since, it has decided not to be a refrigerator and keep things cold and frozen. Looks like there are two possibilities or both a defective thermaster and a bad cooling coil. They have sent all the necessary information to Norcold, as this refrigerator has been in the Stinger "B" less then a year, and now we wait because it is the Thanksgiving Holiday. Just really frustrated about the whole situation.  I keep thinking about the refrigerator that we had in the basement at our house that was at least 70 years old and was still still running. Oh well,,,:) we moved out to Roadrunner BLM and will enjoy our time parked out here it is what it is and there is nothing we can do about it right now.

Our first sunrise in Quartzsite, AZ this year's adventure.

Looking out towards the Southwest
this morning.

After dropping off the Stinger "B" we met friends, Melissa and Lyle, for breakfast at the Main Street Cafe. The food was good but the conversation was wonderful. Lets just say we met around 8:30 and the waitress asked at one point and she was laughing, (there were empty tables so they did not lose business because of our stay), if we would like to see the lunch menu. We will see them again on Thursday as they have offered to celebrate there "sister" country's Thanksgiving with us. Hopefully, we will remember to take a picture.

As I write this Tom and my thoughts go to Suzie and George, Our Awesome Travels, who we have had the fun of being parked by the last couple of years during January. Lots of good memories of our time together with them and other friends parked out in the desert. Lots of wonderful Happy Hours filled with stories and laughs. Our prayers and positive thoughts continue to be sent across the miles.

We are so glad you stopped by!
If you have time to leave a comment we would enjoy hearing from you.


  1. Good luck with your fridge, I hope it is fixed soon!

  2. I have two words .... residential fridge, although I know you do dry camp quite often, so it may not work for you. I'm sorry for your troubles, but then going out to eat and not cooking isn't a bad option. I know the road of which you speak. In my case, I was followed by three speedy trucks ... right on my tail the entire way!! Happy Thanksgiving!!! Pizza in Q sounds like a lovely alternative to turkey!!

    1. You are right with all the dry camping the residential fridge is not on our option list. Though we do know people who do dry camping with one. Our fridge space may also be an issue when it comes to residential. Eating out and no dishes never a bad
      At least no speedy trucks behind us...:)

  3. RV fridges suck..LOL..Hopefully fixed soon for you guys. Nice that you met and are meeting friends! Love the pics and the blog. Mass in a Casino..I think I've heard it all..haha. Happy Thanksgiving you two! HUGS

    1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Ken. Hopefully the roads will be better on your trip home.
      Up until now I would not have agreed with you about RV Fridges the one in our travel trailer was over 25 years old and never gave us any trouble. This one I am not happy with

  4. Too bad a about the fridge but you are in the right place. Hope it doesn't take too long. I was confused whether you left it with them but you are at Roadrunner so you need your Stinger B. I assume (never assume! haha) they are waiting for the new fridge and will call you.

    1. We are hoping the same thing, that it is not a long wait. I know what you mean about the word...assume...ha...ha.
      I think the best solution would be if Norcold would give us a new fridge...I guess/hope we will find out on Monday.

  5. Good luck with the fridge. Hopefully it doesn't take a long time to get it fixed or replaced. Which ever works best.
    We too think of George and Suzie often and their love of the desert.
    I've never heard of Mass in a Casino. If you build it, they will come!! Haha.
    Enjoy the quiet of the desert.

    1. Thank you, for sending good luck with the fridge...we need it...:)
      George and Suzie are on our minds often, also, especially now that we are in this place where we met them.
      You enjoy your quiet desert place, also.

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